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DAYS #190: Gabi spars with Anjelica, Sami breaks down in front of Kate





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco



At the Salem PD HQ, Hope walks Nick out of Roman's office, holding his arm. She's evidently concerned for him after his sudden painful headache in Roman's office, and that concern is evident in her voice.


HOPE: You know, I would feel a lot better if I drove you to work, Nick.

NICK: No, no, don't worry about me, Hope. Honestly, I'm okay.


Hope stops, letting go of Nick's arm, as they continue talking in the main lobby of the police station.


HOPE: Yeah, and you weren't a few minutes ago, so...

NICK: I...apologize for that. I've been under a lot of stress, and...you know, sometimes it gets to me.


Hope stops, and looks at Nick, arms folded. She nods, furrowing her brow.


HOPE: I don't know if I believe you. But...okay, whatever you say.

NICK: (laughs) Look, I know I worried you before, but I promise, I will stop in to make an appointment with Dr. Grant as soon as I'm done at work today, okay?

HOPE: Okay. It's a deal.


Hope smiles, as Nick extends his hand to shake Hope's.


HOPE: And please, Nick. Be careful tonight at the party. I know....I know Abe thinks it's a great idea, and I know you wanna do your part to put Sheryl and Jordan away, but...please...please be careful.


Nick smiles, leaning in to kiss Hope on the cheek as a 'thank you' for her concern.


NICK: I will. You don't have to worry. I have faith in what Abe can do, especially with the ISA involved.

HOPE: Well, just remember, even spies aren't perfect. I'll see you later.

NICK: Okay. Thanks, Hope.

HOPE: See you tonight.


As Nick walks out the door of the police station, Hope looks on, with grave concern in her eyes, countering Nick's confidence.





At Kate's loft, Billie slides open the front door, revealing Sami on the other side. Sami immediately, not even paying attention to who's inside.


SAMI: Kate, we got trouble. EJ is up to something, and I'm worried it's about Nick and the....


Sami stops herself when she realizes Billie and John are both visiting. She stammers, standing wide-eyed as Kate looks at her, unimpressed.


SAMI: John...Billie...you're here early!


Sami looks around, giving them both a fake smile that does little to hide her panic. Kate, meanwhile, sighs from the kitchenette, pursing her lips and rolling her eyes at Sami's incompetence.


John holds up a cup of coffee Kate's just handed him. He nods in greeting to his stepdaughter.


JOHN: Morning, Sami.


Sami stands in Kate's loft, caught off-guard by both John's and Billie's presence. Unsure how to complete her thought, she laughs awkwardly.


SAMI: John! Billie! How...how great to see you, Kate and I were...

KATE: We were just talking about how Nick's so...green in the job, he's not exactly reliable yet...so...


Billie is immediately suspicious, knowing that Nick had something hanging over the heads of everyone on the Titan board.


JOHN: Oh, I...I see.

SAMI: Yeah. Ah...Look, I ah...I came to pick Kate up for work, were you...gonna be in town for long?

JOHN: Not ah...not too long.

SAMI: Mm. I guess it makes sense, since you're divorcing my mom, and leaving her to go on your little adventures with the ISA and all--


Kate gets up from her stool, clearing her throat before Sami can get too deep into her hostility with John.


KATE: Ohhhkay. I think it's time to go. John, good to see you. Billie, I will see you at work. Sami and I have some things to catch up on so she can drive me over today.


As Kate grabs her purse, John looks puzzled, further alarming Sami.


JOHN: Didn't...don't you and Sami work for each other's competition?

SAMI: Yeah, it's ummm...

KATE: Yes, but we're working on a charity function together. Nick is...heavily involved, so...anyway. Have a great day, all. We'll see you tonight!


Kate and Sami make a quick exit, muttering to each other on the way out, as their backs are turned to John and Billie, who look on, bemused.


SAMI: (under her breath) Nice save.

KATE: (under her breath) I wouldn't have to if you weren't such a lousy liar.

SAMI: Lousy?! I--


Kate slams the loft door shut, leaving Billie and John behind. Billie turns to look at John, both of them equally confused by what just transpired.





Gabi stands at the bar in the Kiriakis living room, pouring herself a drink, as Anjelica steps into the room. Spotting Gabi putting the cap on the brandy caraffe, Anjelica can't help but make a crack.


ANJELICA: Well, we're on the sauce rather early this morning, aren't we?


Gabi turns to face Anjelica, who smiles with a sardonic sweetness.


GABI: I'm off today. And since I worked so hard yesterday, I figured I'd start tonight's festivities a little early.


Anjelica smiles smugly, as she calmly patronizes Gabi.


ANJELICA: Gabi, one thing you're going to need to learn now that you're entering into high society is that one never starts indulging too many hours before an engagement. We don't want our entrance to be a sloppy one, lest we end up on the society page.


Gabi takes a sip of her drink, before putting it down, all ready to do battle with an obviously-hostile Anjelica.


GABI: I suppose that would be important to someone like you. Especially considering how image-conscious you'd need to be to erase the bad memories of your former husband from everyone's minds.

ANJELICA: That was a long time ago.

GABI: Not in the public's minds.


As Gabi leans against the bar table, hand on hip, giving Anjelica a self-satisfied smile, Anjelica folds her hands together, and steps in closer to Gabi in an attempt to intimidate her.


ANJELICA: Well, that's part of why we need to be careful. And why we can't allow people with just...any breeding to be seen in our presence.

GABI: And what exact breeding did you mean? The kind that has an affair with a man younger than her own stepson and has his baby?


Anjelica draws herself up, as Gabi continues her attack, chuckling to herself, swishing her drink in her hand.


GABI: Heh, you thought I didn’t know about you, didn’t you? By the way, your son has grown into a FINE piece of man. I have to say. I might suggest to Nick that we do a little...swap one night, Noelle, Alex, Nick, and I. It might be a lot of fun!

ANJELICA: You really are exactly what I thought you'd be.


Gabi stays cool under pressure, snapping back immediately as Anjelica begins to react to her vitriol.


GABI: Oh, you don't think he'd interested? Shame.


Gabi takes a sip of her drink, as Anjelica tenses her jaw, nearly spitting her words out.


ANJELICA: You can't even fake being attracted to him, can you?

GABI: Nick? I love him. Why else would I have moved in here with the likes of you?

ANJELICA: Oh I can think of a few reasons. Status. The affection from a man you know you won't get elsewhere...OH! And here's a big one. Money!


Gabi feigns shock, putting her hand to her chest in fake indignation.








Nick walks into Horton Town Square, as Jordan emerges from the Java Cafe with a coffee in hand. Upon spotting Nick, she immediately tries to avoid him, looking away and walking as far from him as possible, but Nick catches on, and steps into her path, smiling widely as he blocks her way.


Jordan sighs, rolling her eyes, as Nick grabs her arm. She pulls away, frustrated by him.


NICK: Not so fast--

JORDAN: Let go of me.


Nick releases Jordan's arm, as she readjusts herself. She looks up at Nick with a deep-seeded anger in her eyes.


NICK: Why are you trying to avoid me, Jordan? I thought we were friends!

JORDAN: You're real funny, Nick. I happened to see your little stunt on Nicole's special last night.


Nick feigns excitement, appearing chipper that Jordan saw him on TV, as she stands back, unimpressed.


NICK: Oh good! You saw me! I was hoping you were watching.

JORDAN: Oh, I definitely was. It's too bad that stage light didn't do what it was supposed to.

NICK: Aww don't be like that.

JORDAN: Well, what do you expect me to be like? You nearly ruined my life. Hell, for all I know, you still could!

NICK: Mmm, no. No, you did that all on your own.


Jordan sighs, as Nick carries on as though he hadn't said anything serious.


NICK: So, are you going to the gala tonight?


Jordan looks at Nick, unsure whether to be honest or not.


JORDAN: Probably. I know Rafe wanted to go, and I intend to enjoy whatever time I can spend with him, so...

NICK: That's sweet.


Nick smiles widely, but Jordan isn't moved. Nick leans in a bit closer.


NICK: I ah...I think you're right to spend every second you can with Rafe now. Because you know, tomorrow isn't promised.

JORDAN: Is that a threat, Nick?

NICK: Oh, no. No, just, a suggestion you tread lightly. I know Sheryl's been looking for you. And...you know, your connection could cause a lot of problems for you and your new fiancé.


Jordan rolls her eyes, looking around to make sure no one familiar is watching this exchange.


JORDAN: I appreciate your concern. But I figured that light falling an inch from your head would've given you a little wake up call.

NICK: Oh, it certainly did that!

JORDAN: Yeah, not the kind I'm talking about. I'm talking about the kind where you stay out of affairs that don't concern you. Let people live their lives and keep what you know about their business to yourself.


Nick nods attentively, before rebuffing Jordan's statement entirely.


NICK: Well, that would be fine except that....your business was affecting my business...and I thought the public had a right to know exactly how.

JORDAN: You're sick.

NICK: That's rich coming from a woman who helped blow up a bank.


Jordan cuts in almost immediately, raising her voice for a moment before stepping in close to Nick, speaking softly but firmly to him to defend herself.


JORDAN: I am NOT that person anymore! For one, I have nothing to do with Sheryl anymore, and besides that, I am trying to start a new life here with Rafe.

NICK: That's funny, because...that's not why you came to Salem. Is it?

JORDAN: No. But it's why I stayed.


Jordan sighs, looking a bit defeated as she appeals to Nick's humanity.


JORDAN: Look, all I want is a chance to start over with the man I love. To have a second chance at life. To make up for my mistakes, and maybe undo some of the damage I did. You got your second chance, Nick. And look at what you've been able to do with it. Let me have mine.


Jordan turns and walks away, as Nick watches her. He looks on, contemplative of what she's told him.





Will approaches the Kiriakis house, as Rafe exits. Will looks up, after putting his car keys in his pocket, somewhat surprised to see Rafe in front of him.


WILL: Rafe!

RAFE: Will. You ah...you obviously heard the news.


Will rolls his eyes, as he half-heartedly laughs.


WILL: Yeah. Heh. Yeah, I heard.


Rafe looks surprised.


RAFE: She didn't tell you either?

WILL: No. No...I found out thanks to Nick gloating about it last night before someone tried to drop a light on his head on live TV.


Rafe nods, the situation crystallizing in his head.


RAFE: Right. (sigh)

WILL: I'm...guessing you just found out?

RAFE: Yeah. And...Gabi wants me not to worry.


Will chuckles before responding, eliciting a bit of a glare from Rafe.


WILL: Yeah, that's gonna work.

RAFE: You know damn well I'm not gonna stop worrying about her until she's outta this house.

WILL: You and me both. But...hey, take some solace in the fact she left Ari with us.

RAFE: That's...that's something. And it tells me she doesn't intend to make it permanent.

WILL: I didn't think for a second she did.


Rafe perks up slightly at Will's last statement, certain there's more to the story.


RAFE: You know something.


Will shrugs, trying to keep Rafe from digging any further.


WILL: No more than you do. I just know she isn't exactly in love with the guy.


Rafe sighs, more confused than ever. He looks down at the ground for a moment, before looking back up at Will.


RAFE: You came here to see Gabi?

WILL: I mean...kinda. I actually was just here to drop off something for Alex, but...

RAFE: Can you do me a favour?

WILL: Anything.

RAFE: Talk to her. Convince her that moving into this house is a BAD idea. I have such a rotten feeling about this.


Will holds up his hands to stop Rafe continuing. His urgency makes it clear he agrees.


WILL: Oh no, trust me. I agree. This is...this is absolutely not what I want, but...Rafe, I don't know that I can convince her once her mind's made up. You know Gabi.

RAFE: I do. And I also know you're one of the few people who can get through to her. So...please. For me. For Ari. Try.


Will takes a second, before nodding back at Rafe solemnly.


WILL: I will.


Rafe pats Will's back for a moment, before heading for his car.


RAFE: Thanks, man.

WILL: No problem.


As Rafe takes off, Will steps toward the front door. He sighs as he watches Rafe walk away, unsure if he can pull of what Rafe's asked of him.


WILL: No problem at all.




Inside the Kiriakis house, Gabi stands in the living room, inches from a hostile Anjelica. Gabi holds her drink in her hand as she looks unfazed at her new rival.


GABI: You know...for a houseguest that...pretty much nobody wants here, you really seem to act like you own the place.

ANJELICA: Watch it, Chiquita--

GABI: Oooh, Anj, low-hanging fruit. I'm surprised at you.


Anjelica ignores Gabi's crack, and continues.


ANJELICA: I have a lot more influence in this house than you think.

GABI: Maybe when it was Victor's house. But it's Nick's now. And I am his guest. And my influence with Nick is FAR greater than yours. So I would try very hard not to rock the boat if I were you. There's no worse look than a person running for governor who's homeless, is there?


Anjelica furrows her brow, unsure how much Gabi actually knows about her situation with Nick. Anjelica takes a moment before replying.


ANJELICA: I'll land on my feet just fine. The question I have is...what do you get out of this? I mean, if you’re just after money...there's a ton of easier ways to get at it than this. And I mean, I know Nick. He's hardly a prize catch.


Gabi smirks, trying to stifle a chuckle.


GABI: And your husband was? Riverfront Knifer?


Gabi finishes her drink and sets it down on the bar, before turning back toward Anjelica, and pointing a finger, a curious look on her face.


GABI: Didn't he kill Maggie's daughter? (laughs) I am...stunned that anyone with your last name is even allowed on the GROUNDS after that!


Gabi cracks up, producing a mocking laughter, as she shakes her head at Anjelica.


ANJELICA: I am not Harper.

GABI: But you're using his legacy to try to sell yourself into office. I mean, I get it, yours isn't so hot, either. But, maybe....before you start trying to come for me, you clean up your own backyard first?


Before Anjelica can interject, Will enters the living room, immediately sensing the tension in the room.


WILL: OH! Hi! Umm…I’m sorry, am I interrupting…something?


Gabi and Anjelica turn to face Will. Gabi is relieved to see him, while Anjelica is visibly irritated by his arrival.


GABI: Will!

WILL: I'm...ah...actually here to drop off something for Alex, but...


Anjelica walks toward the foyer, nearly knocking Will over in the process.


ANJELICA: Of course you are. I'll go get him so you can engage in repartée with someone more on your level.


Anjelica smirks pointedly at Gabi, before stepping out of the room, heading up to Alex's bedroom. Will's eyes widen as he looks at Gabi, relieved to be away from Anjelica's hostility.


WILL: Right! So....what did I just walk in on?


Gabi grimaces, trying to downplay the tension in the room just moments before.





At the Salem Central Bank, the bank manager hands the safe deposit key back to EJ, who sits across from him at his desk.


BANK MANAGER: Ahh...this...actually isn't our key.

EJ: Oh?

BANK MANAGER: Unfortunately, it's true. And, to that end, I couldn't tell you which bank it would belong to.


EJ sighs, looking down at the key that he grasps tightly in his hand.


EJ: Damn. I was really hoping to get some of Father's personal affairs in order.

BANK MANAGER: Oh, is your father okay?


EJ puts on a somewhat sombre expression, exaggerating Stefano's health concerns to gain sympathy.


EJ: Well, we've been...struggling with his diabetes, and...not to get too personal, but I would like to have his estate in order before it's too late. If you know what I mean.


The Bank Manager seems touched by this, responding in an earnestly sympathetic way.


BANK MANAGER: Oh...Oh, absolutely. I just...I wish I could tell you more.

EJ: No, I ah...I understand the privacy laws and whatnot. Umm...but as his right hand at DiMera, this...this little loose end did take me by surprise. Ummm...you wouldn't happen to have heard or seen anything that could help.

BANK MANAGER: I wish I could but...(sigh) You know, since you are involved in the company...


The Bank Manager clicks his computer mouse a couple times, pulling up some DiMera files. Sending a copy to his printer, the documents emerge before EJ's eyes, delighting him.


BANK MANAGER: These might give you some insights into recent executive activity. Maybe give you an idea of where to look.


EJ lights up, nodding gladly toward the Bank Manager, as more and more pages print out.




As Sami drives Kate toward the Titan building, she looks tense at the wheel, and is unusually silent. Kate looks over at her, concerned.


KATE: Alright, you dragged me out of there in a hurry, and now you won't talk. What is it?


Sami finally looks over at Kate momentarily, and begins to speak, her eyes now nervously darting back and forth between Kate and the road ahead.


SAMI: It's EJ.

KATE: I gathered that much. Now, what about him?

SAMI: Kate, I think he might be...(sigh) I think he's double-crossing us.


Kate looks at Sami, incredulous.


KATE: What?!

SAMI: I'm serious.

KATE: Sami, where would you get an idea like that? The man...practically worships the ground you walk on.

SAMI: Yeah well, he's a good actor.


Kate takes a second, turning her head away to look at the road ahead, as Sami continues to stare off at the road with laser focus.


After a second, Kate tries again.


KATE: What...exactly happened this morning to put this into your head?

SAMI: I got up, and he was already heading for the door. He was trying to sneak out.

KATE: Okay?

SAMI: He said he had a meeting, but when I broke into his tablet--


Kate cracks up at Sami's typically blasé mention of her invading EJ's privacy.


KATE: Yes, of course...

SAMI: There was no meeting in his calendar.

KATE: Okay, maybe it was last minute. These things happen, Sami!

SAMI: Not with EJ. He puts everything in that timetable. Everything. He is neurotic about that timetable, Kate. And I just can't shake the feeling he's up to something. Stefano's...got in his head. Something, I don't know, but--


Kate sighs, unsure what to say next, but after a moment of listening to Sami ramble, Kate interjects.


KATE: Sami...Sami, turn in here, let's grab a coffee. (sigh) Not that you need any more caffeine, you're so tense you could cut diamonds between your shoulder blades.


Kate rolls her eyes at Sami's anxious demeanor, as Sami obliges Kate's request to pull into the Java Cafe parking lot, as Kate continues to talk.


KATE: You know, I can't understand how you can so easily change your mind about EJ like this. The man absolutely adores you, Sami. Anyone could see it! You were about to be married again before this whole mess with Nick cropped up. I just...I don't understand how that little twerp can so easily come between you like this.

SAMI: Well, he did.


Sami pulls into the parking spot, and Sami turns off the car, about to get out. Kate grabs Sami's arm, stopping her before she can open the driver's side door.


KATE: Bull. I don't buy it. Now there's something you're not telling me, and I want to know what it is. Why are you so mistrustful of EJ now? After all you've been through with him?


Sami takes a second, and sighs. Breathing in deeply to avoid getting emotional, she finally speaks, her voice cracking.


SAMI: After...after we found out about Kristen raping Eric, I...I started having flashbacks to...(sigh) to the night Johnny and Allie were conceived...and...


Sami closes her eyes, trying to keep her composure, and failing, as Kate, immediately realizing what's happening, pulls Sami towards her, holding her in a motherly embrace.







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