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DAYS #189: John has a plan, but so does Sheryl; Rafe confronts Gabi for moving in with Nick





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco



Billie slides open the door to Kate's loft, finding John on the other side. Billie is pleasantly surprised to see him there and offers to let him in.



JOHN: Hey Billie.



John steps in, waving to Kate, who stays seated at the breakfast bar.


JOHN: Morning, Kate.

KATE: Morning, John. Bringing good news, I hope.

JOHN: Well, I certainly think so.


Billie looks on, intrigued, as she slides shut and locks the front door.


BILLIE: Okay, you got me interested. What's happened?

JOHN: Well...I was talking with Abe not long ago, and we both agree that we can use this Penthouse Grille grand re-opening to wrap this whole Jordan and Sheryl business up once and for all.


Kate is now intrigued, turning herself slightly in her stool to more directly face John, as she sets her breakfast down.



BILLIE: Sounds like you might be onto something.

JOHN: I think it's as good a shot as anything. We just need to come up with a game plan, and fast, and if we do, we can finally get those two locked away where they belong.


Billie turns to Kate, who smiles, pleased to finally have a possible break in the case.





Inside Crystal's apartment, Sheryl emerges from the bedroom in her robe. Yawning and stretching, she walks over to the sofa, and turns on her TV, to find the local news playing. She sets the remote down on the coffee table in front of her, before turning away from the TV, heading for the kitchenette behind the sofa.


As the TV relays the day's events, Sheryl heads for the fridge, half-listening to the newsreader.


TV ANCHOR: (via TV) And tonight, Titan Enterprises will be celebrating their rebirth with a grand gala. Celebrating the re-opening of the popular Penthouse Grille, the who's-who of Salem society will be out to sample the finest cuisine, curated by famed local restauranteur, Julie Williams...


Sheryl listens somewhat more closely, but opens the fridge door to retrieve some orange juice.


TV ANCHOR: (via TV) ...and to add to the excitement, the night will also be a welcome party to the company's new CEO, Nick Fallon.


Sheryl's head turns quickly to face the TV, an idea clearly coming to her in this moment. She slams the fridge door shut, and makes a beeline to her cell phone, which is plugged in in the next room.


Emerging as quickly as she left the room, Sheryl makes her call to Jerome excitedly.


SHERYL: (into phone) Come over right away. I've figured it out. I know how we're gonna do it.


Sheryl beams, as she waits for Jerome's reaction.





Gabi stands uncomfortably in the Kiriakis living room, with Rafe having just being shown in by Maggie.


GABI: Rafe!


Rafe looks on at Gabi, who's standing across the room from him and Maggie, with the incriminating photos of EJ and Abby in a liplock on Smith Island in her hands behind her back. He seems immediately suspicious of his sister, but is too upset by her being in the Kiriakis house to let that stop him from approaching her.


RAFE: Gabi...you got time to talk?

GABI: About what?

RAFE: Ahhh...you moving into this house?


Maggie clues in that this will probably be a less-than-pleasant conversation and quickly excuses herself.


MAGGIE: I ah...I'm gonna go finish getting the room ready for Victor, so...if you'll excuse me.


Maggie smiles warmly, but awkwardly, as she quickly exits the living room, shutting the double doors from the foyer behind her. As Maggie does this, Gabi shoves the pictures deeper into her purse before Rafe looks back her way.

Rafe turns back to look at an extremely nervous Gabi.


GABI: I...I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to tell you, Rafe. It happened...really fast.

RAFE: Yeah, I'll say. Gabi, you swore you weren't gonna get caught up with this sleaze again, and then I find out from him this morning at work. He's all up in my business, gloating about how you decided to move in with him in his big new house.

GABI: I know. I know, I'm sorry.

RAFE: Well, when were you planning on telling me?


Gabi sighs, trying to explain herself without giving too much away.


GABI: If you want me to be totally honest, I wasn't.


Rafe seems incredulous of Gabi's answer.


RAFE: What?!

GABI: Just...hear me out. It's not what it seems, okay? The truth is, I'm not gonna be here very long. It's just...temporary.

RAFE: ...Okay?

GABI: That's...that's all I can say. Rafe, just...trust me.


Rafe's anger rises, along with his confusion, and his voice. This alarms Gabi, who steps in closer to Rafe to try to stifle him as he shouts his sister down, hoping for a clear answer.


RAFE: How the Hell am I supposed to trust you when you're giving me nothing to go on, Gabi?? It's not like you're predisposed to making the best decisions as it is!

GABI: I know! Okay, but you have to trust me. The less you know the better. Now, can you just...let me handle this. My way. Can you do that?


Rafe looks unsure, as Gabi looks back, her eyes pleading with him to back off.








Sheryl opens the door to her apartment, and lets a tired Jerome in. Shutting the door behind him, they immediately launch into their plans for the day.


SHERYL: Alright, so you wanna hear what I have planned, then?

JEROME: Only if you can get me a cup of coffee first. I nearly crashed my car on the way over here.


Jerome yawns as Sheryl makes her way over to the kitchenette to oblige his request. Sheryl is unusually chipper as she does this, and that fact is not lost on Jerome.


SHERYL: You got it.

JEROME: You're not a morning person. What is this...Little Miss Sunshine routine?


Sheryl laughs as she pours Jerome a cup of fresh coffee, smiling widely as she hands it to him.


SHERYL: I guess I'm just...full of confidence. Today is our day.

JEROME: Oh, is it?

SHERYL: Yes. See, today is the big gala at the Penthouse Grille. They're re-opening, as you probably know.


Jerome stands, looking skeptically at Sheryl, who pours a cup for herself.


JEROME: I heard.

SHERYL: So...my thought is, since everyone will be there, and it's a busy society affair, both Jordan and Nick will be there. And it's a golden opportunity to whisk Jordan out of there, mess up that little weasel Nick's golden moment a bit, and get the hell out of Salem before all Hell breaks loose.


Jerome sips his coffee, but frowns, before answering skeptically.


JEROME: Okay, but...you said everyone who's anyone in Salem is gonna be there? You're gonna get recognized.


Sheryl rolls her eyes, obviously flipping her dyed-red hair, and puffing her cheeks out slightly to prove her point.


SHERYL: Disguiiiises. Like, come on, Jerome. I'm a master at this. You know me. And it's only for a few hours, and we're outta there.

JEROME: And what if it's a trap? Sheryl, they know you're really Siobhan and I guarantee you, they're gonna figure out that you're impersonating Crystal Clarke.


Sheryl replies non-chalantly.


SHERYL: They haven't so far.

JEROME: And for that matter, what happened to Crystal, anyway. You said you dealt with her, but what specifically happened?

SHERYL: I took care of it. Okay? That's all you need to know.


Jerome looks less than thrilled by Sheryl's deflection, sitting himself down on the couch next to Sheryl.


JEROME: I still don't like the sound of that.

SHERYL: You don't have to. You know nothing. Keep it that way, it's better for all of us.

JEROME: That’s the truth. All I wanna know is, what’s the escape plan?

SHERYL: I set up a car in the bush in the country. In there is scuba gear for Jordan and I, and a little surprise to throw the cops off the trail.

JEROME: And you’re gonna swap cars when you get to this spot, and…

SHERYL: …and drive off the very same embankment one Brady Black did not a few months ago. Now, listen. Are you in, or not?


Jerome sighs loudly, looking at Sheryl with a prominent glare and pursed lips.


JEROME: I'm in, but only if I'm not physically there, and once you're out of Salem, this is the last time you involve me in ANY of this. I'll help you with security, and access to the facility, but that's it. Don't ask me for more.

SHERYL: Well, considering I'm pretty sure they haven't found the device we planted on their computers when we tried to plant the virus, I think that's doable. So....deal.


Sheryl reaches out for a handshake from Jerome. Jerome, reluctantly, shakes Sheryl's hand.






Hope and Nick stand in Roman's office at the Salem PD Headquarters with Abe, who is holding Nick's file on Sheryl and Jordan. He sighs as he closes the file.


ABE: Yep. That's them.

NICK: So, if nothing else, you have their previous charges to hold them.

ABE: If we can lure them to the party. Once they're there, they're ours. But otherwise, it's too dangerous to move on this. That's why we haven't yet.


Nick nods, understanding the full situation now.


NICK: Which is why you need my help.

ABE: Exactly.

NICK: I'm happy to help. As long as I'm protected for my trouble.

HOPE: You will. Abe will make sure of it.

ABE: Absolutely. Look, my duties as mayor may take up much of my time, but I honestly am still extremely passionate about police work. And anything that can help keep Salem safe is something I want to be a part of.


Abe holds up the file to accentuate his point.


ABE: These women are a threat to that.


Abe drops the file on Roman's desk with a flourish.


ABE: So here is what I want you to do. At the Penthouse Grille party, I want you to ensure that you are to make a special appearance, and dedicate the party to your ascention to CEO of Titan. All the publicity tonight should be geared to highlighting that. This should draw them out of the woodwork, as I'm sure you're aware, after last night, that they're after you.

HOPE: Presuming, of course, that they're responsible for trying to drop that stage light on you.

ABE: Granted, but regardless, once they're drawn out, then we will station armed officers around the restaurant, and remote surveillance, to ensure they don't leave, and that no one gets hurt. But, you NEED to be there at the gala.

NICK: So I'm bait.


Hope shifts uncomfortably, as Abe looks her way, hoping Hope has a slightly better way of putting it.


HOPE: That's what it sounds like to me. Are you sure this is a good idea, Abe?


Abe shrugs, a little exasperated by Hope's reluctance.


ABE: It's the only one we've got. Sheryl has gone underground, and she's great at disguising herself. No one is sure where she's gone. We can't risk alarming Jordan while she's living with Rafe. It's far too risky for him, considering her volatility.

HOPE: So if it's so dangerous, what are we doing to protect Nick?

ABE: Hope, you know the drill. We would never put someone's neck out like this without having all our best officers out there to protect him. And, because it is an international case, we have the ISA working with us as well.


Hope relaxes somewhat, but is still somewhat nervous as to what could happen to her cousin. She looks at Nick, who is deep in his thoughts.


Eventually, Nick finally responds with a quick nod of agreement.


NICK: Okay. Yeah. Let's do it.


Abe smiles at Nick's decision, as Hope looks on, more than a little concerned.




Rafe stands before Gabi in the Kiriakis living room, his arms folded in front of him as he scolds his sister for moving into the house.


RAFE: I don't know if I can trust that you know what you’re doing right now, Gabi. You aren't exactly doing something that makes a lot of sense, and you've done way crazier stuff before.

GABI: AND I've managed to get myself out of my messes before. Right?


Rafe sighs, shaking his head.


RAFE: That's beside the point and you know it.

GABI: Look, it's not like I'm still in...


Gabi steps in closer to Rafe and speaks softly, just in case anyone's listening in.


GABI: Look, I am not under some kind of spell, Rafe. I know what Nick is like. I'm under no delusions about who he is. You just need to know that I am okay, and that I am doing what I have to do to protect myself and my daughter, okay?


Rafe shakes his head, as Gabi steps closer to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.


GABI: Can you do that for me?

RAFE: Gabi, I just...I don't like the looks of this.

GABI: You don't have to. You just have to be my brother, and support me.


Gabi hugs Rafe tightly, as Rafe hugs back, almost afraid to let her go. His voice cracking slightly, he relays something to Gabi as Gabi steps back from hugging her brother.


RAFE: Ah...Abuela says to call her.


Gabi nods, dabbing a tear in her eye.


GABI: I will.


Rafe sighs, incredibly hesitant to leave.


RAFE: Look...I don't like this.

GABI: I know.

RAFE: If you need anything. Anything at all. You call me, okay?


Gabi nods, smiling though she's tearing up.


GABI: I will. Thank you.


Rafe looks Gabi up and down, as though it's the last he'll see of her, before nodding and turning back toward the door.


RAFE: Be careful, Gabi.


Rafe walks out of the living room, leaving Gabi alone in the living room. She stands, tense and scared, as she scans the room.


GABI: Yeah. Careful. It's what I should've been all along. (sigh)



Gabi, deep in her thoughts, heads over to the bar and pours a drink from the caraffe, as Anjelica walks in. Spotting Gabi pouring herself a drink, she can't resist making a sniping remark.


ANJELICA: Well, we're on the sauce rather early this morning, aren't we?


Gabi turns to face Anjelica, who smiles with a sardonic sweetness.




At Kate's, John is going over the plan he'd worked out with Abe with Billie and Kate. Billie is less than thrilled by the plan.


JOHN: So if we use Nick's influence to draw them in, I'll be observing in the Alamain Tower next door, and we'll get Shane remotely working to shut down the main power and elevators, so they can't get out.


Kate sits behind John, still sipping on her breakfast smoothie casually while she listens.


KATE: Some high-tech spy gear.

JOHN: Well, the ISA is state-of-the-art in every way.

KATE: I'll say.

BILLIE: I still have some reservations about including Nick on this, though.


John seems somewhat confused by Billie's reticence.


JOHN: Why's that? He's the perfect target for them. Someone's already made an attempt on his life. This week, for God's sake!

BILLIE: Yeah. And obviously there's a reason for that. John, I don't think Nick has clean hands in all this. We may be barking up the wrong tree, and HE may be involved in this deeper than anyone thought. He MAY be the third suspect.


John turns away, wincing in disbelief at Billie's assertion.


JOHN: Oh, come on, Billie! Nick's a smart kid, but he's not capable of pulling something like this off.

BILLIE: John. I know that kid. Very well.


Kate interrupts, setting the glass that held her smoothie in the dishwasher.


KATE: Better than most!


Billie gives Kate a cutting glare, as John retorts without missing a beat.


JOHN: Look, it's worth a try, at the very least. We have to find SOME way to draw Sheryl and Jordan out into the open where it's not gonna put an officer in immediate danger. Somewhere tightly controlled where we can handle what's gonna go down.

BILLIE: I mean, I guess. But I don't think Nick's presence will influence Jordan.


Kate replies, eyes rolling freely as she mocks Jordan.


KATE: It won't. But...if Rafe's going, she'll be all too happy to play the belle of the ball for her fiancé.

BILLIE: Well, Mom, if you can hold your acid tongue long enough, can you maybe find out for sure. And maybe...influence his decision a bit.

KATE: I can certainly try.


As Kate responds, the doorbell rings. Everyone turns toward the door, as Billie walks over to slide open the front door.



Sami arrives and immediately storms in, not even paying attention to who's inside.


SAMI: Kate, we got trouble. EJ is up to something, and I'm worried it's about Nick and the....


Sami stops herself when she realizes Billie and John are both visiting. She stammers, standing wide-eyed as Kate looks at her, unimpressed.


SAMI: John...Billie...you're here early!


Sami looks around, giving them both a fake smile that does little to hide her panic. Kate, meanwhile, sighs from the kitchenette, pursing her lips and rolling her eyes at Sami's incompetence.





At the Salem Central Bank, EJ sits opposite a bank manager in his office. The man, unseen by us, speaks to EJ from behind his desk.


BANK MANAGER: Mr. DiMera, what can I do for you today?

EJ: Well, I was wondering if you could help me access this safe deposit box, I believe this would be with your bank?


EJ presents the bank manager with the key he found in the living room safe at the DiMera mansion, and smiles confidently.




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