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DAYS #191: Kate gives Sami a pep talk, EJ follows a solid lead





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco



Will stands, leaning forward on the back of the sofa in the Kiriakis living room, as Gabi stands nearby with arms folded, more than a little stunned at her interaction moments before with Anjelica.


WILL: Okay, what did I just walk in on?


Gabi turns to look at Will, shrugging, as she stumbles over her words, trying to explain herself.


GABI: I....honestly? I think I just...stood up for myself.


Will looks somewhat confused, and probes on.


WILL: Oh? Against Anjelica Deveraux?

GABI: Yeah, I'm...I'm kinda amazed I had it in me. She's...

WILL: She can be pretty intimidating, I know...


Gabi nods quickly, her nerves once again returning.


GABI: Yeah, I...she's not very happy I'm here.

WILL: Yeah, not...not many of us are, Gabi. You really need to be careful whose bad side you get on.


Gabi looks at Will, seriously.


GABI: You mean yours and Sonny's?


Will is somewhat taken aback by Gabi's accusation, and holds his tongue.





In Sami's car, Kate holds Sami, cradling her motheringly as Sami cries.


KATE: It's okay....Shhh....it's alright.


After a moment, Sami leans back over into her own seat. Kate looks through her clutch for a tissue, and hands one to Sami, as Kate gives her some advice.


KATE: Have you talked to anyone about this?


Sami calms down a bit, wiping the tearstains from her eyes, as she explains her situation to Kate.


SAMI: Yeah, EJ and I have been in therapy.

KATE: That's good! And he can afford the best, of course.

SAMI: Mom suggested we see Laura Horton about it.


Kate tries in vain to hold her tongue, but can't quite manage it.


KATE: Well, she's certainly...a therapist.


Sami throws her head back against the headrest, annoyed by Kate's sarcasm.


SAMI: Ugh, Kate--

KATE: Look, therapist aside, you're doing everything right to save your relationship, and so is EJ. You're talking about your problems, you're seeking help. EJ is doing everything he can to be there for you, isn't he?


Sami nods, closing her eyes to try to stop herself from crying more.


KATE: Then don't you think you need to have a little more faith in him? I don't think he's doing any of this with any ulterior motives. And you know me, I am one of the most suspicious people on the planet, and with good reason. So, maybe it's time you take stock of the man you've got right now, the man EJ has become these last few years.


Sami sighs, mulling over Kate's advice.





At the Salem Central Bank, EJ goes over the documents the bank has provided. He spots a curious transaction, and looks up from the documents.


EJ: Sorry, this line right here, there's a transfer out of one of our business accounts...but I'm not sure what SCGWB stands for.


The Bank Manager is handed the document by EJ. He scans it over, and nods, before handing it back to EJ.


BANK MANAGER: South Chicago Great Western Bank.


EJ smiles widely, knowing he's got a lead.


EJ: Thank you. I ah...I think I've got all I need.


EJ gets up from his seat, quickly shakes the bank manager's hand, before darting out of the office. He smiles as realizes this may be the clue that will help him destroy the evidence Nick and Stefano have against him, and Sami.








Will, looking toward Gabi in the Kiriakis living room, sighs before he answers Gabi. He folds his arms, visibly uncomfortable, and trying not to misspeak.


WILL: Gabi, you're not on our bad side. You know better than that.

GABI: Well...I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if you were...


Will walks up at Gabi, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder.


WILL: Gabi, I'm always gonna support you. No matter what. You and Ari...Sonny and I are here for you, but...I mean, we weren't exactly thrilled that you...unilaterally decided to move in with Nick with no warning. I mean...

GABI: No, I know. I know. And I'm sorry, Will. I really am, but...


Gabi looks around, before walking towards the double doors separating the living room from the foyer. She nervously checks the foyer and staircase as she speaks, before closing the double doors to give her and Will some privacy.


GABI: I really didn't have....much of a choice in the matter. You know what's at stake, and...


After Gabi shuts the doors, Gabi turns around to face Will, a worried look in her eye.


GABI: And I'm worried that if we don't take care of this situation quickly, that all of us are gonna be in danger.

WILL: Yeah, but, Gabi...why put yourself in the line of fire? You have Ari to worry about.

GABI: I can handle it. I can handle it, I can handle Nick. Okay, Will? Just...look, just...I just told Rafe the same thing, but, trust me. Okay? After tonight, you won't have to worry anymore. I promise.


Will sighs, shaking his head as he looks Gabi's way.


WILL: How can I be sure of that, Gabi?




Gabi goes to answer, but Alex enters the room at that moment, smiling warmly at Will, who turns around at the sound of the doors opening from the foyer.


ALEX: Hey! Will! Gabi, good morning!

WILL: Alex! Hey! I ah...I brought the papers you were asking about.


As Alex enters the room, Gabi all but vanishes in Will's eyes, as Gabi's phone vibrates.


It's Nick.


ALEX: Amazing, I've just gotta say goodbye to Noelle before we head off. Anjelica's got her working as her assistant today, so she's nervous, just gotta...give her a little pep talk, you know.

WILL: Yeah--


Gabi interrupts their small talk, heading briskly for the door. Gabi squeezes Will's shoulder quickly as she passes, as a half-assed goodbye.


GABI: I gotta...take a call, you guys. I'll see you later?

WILL: Yeah, for sure.


Gabi heads out of the living room, into the foyer, her phone up to her ear as she answers Nick's call, a phony glee in her voice as she greets him chirpily, but with a miserable face.


GABI: (into phone) Hey, Nick! What's up?





At the Titan Building, Nick walks through the lobby on his cell phone. He has on his usual smug expression as he cheerfully responds to Gabi on the line.


NICK: (into phone) Hey, Babe. I ummm...I was wondering if you could pop by my new office.




Gabi looks to the side, a little confused.


GABI: (into phone) Ah, sure? Did you need me to bring you something?




NICK: (into phone) No no! I'm good, I ah...I just have a little surprise for you, that's all.




Gabi looks nervous, but pretends to be excited by the news.


GABI: (into phone) Okay, that's...exciting. Umm...I can't wait, I'll be right down?




Nick presses the up button for the elevator, and smiles widely at the news that Gabi's on her way.


NICK: (into phone) Yeah! No rush, I gotta iron a couple details out with Julie first, but I should be ready in about...half an hour?




GABI: (into phone) I'll be there.




NICK: (into phone) Love you.




Gabi winces at Nick's assertion of love, and struggles to respond in kind, but ultimately does.


GABI: (into phone) Me too.


Gabi hangs up the phone, sighing heavily, frustrated by her continued charade.


GABI: What are you up to now, Nick?




As the elevator door opens in the Titan lobby, Nick grins from ear to ear, thrilled that his plans appear to be coming together. Nick thinks to himself about his plans as he steps on board.


NICK: (voiceover) You'll never see me coming, Gabi. I got you right where I want you.


The elevator doors close with Nick inside the elevator, still smiling widely.




Kate and Sami pull into the underground parking at the Titan Building, coffees from the Java Café now in hand. They prepare to leave the car, when Sami looks over at Kate and smiles.


SAMI: Thank you, by the way.


Kate looks over at Sami, returns the smile, putting a comforting hand on Sami's shoulder.


KATE: I know you're going through Hell. I understand. Just remember, you're doing a great job, and remember that you've got a fiancé who loves you, and is going to defend you no matter what. You just have to believe in him.

SAMI: You're right. You're right, I'm...letting my suspicions run wild, and...I know EJ has no reason to hide things from me to hurt me.

KATE: Exactly. Never forget that.


As Sami and Kate step out of the car, Sami's phone buzzes. It's EJ.


SAMI: (into phone) EJ!




EJ stands outside the Salem Central Bank, the safe deposit key in his hand.


EJ: (into phone) Samantha! Darling, I'm glad I got ahold of you.




Sami shuts the door to her car, a deep concern in her eyes that Kate immediately spots.


SAMI: (into phone) Wha...why, what's wrong?

EJ: (via phone) Nothing. Actually, it's very good news, possibly...I just...unfortunately I'm going to need to go to Chicago to make sure.

SAMI: (into phone) Chicago?


Sami pulls a face, incredulous at EJ's story.




EJ looks down at the ground, somewhat contrite.


EJ: (into phone) Yeah, umm...something's come up, but it may fix things for us, for everybody. I just...I need to get to Chicago and sort it out now, so...unfortunately, I won't be back til' after the party tonight.




Sami's face hardens, as she attempts to maintain a caring tone on the phone.


EJ: (via phone) I'm sorry, sweetheart. I will make it up to you, I promise.

SAMI: (into phone) That's...yeah. No, I...I get it. Just...let me know when you're back, okay?




EJ: (into phone) Will do. Love you.




Sami tries not to roll her eyes, as she answers EJ before ending the call.


SAMI: (into phone) Yeah. Love you.


Sami hangs up the phone, and turns to Kate, who now appears worried that all her hard work has been for nothing.


KATE: What happened?

SAMI: Oh nothing, I just know for sure now that EJ's been lying. He's absolutely up to something, and I'm gonna find out what.


Sami storms off toward the Titan building, leaving Kate behind with a worried expression in her eyes, before Kate turns to follow Sami inside.




Edited by beebs


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