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DAYS1979 #3 - June 1979



 JUNE 1979


Susan, fresh back in Salem, pays the David Martin Clinic a visit, and the first person she visits is Tom, who is thrilled to see her back in Salem. When he presses Susan as to the reason for her visit, Susan informs Tom that this isn't merely a visit, Susan and Anne are back in Salem permanently. Things with Eric didn't work out, and she feels that, no matter what, she's at home in Salem. Tom is thrilled to have her back, and wonders if Susan will return to working at the David Martin Clinic. Susan wishes to do so, but also feels the clinic is running fine without her, so she's intending to loosen the reigns somewhat, and involve herself in other projects as well. Tom is pleased for her.



Donna and Pete ride off on Pete's motorcycle to grab burgers and a soda, and catch up on what's happened since Pete's been away. Pete tells Donna that he's now graduated, and has decided to spend the summer in Salem with his uncle Neil. He hopes to work, save some money, and hopefully head away to college in the fall. Donna is happy to have Pete back in her life, but insists they keep their reunion private, especially from her father and stepmother. Pete is reluctant, not wanting to begin their renewed connection with a lie, but Donna insists that is the way it has to be, as Don would never accept Pete back in her life.

Pete goes along with this for a few nights, but resents sneaking around. He also is firm with Donna that they're just friends for now, he wants to take it slow, and he wants to see other girls. Donna doesn't love this idea, but goes along with it, simply happy to have Pete back in her life at all.

One of the girls Pete has his eye on is Anne Peters. He spots her one night while out with a friend, and approaches her. After some flirtation, and more than a hint of presuasion on his part, Anne agrees to go out with him, but asks that he keep it a secret, as her mother is, in her words, "ridiculously overprotective". Anne keeps the dates secret from Donna as well, admitting she's just getting to know Donna, and some of the other girls in school consider her a blabbermouth and a troublemaker.




Mickey is approached by Kate, sharing the news that her mother has passed away, and that there is some degree of dispute with her relatives over her share of the inheritance. She hopes Mickey can advocate for her. Mickey is pleased to help, and takes on the case. They meet at his office to discuss the matter, and Kate reveals to Mickey that she, in fact, has little interest in the money in her mother's estate for herself, she plans to use it as a scholarship for medical students at Salem University. The reason her family objects is entirely based upon greed. They argue Kate has no need for the money herself and is estranged from the family. Additionally, their mother's will was last updated in 1966, and she has been ill for years, too ill to update the will, but her relatives insist Kate would not be included, based on the word of their mother. Mickey thinks it an easy win for Kate, as the relatives can’t speak on behalf of the mother, and Kate assures Mickey that her mother was of sound mind to the end, regardless of her physical health.


At home, things are not so serene. When Mickey discusses his day, and the help Linda had given him, and how she's been an excellent fit, as though she'd never been away, Maggie seems distant. When Mickey points it out, Maggie gets defensive, but quickly catches herself, admitting to a hint of lingering insecurity. She wishes Linda would return to working for Anderson, though she knows that's not possible. She laments that Susan's return means that she won’t be as involved with the children at the David Martin Clinic as she had hoped.

At the hospital, Susan's return means Maggie knows she’ll be needed less in the clinic, but Susan insists she’d love Maggie to be around to help out as needed, and Neil offers her more work with him, if she's interested. Maggie accepts. The two work closely together, with Maggie working as his de facto secretary, while also volunteering some of her time with Susan at the clinic.

Through this, Maggie begins to see Neil's softer side, and is charmed by him, and he is wowed by her quick connection with Pete when he visits Neil at the office. Maggie provides Pete with guidance when he comes by Neil’s office, troubled by his deception in seeing Donna behind Don and Marlena's back (though he doesn't mention Donna or her parents by name). Neil sees the two talk at one point, and it wowed by Maggie’s easy connection with Pete, whom Neil hasn’t had quite as easy a time getting through to.



Stephanie makes the trip to Margo's to help her set up the house and paint. There, she and Margo talk about her situation with David, and Margo asks why she feels such animosity toward Trish, wondering if it's a degree of insecurity. Stephanie denies this, saying she actually doesn't mind Trish as a person. In fact, in another life, she's sure they'd be the best of friends. The problem is, beyond David's obvious lingering feelings toward Trish, Stephanie resents how Trish ripped Scotty away from David early in life, when he had the love of both parents. A sore spot for her, she says, as she grew up without a father. Margo understands, but counters that Trish wanted a career, much like Stephanie has. In Trish's world, the only way to have that career is to leave for Hollywood, which David had no interest in doing. As much as she feels that what Trish did was wrong, she understands why she did it. Stephanie agrees with Margo, but doesn't feel like being as magnanimous, under the circumstances.


As their bond gets closer, Stephanie visits Margo again, and they discuss Stephanie's injury to her hands. Margo is stunned by how extensive the burns are, and asks how she got them. Stephanie is vague about details, but repeats her story about dropping the hot pan, then picking up the hot pan from the floor so as not to damage the laminate. Margo seems uncertain about the story, since the scabs on the burns look too uniform to her eyes, but she keeps quiet. Stephanie and Margo have an intense discussion over dinner regarding what would happen if her leukemia came back. Margo is hopeful, but says that if it does come back, it will likely be fatal, and could be incredibly painful. Stephanie wonders how long Margo could remain in this state, and Margo tells Stephanie the doctors speculate she could die within days or could linger for months, but that Margo has decided that, if things get too hard, and there's no hope, she'll ask Mike to allow her to pass away on her terms. Stephanie believes that's the best idea, though she hopes it doesn't go that way for her. Margo thanks Stephanie for her optimism, but also tempers it by making it clear that she's very at peace with her fate.


Mary is increasingly uncomfortable with Stephanie’s confidence at work, and is still uneasy about Stephanie's story about her burns, and troubled by the convenient timing of her burns: just as the government ID checks were beginning. She recalls how familiar everyone found Stephanie to be when she was hired, and finally decides to ask Bob about Stephanie's hiring. Bob confirmed that Stephanie's documentation is with Linda, in fact, when they had begun the government background checks, Bob wasn't able to locate the files, as he assumed Linda had them when she was off in New York.

Mary approaches Linda, asking if she had seen Stephanie's employee file. Linda, still playing the amnesiac, tells Mary that she didn't take the file when she left for New York, and doesn't remember ever having seen it. Mary is stuck, until she has a chat with Margo over lunch one day, and discusses the burns on Stephanie's hands. Margo is struck by how severe the burns on Stephanie's fingertips are, and how fortunate she is that the burns weren't so bad as to require skin grafts. This sparks an idea in Mary's head, and she heads for Tom's office to ask about accessing Stephanie's records. Tom, of course refuses, despite Mary's pleas. Mary voices her frustrations to Chris, who, while believing that something is amiss with Stephanie, encourages Mary to drop her investigation, or, at least, hire a PI. Mary doesn't want to raise any alarm bells prematurely, but desperately wants an answer, and resents Chris' advice, snapping at him after he receives a call from Amanda, asking him when they'll get together that night.



Chris and Amanda continue to see each other, with Chris becoming more and more attached to Amanda, though Amanda is still uncertain about how attached she can get before divorcing Greg. Greg, of course, still hopes that Amanda will return with him to Chicago. When Amanda visits Chris at Anderson, Chris feels Amanda is being pulled in two different directions, and tells her to go back to Chicago with Greg for the time being to try to get her house in order. He will be here for her whenever she’s ready, and tells Amanda that he will call her every day until that time. Amanda is grateful to Chris for his patience, and vows to return to him, and Salem, again soon. They kiss for a long moment, long enough for Mary to walk into the room and catch them. Mary makes snarky remarks about their lack of professionalism that Chris brushes off. Chris then asks Mary about her new beau, Steve. Mary is less-than-thrilled by that line of questioning, frustrated by Steve’s extended stay in Paris. She makes the flip remark that she doesn’t need Steve to be hanging from her lips at every moment to keep him. Chris thinks Mary is a bit defensive, which Mary finds insulting, and storms off.



Bob is thrilled by the progress Anderson is making with the government contract. They’re nearly ready to commence production, and Bob is looking at expansion of the plant to accommodate secondary assembly lines. He tasks Stephanie with arranging a trip for himself and Chris to head to Washington, in hopes of approving the expanded contract, as well as potentially finding other investors looking to have product lines assembled via Anderson.

Chris finds the timing perfect, as he’ll be leaving town just as Amanda heads back to Chicago, so he’s all set to head off. Mary resents that she can’t go along, but Bob pacifies her by giving her more control at the plant while he’s away, essentially evenly dividing Mary’s and Stephanie’s workloads. Bob recognizes Mary’s hurt from when Stephanie was away recovering from her burns, and he thinks this is a much better opportunity for Mary to show her worth. Mary jumps at the chance.


Stephanie has been calling to make the arrangements for Chris and Bob’s hotels. After a conversation with Bob about the details of their trip, and which government offices they’ll need to be in relatively close proximity to, Stephanie slips in a call under hushed tones to a friend of hers. While looking over her shoulder and being generally secretive, Stephanie gives the person on the other end some very specific details about the trip, and what Bob and Chris will be looking for in an investor. She smiles broadly as she hangs up the phone.



Marlena and Don are mostly happy at home, though both are very busy people. They make a point of spending at least one night together at the weekend alone, and one with Donna. The system seems to work, though tensions arise one weekend night when Jordan calls Marlena to the hospital on one of her date nights with Don for an emergency with a patient. This doesn't bother Don too much the first time, but the second time, when Jordan calls while he and Marlena are in bed making love, does. Marlena is indignant, recalling numerous times when Don has had to be called away during intimate moments. Don attempts to explain those away, but Marlena doesn't buy it, and asks that they discuss it when she comes back from the hospital.

While at the hospital, Marlena feels ill, which concerns Jordan. After collecting herself, Marlena goes to see Neil, who runs some tests, while Jordan calls Don. Don is initially openly hostile on the phone, but when Jordan explains the situation, Don races to UH. Upon arriving, Neil informs Don that there's good news, and tells both he and Marlena that they're expecting a baby. The news lifts both Don and Marlena's spirits, softening any hard feelings between them for the time being. Don apologizes for his hostility both to Marlena and toward Jordan.




Doug feels he's made the correct decision in not revealing Dougie's paternity to Julie, particularly after yet another negative pregnancy test result, and hearing the news of Marlena's pregnancy. Julie feels a sense of inadequecy in not being able to give Doug a child, and, while she loves Hope, wants to give her a brother. Doug wonders if adoption is the answer, but Julie is dead set against that, particularly after her own experience in having David adopted. She's even more dead set against using Doug as a sperm donor to another woman's egg (which is, of course, how Dougie was conceived), feeling that their baby should be THEIRS. Doug feels that this is giving Julie a complex, and that maybe they should hold on on trying for a baby. Julie refuses, expressing that this is what she really wants. Doug thinks it wise to maybe visit Neil again, and ask what options there are for them.


Neil believes they don't have many options, but thinks an avenue to consider is IVF, a new treatment that has worked for a couple in the UK and is beginning trials in the US. Neil believes Doug and Julie could be ideal candidates for this new treatment. Julie is excited by the news, but Doug wants her to really think about it first. Julie agrees. Julie is thrilled when Steve calls Julie, telling her of a huge find he has uncovered at an estate sale in Provence. He encourages Julie to fly over to help him. Doug thinks this is the distraction Julie needs, and thinks she should go, so Julie makes last minute arrangements and heads for Paris.




David and Stephanie sneak moments alone while at work at Anderson, but David is strict about not being seen together for the divorce hearing, which will soon begin. Stephanie is trying to be patient, but admits she resents the distance in their relationship. David insists it's only temporary. Stephanie is increasingly unsure.

Trish, meanwhile, is feeling increasingly confident about her chances with the case, and says as much to Jeri while visiting her mother. Jeri, feeling that there's still a sense of sadness in Trish, asks her if she still carries a torch for David. Trish admits that, yes, she'd rather reconcile with her husband, but, knowing that's impossible, she has to win custody of her son. Jeri isn't so sure it's as much of a lost cause as Trish would believe, noting that since Jeri's visit to David's apartment, David and Stephanie have probably been keeping their distance. At least, she says, that's what she's heard. Trish doesn't appreciate her mother giving her false hope, but Jeri explains that she doesn't actually want her and David together, not after how cruel he's been in keeping Scotty away from Trish. Trish blames herself for David's behaviour.

As Trish performs at Doug's Place one night, Jerry Reinhart shows up, and commends Trish on her performance. Trish is flattered, and they sit together. Jerry admits he came to see what kind of work environment Trish has here and how suitable it would be for Scotty in the eyes of the court. Trish recognizes it's not neccessarily the greatest, but it's a clean, respectable establishment, and she works with people that are like family to her. Jerry agrees. The conversation turns from talking business to more casual conversation, but Jerry, sure to be seen keeping things professional, keeps things brief. Trish, however, is definitely charmed by Jerry.





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