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DAYS1979: The plan (I think I've run out of steam for this one tbh)



I gotta focus my energies on one project at a time. As much as I'd love to plot this one out, I just don't feel like I've got it in me right now, while I've got so much else on my plate. So...here, have a look at what I'd planned for this and tell me what you think. Admittedly, some stories are further developed than others, so if you're curious about anything in particular, I'm more than happy to elaborate. I ultimately wanted Donna to stick around and become spoiler to Bo and Hope, as I feel Tracey Bregman and Peter Reckell would have FIRE chemistry. Personally, I think the revolving door of leaders at Anderson could provide years of story, but I think that's someone else's tale to flesh out. Especially with the paternity of Linda's baby being in doubt (which I would leave in question for years, tbh), you've got a LOT of story to play out there.

Anyway, here it is:


Susan pays a visit to Tom at the hospital, surprising him. They greet each other warmly, and go for coffee at the hospital cafe. Tom questions how long Susan has been back in Salem, and Susan admits it's only been a few weeks, and she's been keeping a low profile. Unfortunately, her relationship with Eric didn't work out, and she's brought a now-teenage Anne back with her.


Susan feels overwhelmed by pressures of her life in California, prompting her move back to Salem. She decides to return to the things that brought her fulfillment, returning to work at University Hospital, at the David Martin Clinic. She's moved by Alex Marshall's hefty donation to the clinic, and thanks him with a dinner date at Doug's Place. Marie meets Susan at the David Martin clinic the next day, and warns Susan of Alex. She tells Susan that, though Alex is charming, he is extremely dangerous, and to stay away from him. Susan is alarmed by Marie's advice, but trusts her. After all, she's a friend, and a nun. But she doesn't pry.

Susan is encountered by Alex later in the day, and is surprised when Susan is evasive with him. He susses out that Susan spoke to Marie, and tries in vain to convince Susan that he isn't the man Marie thinks he is. Susan is unconvinced, mostly. But Susan does agree to remain friendly with him.




Donna and Pete reconnect. They go to parties, he plays romantic, but simultaneously is seeing Anne Peters. And a few others. Donna and Pete reconnect sexually at Neil's apartment while Neil is working overnights.


Neil catches Pete with a girl at the diner in a back booth, while he pops in to grab takeaway for a late night shift for himself and Maggie. He chastises Pete later that night when both men return home. Warning him that his libido will get him intro trouble.


Don runs into Neil at Doug's Place one night while waiting on Marlena, and Neil fills Don in that Pete is back in Salem. Don is concerned that Pete and Donna will reconnect, knowing the disaster that occurred last time. Neil promises to keep his eyes out.


Don asks Donna if she knew Pete had returned to Salem. Donna feigns ignorance, and lies to Don, telling him she has no intentions of seeing Pete again.


Pete ignores Neil's advice, and continues to see Donna as well as Anne, and other girls. Anne describes to Donna her new boyfriend, and describes Pete to her. Donna is thrilled for her friend, not realizing they're seeing the same guy until the next week when Donna heads to Anne's birthday party. Not realizing the two girls know each other, Pete walks right into a trap, but manages to play it cool, as Anne doesn't want to let her mom know she has a boyfriend, since Susan is rather strict with her and boys. Anne is none the wiser to Donna and Pete's connection, as Donna feels under the weather, and troubled by pain, heads home early.


Donna assumes she simply has a yeast infection, and doesn't think much of it.


Now realizing that Pete is Anne's mystery beau, Donna heads to Neil's to confront Pete, but is halted by an intense pain in her pelvis after a trip to the bathroom. Marlena rushes to her side, deeply troubled by the teenager's agony. She rushes Donna to the clinic, where they discover she has chlamydia. Marlena speaks discreetly with Donna about her situation, and manages to get Donna to reveal that she's been seeing Pete again. Marlena suspected as much. Marlena is upset that Donna has lied to Don again, but insists that the person who should tell Don is Donna and not her. She will give Donna until that night to tell him the truth.


Susan fears for her daughter, who she knows is sexually active after accidentally picking up the phone in the next room to make a call, overhearing Anne's conversation with a girlfriend about what transpired the night before between herself and Pete. Panicked, Susan relays her own story to Anne, and races her to the clinic to get her on the Pill before it's too late. Susan, for all the good it'll do, grounds Anne for lying to her, though this is much more Susan panicking about Anne repeating her mistakes with David Martin than anything Anne has done. Anne is deeply resentful of Susan's actions, and runs off to see Pete again, neither aware of Donna's diagnosis.


After another night of alcohol, Anne and Pete head to a party, get high, and have sex. At home, Susan quickly realizes something is amiss (she allowed Anne to head to Donna's to study), and calls a bewildered Don, looking for Anne. Susan's mother, Diane, has fallen ill and they need to head to Ohio to visit. Don has no idea where Anne is, having never arrived at their house, and not having any plans with Donna, who is ill.


Susan stays up all night, calling the hospital in Ohio, and avoiding revealing to a worried Eric back in California that Anne is in any trouble, while pacing back and forth across her living room. at 3:30am, Susan hears a muffled noise, as a clearly intoxicated Anne tries in vain to open the door. Susan sits in the living room, the lights on, but dimmed. As Anne walks into the living room, she's confronted by her angry mother.

The two have it out, and ultimately, Anne agrees to stay in line, lest she be sent to reform school. She and Susan head for Ohio to see Diane.


Donna stops short of telling Don the truth about her seeing Pete again, and Marlena continues to threaten her. Donna is petrified of causing more havoc in their home, moreso than any trouble she could get into. Marlena tries to reassure her, but the fear Donna carries of being abandoned by her mother eats at her, and she is too scared. Marlena goes somewhat easier on Donna, recognizing this.


Days later, upon their return, Anne asks Donna to visit her, as she's been under the weather. Donna, recovering nicely from her bout with chlamydia, heads over, only to find the same prescription in Anne's room. After some probing, Anne reveals to Donna that she had chlamydia, prompting Donna to leave, claiming she isn't feeling so well herself. Anne is confused, but Donna makes a beeline for Neil's to see Pete.


Donna tells Pete about her diagnosis, and warns him that he should also get tested, as Anne now has chlamydia as well. She lays into him, wondering how many other girls he's slept with. Pete lies and claims at first that she and Anne were the only two, but soon confesses there were others. Donna can't believe her ears, and runs off to get away from Pete.


Donna sobs, arriving home. Don is initially his usual grumpus self when he hears the news of Donna and Pete's affair, but quickly becomes sympathetic, particularly when Marlena explains the details of their situation, and the end result. Donna additionally sobs, petrified that Don will give her away for disappointing him, as her mother did. Don is moved by Donna's vulnerability, and promises he will never do such a thing.


Anne, finding out about the exact illness Donna had, is far from magnanimous, becoming far more hostile towards Donna than toward Pete, who she continues to see, mostly to spite her mother. Donna is depressed, losing a friend in Anne. Anne only comes around when it's clear that Donna is no longer interested in Pete, and begins seeing Jake Kositchek.


Pete lays on the apologies thick, and for awhile, Donna is not moved, but when Hope's birthday comes, and Jake gets rough with Donna, Pete comes to her defense. This is fine, but as Pete is once again seeing Anne, this causes renewed tensions.


Pete and Donna begin seeing each other again, with Anne becoming increasingly hostile, and bullying Donna as she loses her grip on Pete. It all culminates at Donna's birthday, which Anne ruins by inviting half of Salem, trashing Don's apartment, with drugs and alcohol everywhere. Anne takes advantage, seducing a drunk Pete, while Jake tries to take advantage of a drunk Donna, only to have Hope burst in, and fend him off.


Pete and Donna overcome this, and ultimately Pete plans to propose to Donna. Donna accepts Pete's proposal, but shortly thereafter, things go wrong. Donna has her doctor's appointment. Complications from her bout with Chlamydia have left Donna infertile, and Neil recommends Donna undergo a hysterectomy.

Running into Anne shortly thereafter, Anne gloats to Donna about being pregnant by Pete, and Donna spirals. Pete, learning from last time about trying to convince a woman to abort, makes an attempt to convince Anne, but ultimately agrees to marry her if it means they can marry quickly, get out of Salem, and away from Donna. He hopes to spare Donna any more pain than he's already caused.


Too late, Donna snaps at the news of Anne and Pete's eloping, and heads out that evening in a haze.


Donna sits on a park bench at night, deep in a mental fog. Her mind races as she realizes how much faith she's put into people who've let her down. She wanders through the park, inappropriately dressed for the cold, and becomes more and more numb and frostbitten. Worried, Marlena and Don set off looking for her. As they trace her steps, first to the Martin house, then to Neil's, they collect people, hunting down anyone who could help find Donna.


Donna finally arrives at David's, where she continues to work as baby Scotty's caretaker. Having a key, she lets herself in while David and Stephanie sleep. She walks off with baby Scotty before anyone notices he's gone. Getting on a bus, Donna heads for the Canadian border, hoping to start a new life, and is taken in by Marie's convent.


David and Stephanie, meanwhile, believe Trish has swiped the baby, having lost their custody case. She had planned to head off to LA to continue her film career with her son after her divorce from David, but this was not to be, Trish's manipulations catching up with her, while David and Stephanie's relatively stable home, complete with caretaker and supportive family, looking far superior to a judge. David and Stephanie believe Trish kidnapped the young boy as a response to losing the case, and go to the Salem PD about it.



Mother Superior is kind to what she believes is a scared young mother, accepting her into her care.





Stephanie befriends Margo, who invites her over to help set up her new house, and paint. There they discuss Stephanie's troubles with David's divorce from Trish, and Margo discusses her cancer remission. Stephanie is in awe of Margo's resiliance. Margo admits she's taken time to lose her fear of death. Stephanie wonders what will happen if her cancer returns. Margo tells Stephanie that she will fight with all her might, but if things get too bad, and the pain becomes too much, she hopes Mike will allow her to die with dignity, as she can't bear to live for months in pain and weak. Stephanie understands.

Mary, having been informed of inconsistencies in Stephanie's story about her burns in the frying pan, tries in vain to get information from Tom about Stephanie's burns. Mary, convinced the questions about Stephanie's burns will lead to answers about Stephanie's identity, calls Anderson's insurance company and, posing as Stephanie, asks for a copy of their report on her burn. The company refuses, frustrating her further. She visits Tom again, and this time catches a lucky break when Tom has to momentarily step out of his office to speak privately with Neil. Mary takes advantage of this moment, and steals Stephanie's file from Tom's files. When Tom returns, he's none the wiser.

Back at the studio, Mary finds a document that details the specifics of Stephanie's burns, and notes from Bill indicate his uncertainty about how Stephanie attained the burns.

Mary sets a cast iron pan on her stovetop, and picks up the pan, as Stephanie did. She realizes the burns are inconsistent with Stephanie's story. She flexes her fingers out before her, trying to figure out how they could match the hospital records, before realizing that she was in position already: Stephanie pressed her hands into the pan.

Mary's next step is checking with Linda regarding Stephanie's employment records. Linda denies having taken them with her, and, still pretending to be an amnesiac, believes they would be exactly where any other employee files would be...but that she isn't sure where that is. Mary is frustrated, but believes Linda innocent. She goes into the office where the employee records are kept, and hunts for Stephanie's file. It's empty. And as she opens it, Stephanie walks in. Stephanie confronts her sister, sharply accusing her of unprofessional conduct, but when Stephanie implies she will go to Bob about Mary breaking into her files, Mary trumps her, telling Stephanie that she'll tell Bob the truth, that her employee file is empty, that Linda has no idea where her employee documents and reference letters are, and that she didn't burn her hands the way she claimed to. Stephanie wants to know how Mary knows all this, but Mary stonewalls, simply telling Stephanie that she knows the truth, and that she will keep quiet for now if Stephanie does the same, but notes that she is keeping her eyes on Stephanie.


Stephanie hears from Bob that he's in talks to expand operations in the plant, as their contract with the government is going so well. Stephanie overhears this and calls to a friend about their trip. Bob and Chris go away to a conference in Washington, and come back with a contact with Magnus Corporation. Stephanie is delighted. Alex comes to Salem to meet with them...and Stephanie.

Alex and Stephanie are revealed to have been plotting to sabotage operations at Anderson so as to ruin Anderson, making it ripe for takeover by Magnus. Magnus was primarily involved in medical supplies and care, and Alex sought out Stephanie upon discovering her identity when she was in for facial reconstruction surgery at a hospital Magnus owned. After taking a special interest in her case, Alex visited Stephanie often, and built up a trust with her, before proposing their plan.

Stephanie and Alex go out to Doug's Place to talk strategy, when David catches them together, and takes Stephanie to task for "flirting" with Alex. Stephanie is fed up, and breaks things off with David. Bob finds out the next day, when Stephanie is off her A-game at work. Bob is sympathetic, and asks her to stay with him at his home. This infuriates Linda, who resents Bob and Stephanie's increasingly close relationship, and assumes Stephanie is, much like Julie was years before, a romantic interest of Bob's.

Stephanie's moving into the lakehouse bothers Mary as well, and Mary makes it clear that she's no fan of Stephanie being in her family home. Bob makes it clear that his intent is only to give Stephanie a place to stay around people while she deals with her breakup with David. Mary, unable to tell Bob the specifics of what she discovered about Stephanie's burns, asks Bob if he ever asked Stephanie about how she got them. Bob indicates that he found out much like Mary did. Mary asks Bob if he's sure Stephanie's telling the truth about her burns, noting how convenient her timing was, and how, even with Linda back, Stephanie's documents have yet to turn up.

Stephanie and Alex get into action almost immediately, with the government contract first being sabotaged by having Chris' plans altered slightly, but significantly. The change means there is a fatal flaw in the finished product that could cause widespread damage from fire when the devices are in use. Stephanie acts as an "anonymous whistleblower" to the government agency, but only once the first shipment of the devices reach Washington. The agency is livid with Anderson, and threatens to cancel the government contract unless the flaw is corrected immediately. Bob agrees, but discovers the change would cost them over a million, something they don't have, as the government won't pay up for the first shipment as its faulty.


As their plan takes shape, Stephanie grows closer to Bob, and begins to second-guess her plan to take down the business. Stephanie begins to wonder if her plan to ruin Bob was ill-conceived. As Bob tells her of his lingering heart troubles, her guilt increases, and she spends the time before Margo's goodbye party arguing with Alex about abandoning their plan. Alex insists the plan is too far along, and demands Stephanie put in motion the last phase of the plan: redirect the replacement shipment of generators into a trap along a remote highway that will run the shipment off the road. As Stephanie refuses, Margo emerges, having listened in on their conversation as she had come to look for Stephanie and Alex, who were absent from the party.

When Stephanie notices Margo, she chases after her. Margo heads to the stairwell, disillusioned by Stephanie's deception, but as Stephanie stops Margo, pleading with her to keep her secrets from Bob and everyone else, Margo refuses, before suddenly growing weak. Margo takes her last ounce of strength to break out of Stephanie's grasp, and loses her balance, toppling down the stairs. Stephanie is horrified as Margo lays unconscious on the stairs. Alex finds Stephanie on the stairs, and then Margo's lifeless body below. Alex checks Margo's pulse, as Stephanie goes into shock. Alex tries to snap Stephanie out of it, before running back into the office to call an ambulance. Chris arrives shortly thereafter, and tries to make sure Stephanie is okay, while he tries to ensure Margo is okay. He's initially suspicious of Stephanie and Alex, but soon is convinced that Margo's fall was purely accidental.


At the hospital, Bob visits with Margo, and is concerned. He has flashbacks to Brooke's accident, and worries about Mike's grief, but stopping short of revealing Brooke as his daughter. He does, however, go to the chapel. There, he expresses the sense of concern he has over Margo's accident, and implores God not to let happen to Margo what happened to his daughter, Brooke. Stephanie overhears, and puts a hand on Bob's shoulder. She stops short of telling Bob that she is his daughter, but they talk, and share a warm, comforting interaction. Outside the chapel, Mickey expresses concern to Bob about Linda's place in Bob's will. Bob reiterates to Mickey about Linda's betrayal, but insists that, as long as Linda is carrying his child, he has no choice. Bob makes no bones about the sense of betrayal he feels toward Linda, something Stephanie can't help to hear. The anger Bob has toward Linda causes moments of sharp pain in Bob, something that terrifies Stephanie, and leads her to try to comfort Bob and try to calm him down before he has a full-on heart attack.


At the lakehouse, Stephanie confronts Linda about her deception. Their back-and-forth nearly causes Stephanie to reveal her true identity, trying to stop Linda from implying that Stephanie was carrying on an affair with Bob. She leaves Linda with a warning, that she will keep an eye on her, and that if Linda does anything to hurt Bob, Linda will have to answer to Stephanie. Linda leaves more convinced than ever that Stephanie and Bob are having the affair they insist isn't happening. She asks Steve, upon his next visit to see Mary, to investigate Stephanie for her, promising a big payday. Steve is only too happy to take her up on the offer.

Alex, in another meeting with Stephanie at Doug's Place, discusses how to deal with Margo. Fearing that Margo will reveal her identity, Alex implores Stephanie to get rid of Margo before she screws everything up for them. Stephanie is initially hesitant, but she recalls something she heard from Margo during one of their visits, and something that is repeated by Mike when he talks with her, David, and Valerie, about Margo's wishes. Mike recalls Margo's wish that, if things become too dire for her, she wanted to die with dignity, and have the plug pulled on her. David and Valerie both insist that this isn't the way, and that Margo's wishes contravened the law. The ethical debate eats away at Mike. Marie even steps in, trying to convince Mike to let Margo stay alive, as she may still go back into remission. Stephanie hesitates to corroborate Mike's claim of Margo's wishes, and Alex uses this as an opportunity to convince Stephanie to take the drastic step.

Stephanie stands in Margo's hospital room, holding vigil. She debates what Mike, Alex, David, Marie, and Valerie say. It's late at night. Slowly, she realizes Margo is awake. Margo is weary, but seems comforted to see Stephanie there with her. Stephanie is at once nervous and excited to see Margo awake. Margo reassures Stephanie that she'll be okay, but is in immense pain. She says with certainty that she won't live much longer. She encourages Stephanie to tell the truth, not only to Bob, but to everyone. She may struggle and go through hardship, but ultimately, she will be better off for it. Stephanie fears she will lose what little family she has. Margo isn't so sure. She implores Stephanie once again, promising that if Stephanie doesn't, Margo will, before passing back out.

Stephanie meets with Mike outside Margo's hospital room, and lies about what they've talked about, telling Mike that Margo reiterated her intent to pull the plug so as not to draw out her suffering. Mike hopes Margo will awaken again to relay that information to him, but Stephanie reminds Mike that Margo has a DNR order on her, indicating her intentions. Mike is still unsure. Neil approaches them, and gives Margo a grim prognosis.

Stephanie lingers in the hospital chapel, debating her decision, before returning to Margo's room late at night. Mike waits outside her room, fast asleep. Stephanie pleads with Margo to forgive her for what she's about to do. She puts on a single latex glove, and pulls the plug on her life support machine. Margo stays alive for about a half hour more. At this point, Stephanie heads out via the back door, and leaves the hospital quickly, as Mike wakes up, and enters Margo's room, not noticing the cord is unplugged. A nurse comes to check on Margo, and spots the pulled plug. She calls for help and other nurses burst into Margo's room, and jump into action, trying to resuccitate Margo unsuccessfully, while trying to reach Neil, who is meant to be on duty.

Neil, having a rendez-vous with Maggie, is not at the hospital. Instead, he's across the street at a hotel. Figuring he could check in quickly, claiming to be on a break. When he calls in, he panics, and races back to the hospital, but he's too late, Margo is dead.


Mike is considered the only one who could have pulled the plug on Margo, but insists he did no such thing. He enlists Mickey's help in proving his innocence, and Mickey believes Neil's absence hastened Margo's demise. Mike takes it one step farther, though hesitantly. He suggests filing suit against Neil for malpractice, but Mickey tells him that the only way he can do that is to also sue University Hospital. Mike is less sure about this now.


Bill and Laura return from Chicago to support Mike. When Bill hears of Mickey's discussion with Mike of suing UH and Neil, Bill is incensed. Mickey insists he is discouraging Mike from going this route, but does think that, if he removes himself slightly from the situation, it does seem like a good way to prove Mike's innocence to the public. While he cannot be criminally charged due to lack of evidence, rumours are swirling around Salem about Mike, which he would like cleared ASAP, especially as Mike has designs on getting into med school.

Mickey has a problem while trying to research for the case against UH: just where was Neil when Margo’s plug was pulled, and why was he not on site?





Stephanie begins to soften more and more toward Bob, and Bob rewards her hard work with a new $12,000 car. Linda is incensed by the purchase, certain they are having an affair. Linda purchases her own identical car, which Bob angrily questions Linda about. Linda counters that it would look suspicious if Bob purchased a car like this for Stephanie and not Bob's wife. Bob confronts Linda about this, and Linda, under pressure, snaps, expressing her worry that Bob will do with Stephanie what he did with Julie. Knowing Linda couldn't possibly recall this without having her memories back, calls Linda out on her deception. Bob, fighting chest pains, threatens to disinherit Linda, and kick her out of the house. Linda, panicked, fakes nausea and leaves the room. Shortly thereafter, Bob expresses concern, and suggests he take her to the hospital. Linda protests mildly, but, knowing Bob's attentions are on her at all is a good thing, agrees.

Once at the hospital, Linda attempts to convince Neil to tell Bob she's pregnant. Neil won't do it, but agrees to tell Bob that Linda is to undergo a pregnancy test, and will leave Linda to "reveal the results". Grateful, Linda offers anything to Neil in return. Neil only asks she leave him alone.

Neil reveals to Bob that Linda is undergoing a pregnancy test, and Linda, naturally, tells Bob the result is positive, even though it turns out she isn't. Linda knows full well that he won't kick out a wife pregnant with his child, nor will he disinherit her. Bob is distressed, but agrees to keep Linda in his home, but he sends Melissa to a boarding school on his dime. Though he doesn't want to send Melissa away, he feels it best until he sorts out his complicated situation with Linda, and hopefully protect her in case his marriage to Linda falls apart.

Linda is pleased, for awhile, but begins to worry when she cannot get Bob into bed again. Frustrated, and beginning to panic, she first approaches Neil, offering to help him get inside information on Mickey and Mike's malpractice case against him in exchange for getting Linda pregnant. Neil flatly refuses. Linda, in even more of a panic, gets ahold of Tommy Horton. She lies through her teeth to him, insisting her marriage to Bob is dead in the water, and that they're one step away from divorce. Tommy, lonely and swayed by Linda's charms, as well as still believing her to have lingering amnesia (something that he can evidently relate to), agrees to go for drinks with Linda. The two have a lovely time, though Tommy wonders why Linda isn't drinking. She contends that she's simply trying to be healthier in body and mind, as she isn't getting any younger.

After a couple date nights, Bob becomes somewhat curious as to why Linda has been coming home late, but Linda insists it's just long hours at the office while they work on Mike's malpractice case. Bob buys Linda's story. Linda warns Bob that she'll likely be home even later the next night, and not to wait for her: she's planning to put the moves on Tommy.

Tommy feels he's rushing a bit, but Linda's seduction works magic on him, and they fall into bed. At Linda's next check-up, Neil gives Linda the news: she's pregnant. Linda soon after proceeds to break things off with Tommy AGAIN, telling Tommy of her pregnancy. When Tommy questions the paternity of the baby, Linda tells him that she's too far along for the father to be him, and that it wouldn't be right to leave her husband now, anyway. Tommy, heartbroken, visits his daughter Sandy in New York.

Bob becomes suspicious when Linda isn't showing, despite being (allegedly) four months pregnant. At first, Linda dismisses it as morning sickness making her undereat, she suggests to Bob that she go to New York to do their Christmas shopping this year, and plans to make a week of it. Bob isn't impressed, but goes along with Linda's plan. In New York, Linda buys pregnancy padding from an actors' costume shop. She returns in the costume, certain Bob will be none the wiser, since he continues to sleep in a separate bedroom from her.

Linda continues to work to ingratiate herself in Bob's life, and nearly succeeds in fully reuniting with him, when she, now showing enough to not need the pregnancy padding, decides to throw out the pad. Bob, at this time, is dealing with the collapse of his government contract, and is somewhat inattentive to Linda's needs. But when he visits the hospital for his check up, and runs into Neil, he's troubled by Neil's vagueness about Linda's due date. When he returns home, Linda is out at the office. Bob steps outside to take a bag of trash out, accidentally knocks over the other can...containing the pregnancy pads.

The seemingly imminent takeover of Anderson by Magnus, plus Linda's betrayal is too much for Bob's heart. When Linda gets home, Bob is waiting for her, he confronts her with the pregnancy pad, and claims to be certain Linda isn't pregnant, Linda tries to lie her way out of it, but when Bob demands a blood test, Linda stops him. Bob is furious, and demands to know if she is pregnant, who the father is, when Linda won't tell him, Bob tells Linda he's cutting her out of his will, and booting her from the lakehouse once and for all, before collapsing. Bob pleads with Linda to grab his medication, but Linda won't do it unless Bob promises to keep Linda in his will. Bob won't do it, so Linda, after explaining her whole situation and why she lied to him, calmly leaves the house, as though she never came home.

Stephanie, next home, finds Bob and calls an ambulance immediately. Bob hangs on for another night, where all he can say is "Linda". But when Linda does come to UH to see him, and plays the sad wife, Bob's heart rate climbs immediately. Neil forces her out of the room. He knows why Bob is having this reaction, and calls Linda out on it. Linda tells Neil that he best keep his mouth shut if he wants to keep his job, referring to Mike's malpractice suit.

Bob dies, and at the will reading, everyone is stunned to learn that controlling interest goes:
Chris - 39%

Mary - 21%

Stephanie - 20%

Phyllis - 5%

Linda - 10%

Melissa - 5% (to be put in a trust and controlled by Linda until her 18th birthday)



Mary is extremely mistrustful of Alex, who openly flirts with her. Mary is initally tempted, but Steve returns before things can develop any further between Mary and Alex. Chris also warns Mary of Alex, who he instantly mistrusts. Mary, still bitter about her breakup with Chris, almost latches onto Alex out of spite, if only as a champion of him in business. Chris, hoping that Mary's budding romance with Steve will help get him on side, expresses the same concerns to Steve. Steve is initially disinterested, but when Mary admits to Steve that the stress of Bob's crumbling marriage to Linda, plus his growing business concerns, are leading to heart trouble, Steve begins to scheme. He galvanizes his efforts to win Mary over. He starts by asking to put a piece of jewellery in Doug and Julie's safe deposit box. They agree, and Steve deposits a gold ring.

His next step is to sweep Mary off her feet, and proceeds to wine and dine her for awhile. Mary is sucked right into Steve's charms. Steve wants to find a new line of work within Anderson, and Mary is only too happy to oblige. Bob is initially reticent to give Steve a position within Mary's department, until Steve pays Chris another visit, offering to take a job at Anderson, in exchange for keeping a close eye on Alex Marshall. Chris is uncertain of Steve's motives, but believes it's probably the best way to get information on Alex without arousing suspicion.

Chris' lingering romance with Amanda Howard irks Mary (and Steve), and when Chris proposes to Amanda, Mary is incensed. Steve takes it upon himself to propose to Mary as well. Having just come from a heated argument with Chris about his rush to marry a newly-divorced Amanda, agrees to marry Steve. This infuriates Bob, who doesn't exactly trust Steve, but also wants to keep his daughter happy. Linda sees the union as an opportunity to get into Steve's good graces, in the hopes of eventually worming her way back into Anderson herself. She leverages her position at Don and Mickey's firm to give her an in with Steve, who she knows is after the same thing she is. Together, they could make a formidable team.

Amanda stumbles upon a fight between Mary and Chris, which begins about business, but quickly becomes personal. Chris is certain that Mary still loves him, but while Mary vehemently denies it, Chris is convinced she is only marrying Steve to spite him, and he kisses her passionately. Amanda sees it, and runs off. Her world in a tailspin, Amanda doubts every move she's made since returning to Salem. Julie suggests Amanda head back to Chicago, and to Greg, to sort her head out. Amanda thinks it best to leave town for somewhere no one knows her. She heads out on a flight to LA. Chris finds a letter Amanda leaves him, telling him she'll always love him, but that she needs time to figure things out, and not to go after her. Chris does, regardless, but just misses Amanda heading past security.

Mary still does marry Steve, and Bob pulls Chris into his office to promise him that he will look after Mary, and the company, if something should happen to him. Chris worries why Bob would imply something should happen to him, but Bob insists he is just crossing his Ts and dotting his Is. Chris isn't so sure.

The marriage between Mary and Steve hits the rocks with a quickness. Steve is instantly jealous of Mary and Chris, and does little to hide it, which immediately drives Mary right toward Chris. Steve backs away from this and woos his new bride back. It takes some convincing, but Mary forgvies Steve.

This honeymoon period is short-lived when Mimi, Steve's girlfriend, arrives in Salem from Paris. Except, she reveals, she isn't Steve's girlfriend: she's his wife! Steve immediately tries to keep Mimi silent on the matter, explaining how the situation is simply an elaborate scheme to bilk Mary out of her stake in her father's company, and that Steve and Mimi will be filthy rich if the plan succeeds. Mimi is unconvinced, but agrees to go along with it for now. Steve, to try to keep Mimi at a distance, sets her up with her own apartment in Salem, where he can sneak off to visit her.

Linda recognizes something of a kindred spirit in Steve, and attempts to woo him to help her win control over Anderson, insisting she has a plan. Steve initially resists, but when Linda stumbles upon Steve and Mimi at a discreet restaurant booth, she realizes something is up. Believing Steve is already cheating on his wife, Linda threatens to expose Steve unless they team up. Steve goes along with Linda.

The two get closer, with Steve eventually sharing with Linda his scam with the jewellery boxes. Linda feels confident that Steve has the gumption to pull off their plan. It's the vote of confidence Steve needed.

Doug hires a new up-and-coming singer, Liz Chandler, to sing at Doug's Place. Liz is fresh off a divorce from a famous actor, Rick, in France. She has flown into Salem on the same flight as Mimi did, and they sat together. Doug is puzzled when Julie recognizes Mimi as Steve's Parisian girlfriend, spies her in Salem himself, and then spots Liz greeting Mimi warmly when Mimi visits the club. Doug asks Liz how she knows Mimi, and Liz shares that they met on the plane, and that Mimi was in Salem to reuinite with her husband. Liz says wistfully that Mimi has yet to do so, but doesn't know the husband's name when Doug presses.


Doug smells a rat, and looks into Mimi's past, hiring a PI in France, and making some overseas calls to figure out just what is going on. With a bit of digging, Doug susses out that Mimi and Steve are married, and that Steve's marriage to Mary is invalid. He confronts Steve with the news, but promises to keep quiet about his bigamy if Steve does the right thing and annuls his marriage to Mary immediately. Steve grumbles about his hopeless situation to Linda, who agrees to help her partner out, recalling she spotted a duplicate file for Doug in Mickey's office. She agrees to look into it for Steve.

Linda uncovers the truth: Dougie LeClair is actually Doug's son. She passes on a photocopy of the letter to Steve, who is thrilled to have some leverage over Doug. He threatens to tell Julie of Doug's deception, as well as Robert, who Doug has also hidden the truth from. Doug tells Steve that the truth will not harm his loved ones as much as Steve's would, but Steve just asks for more time. Doug reluctantly agrees, not knowing exactly what he's agreeing to.




Alex also pays a visit to University Hospital to meet with Tom Horton about making a contribution to the hospital. There, he spots a familiar face: Marie Horton. Marie is not happy to see him, and, in fact, spies him before he notices her, and tries unsuccessfully to avoid him. Alex finally corners Marie, and tries to catch up, but Marie is icy.

Alex is baffled by Marie's cool reception, and hints to Stephanie about the woman from his past he loved dearly, but a "sad turn of events" led to her disappearing from his life. When Stephanie spies Marie visiting Margo at the plant, Alex appears. Stephanie makes the connection, and slyly asks Alex about whether he's found the woman again.

Marie is edgy at the Horton house, prompting Alice to ask Marie what is making her so jumpy, particularly after Alice spies Marie encounter Alex at University Hospital after Alex has a meeting with Tom regarding funding for UH. Marie tries to deflect, but Alice, as usual, breaks down her daughter's defenses. Marie admits that she and Alex had a connection in New York years ago after she left Salem upon discovering Tommy's identity, but is reluctant to say more, other than Alex was cruel and abusive.

After her conversation with Alice, Marie flashes back to seeing a man fall from a balcony at a New York highrise apartment. Marie is shaken by the recollection. The recollections grow stronger after her new meeting with Alex, where he finally manages to convince Marie to join him for a coffee at the hospital cafeteria. There, Alex tries to gently find out what happened to Marie, but Marie shuts him down after Alex hints that he tried to track her down after "what happened with [his] brother Harley". Marie immediately flashes back to being grabbed by Harley on the balcony of Alex's New York apartment, Harley's body falling from the balcony, and Alex's voice, telling her Harley's gone.


Marie visits Margo once again, this time during a visit from Stephanie. Marie tells Stephanie she knows of her involvement with Alex Marshall. She warns Stephanie that a man like Alex may be charming, but that she must be extremely careful, for he may harm her in ways that could affect the rest of her life. Stephanie is shaken by Marie's stern warning, and takes it upon herself to look into Alex's background a little further.


At home, Marie hides away from the family, and recalls visiting Alex's apartment. Instead of finding Alex there, she finds his brother, Harley. They'd met previously, and Harley was a gentleman. This time, Harley offers her a drink as they talk on Alex's balcony. Harley moves in closer, and...Marie shudders as she's knocked from the moment.

Alex makes one more appeal to Marie to see him again, but Marie refuses, coldly. Marie asks Marlena to take some time out to speak with her about Alex. Marlena agrees. Initially the  sessions are just about fleshing out Marie's perceptions about what occurred at Alex's apartment, but it becomes apparent that Marie has a memory block about the full series of events.

After a couple more sessions, Marie confesses she believes Alex killed Harley after an argument, but Alex insists he did no such thing, that he did it in defense of Marie. The realization that Marie is seeing Marlena about the incident prompts Alex to visit Marlena himself, and insist that Marlena step off the case, that the truth will do nothing to help Marie, only to hurt her. Marlena sticks to her guns, but Alex tells her that, if Marlena cares for Marie at all, she won't press to tell Marie the truth.


Marlena consults with Jordan about how exactly to proceed with Marie. Jordan feels it's best to let Marie know what could possibly be uncovered, and how it could affect her psyche. Is Marie prepared to handle it?


ULTIMATELY: Alex reveals that he is protecting Marie from the truth, that he arrived on the balcony while Harley was attempting to force himself on Marie. Marie pushed him off her, and Harley fell to his death. Alex attempted to cover for Marie, who has a mental block surrounding the incident. The truth of Marie causing Harley's death, and the lengths Alex has gone to protect her, endear Alex to Marie greatly, causing her to question her vows.





David visits Mickey to build his divorce case against Trish. Mickey warns him that his relationship with Stephanie, no matter how tenuous it appears, could be used against him, particularly in regards to custody of Scotty. David feels like, despite this, he believes that Trish's abandonment of the marital home and leaving with Scotty would work against HER.

Trish, of course, files against David, citing Stephanie as an adultress in the divorce. She can back it up as well, thanks to Jeri. Unfortunately, as they prepare for the court case, Jeri is presented with a golden opportunity: a touring gig singing for a popular country music act. Trish, though worried about the impact Jeri's tour will have on her case, encourages her mother to take the opportunity, especially with Jerry's support. Jerry believes they can win the case, with or without Jeri's testimony.


David asks Stephanie to continue to keep distance from him during the court case. This, initially is begrudgingly accepted by Stephanie, but the tension of the distance eventually becomes too much, especially when David catches Stephanie at Doug's Place on a dinner date with Alex. Despite the dinner only being a business date, David sees them discussing rather flirtatiously (as is Alex's nature), and pulls Stephanie aside, taking her to task for her actions. Stephanie has had enough, being stretched thin by her feeling unwanted by David, and her growing impatience with the court case, Stephanie breaks things off with David.

As the case goes to court, Jerry takes Trish out to dinner to talk shop, but Trish feels increasingly drawn to him, and as the case progresses, things get heated between them. A full-blown affair commences between them, which complicates the case once Jeri pays Trish an unexpected visit one evening, and catches them in bed together. Jeri is sworn to secrecy, but is troubled by the situation. Eventually, she confides in Doug after Doug presses her to find out what exactly has been bothering her. Jeri swears Doug to secrecy, but Doug does encourage her to speak to Mickey about what she saw. Jeri flatly refuses, dedicated to helping her daughter win custody of Scotty.


When Mickey sees that Jeri is not on Jerry's witness list, he's confused, as Jeri appeared to be the lynchpin to Jerry's case against David and Stephanie. Mickey investigates, but hits a brick wall, until he visits David's apartment, and spies Jerry emerge from Trish's apartment, looking somewhat too intimate. He doesn't think too much of it, until Steve, who has been at odds with David at Anderson pipes up. David has been a prime rival to Steve at work, and Steve saw David's connection to Stephanie as being a way to take power away from Mary once Bob finally retires/passes. Steve tells Mickey that he had seen Trish and Jerry at Doug's Place being far too comfortable on many occasions. Mickey uses this at trial, and calls Jeri as a witness himself. Mickey's reasoning being, even Stephanie and David's relationship would pale in the eyes of the judge compared to an ongoing affair between Trish and her lawyer, especially when combined with Trish's abandonment of the marital home, and kidnapping of her child.


Valerie returns to Salem at this point, and hears of David's plight. David runs into Valerie at Doug's Place, and they have a long, delightful catch up, and agree to see each other again...once the divorce case ends. Stephanie, on another dinner date with Alex, sees them together, and is livid. She goes to Trish, and apologizes for her animosity throughout her time with David. Trish initially doesn't believe Stephanie, until Stephanie finally reveals the truth to Trish: she is actually her friend, Brooke Hamilton. She explains her hostility toward Trish as being jealousy of her relationship with David, combined with an anger at Trish taking Scotty away from his father. Trish is understanding, and realizes the authenticity of Stephanie's words. She encourages Stephanie to tell her father the truth as well, as they discuss the growing closeness and affection between father and daughter.


Though Stephanie's information is helpful in balancing the scales, the judge ultimately preferred the stability of David's home, particularly when paired with the stable home life provided by not just David, but also by Doug and Julie, who, as opposed to Jeri's touring lifestyle, appears extremely stable.

David's victorious feeling is short-lived, when, after leaving for his first dinner out with Valerie post-trial, Donna, his longtime babysitter, lets herself into the apartment, and takes Scotty with her in a fugue state.





Maggie, fatigued by her life working as a clerk in an antique store, decides to dedicate more time to volunteering at the David Martin Clinic, particularly with children. Tom suggests the idea as a way to have children in her life, and fill the gap Janice's departure left behind. Maggie works closely with Neil, eventually assisting him elsewhere in the hospital. The two strike up an easy friendship. Neil's friendship becomes closer and closer, as they share their loneliness with each other. The loneliness only increases for Maggie, as Mickey becomes more and more detached while working on an important case for Kate Winograd: her mother had passed away, and there was some degree of financial dispute with her siblings over the estate.

Sensing Mickey's growing interest in Kate, Maggie loses herself more and more in her work, and, when home, tensions grow more and more palpible, especially when Mickey sees the light in Maggie's eyes when talking about the children in the clinic. He feels terribly he can't give her a child of her own, and pulls away from her, feeling inadequate, as well as feeling lingering guilt over his reticence to act during Joanne and Maggie's battle for custody over Janice. Maggie insists she doesn't blame him, and wishes he would be closer to her again, but Mickey still feels insecure, and feels less pressure with Kate. The two grow closer and closer, which, in turn, draws Maggie and Neil closer and closer.

Things slowly become intense between Maggie and Neil, after Neil discusses losing his child with Phyllis, and feeling a sense that he will never have that stable home life with a wife and kids that he longed for. Despite his caddish ways, Neil has longed for stability, the kind Mickey and Maggie have shared. Maggie comforts him, this evolves into a kiss. Before things can move further, Maggie pushes Neil away.

The two have a serious talk the next night over dinner. Maggie is troubled by her kiss with Neil, and wants to pretend it never happened. Neil feels much the same, but expresses an attraction to what Maggie represents, and what he aspires to as he matures. Maggie is flattered.

Things evolve further when she returns home to find Mickey is still not home from the office. She goes on a hunt for him, and finds him asleep on a sofa at the office, stressed to the gills over his caseload. Maggie strokes his hair, waking him up slightly, enough for him to call out Kate's name. Maggie is horrified, and leaves the office immediately.

Julie tries to reason with Maggie, that Mickey is simply working so hard on Kate's case that she's on his mind, but Maggie is certain there's more to it, and begins to keep a close eye on Kate at the hospital. She pays Kate a visit one day to talk about "helping her out" around her office, but it's ultimately to check her datebook. She spies a dinner date with Mickey at a quiet restaurant. Maggie follows them there, and finds Kate with her hand on Mickey's, talking extremely intimately. In actuality, Kate has made a move on Mickey, but Mickey is reticent to act on it, knowing how betrayal feels of a partner, and wishing none of that on Maggie. Maggie returns to the hospital in tears, and is comforted by Neil. Neil's apartment is very close to the hospital, and Neil leaves to get Maggie into his place to console her. While out, Margo's plug is pulled by Stephanie.

Maggie and Neil make love after Neil works hard to reassure Maggie that she's beautiful and worthy of love, and that Mickey is a fool for letting Maggie slip through his fingers. Maggie immediately recognizes their tryst as a mistake, and Neil hurries back to the hospital, only to find Margo dead. He fabricates a story to Mike when pressed, but Mike doesn’t buy it. Mike, having been the one to find Margo’s plug pulled, and was seen by it, is immediately under suspicion. But with a lack of physical evidence (Mike’s fingerprints aren’t on the plug), he isn’t charged.

Maggie pulls away from her work with Neil, initially. And Mickey and Maggie reconnect after Kate’s case ends. They share a lovely Christmas together, with Maggie gifting Mickey a vintage swiss army knife, like the one he’d seen at Chez Julie.


But when Mike has Mickey sue UH and Neil for malpractice in Margo’s death, Maggie grows nervous. Her worst fears are confirmed when she discovers she’s pregnant. Knowing the baby is Neil’s she has no choice but to confess to Mickey. After turning to Marlena for support and guidance before approaching her husband (Marlena believes Mickey is tough enough to handle the news), Maggie tells Mickey the truth: the reason Neil can’t account for his whereabouts when Margo’s plug was pulled is because he was comforting Maggie at his nearby apartment. Maggie is pregnant. Mickey takes a moment to absorb the news, but is surprisingly okay with the news. He even thanks Maggie for solving the mystery for him. They talk, and while he’s displeased by the situation, the more Maggie talks about the events leading up to her affair with Neil, the more calm and collected Mickey seems. Maggie feels an odd sense of calm and reassurance. Her marriage is saved, and Mickey is handling the news well.


In court, the fight against UH and Neil begins to much press brouhaha. Tom is called to the stand, and expresses his grief at Margo’s death, and the incredible lengths the hospital went to to accommodate, and to extend Margo’s life. But under cross-examination, Tom admits they dropped the ball on the night of her death, and admit to the hospital’s continued financial difficulties, only recently remedied by Alex Marshall’s contributions.


When Neil is called to the stand, Mickey tries in vain to break his story, that he was on site, but that he did not receive any communication via the hospital announcement system to return to Margo’s room, nor was he paged. Mickey then calls the nurse on duty to dispute Neil’s account, noting that she did indeed page Neil, and received no response from the doctor. Neil makes it clear that he was available and had simply been on break, helping to calm a co-worker in distress before immediately returning to duty after his break had ended.

Neil’s lawyer, by contrast, implies during their cross-examination of Mike, that Margo was soon to die, regardless, and that it was, in fact, her wish to end her life on her own terms. If Margo had indeed had her plug pulled, it was by a friend or loved one who Margo had specifically asked this of, insinuating Mike had done exactly this, which he denies.

It is only when Maggie is called to the stand that the truth comes out. Expecting a subdued line of questioning from her so-far-forgiving husband, Maggie is taken aback when Mickey goes on the attack once she’s on the stand, hammering away at her until she cracks, begs Mickey not to make her tell everyone, and then tearfully reveals to all her affair with Neil Curtis.

That night, Mickey and Maggie have a huge blowout fight, with Maggie ending up conceding she deserved the line of questioning she received from Mickey, and had wondered why Mickey had been so calm and collected after she shared the news of her deception with him. Mickey cools off again, and tells Maggie that, despite the animosity he presented on the stand, he was simply doing his job as an attorney, and that he regrets airing their dirty laundry the way he did. Maggie resents that he had to, but simultaneously understands why he did. But Maggie admits that it will take her time to forgive Mickey’s actions, but she intends to, and hopes Mickey would do the same, and not just pretend he has. She then storms off to bed.


Marlena is increasingly concerned by Mickey’s calm exterior, fearing his laser focus on the case is masking a deep-seated rage against Neil that could explode violently, much like his rage toward Bill and Laura did years earlier. She expresses as much to Jordan, who thinks she might be onto something, but thinks that Marlena should take a step back, as Mickey is currently not her patient to deal with. Despite this, she approaches Maggie at the courthouse to lend her support, and to share her fears. Maggie appreciates Marlena’s words, and shares similar fears, discussing their fight the previous night.


The morning of the verdict, tensions are high across Salem. Alice makes Tom a hearty breakfast, with Tom lamenting that, if Mickey has his way, it will be the last they can afford. Alice reassures him, while vocally resenting the way her son has turned on his own father. Bill emerges at this point, noting that, in all likelihood, Mickey is directing all his rage at Neil into the case, as Marlena’s previous advice to him had him direct his anger into constructive work. This may have manifested itself in a laser-focused need to win the case, and help “his son”. Alice balks at this, insisting that the Mickey she knew would at least have considered the livelihood of his father in all this, but Bill makes it clear that he isn’t sure Mickey can even see the effect it is having on Tom at this point, if he even is seeing Tom in this at all.


At the trial, Neil and UH are found not guilty of malpractice. Mickey immediately heads out of the courtroom to splash water on his face in the bathroom. But once inside, Mickey reaches into his briefcase, and finds the swiss army knife Maggie bought him for Christmas. As he contemplates it, he goes over every argument he and Maggie have had, every time Neil had denied sleeping with his wife, every lie, every cover story. Maggie’s resentment of the time Mickey had spent with Kate. The betrayal of Neil, lying to his face as he coveted his wife. Seemingly in a trance, Mickey flicks the knife open, before snapping out of his state, and closing the knife, hiding it in his suit jacket pocket. As others enter the bathroom, Mickey closes his briefcase and leaves the room.


As Mickey exits the toilets, Neil and his lawyers emerge, with a crowd of supporters, the Horton family, and the press, hot on their trail. Neil, smiling, extends a hand to Mickey, wishing him no hard feelings, and an opportunity to discuss their situation. Mickey walks over to Neil without a smile, and shakes his hand with one hand. In the other, he quickly plunges the swiss army knife into Neil’s stomach, stunning the crowd. As Neil collapses, Maggie and Liz scream in horror.


ULTIMATELY: Neil recovers, Mickey ends up back at Bayview.




Doug and Julie are tense over their different perspectives over David and Trish's divorce. Their lovemaking ceases, as they find themselves at odds, and barely speaking, hoping to avoid an argument. Doug finally becomes fed up, and demands the couple hash out their differences about the case. Julie, scared of alienating her husband further, is reluctant, but eventually gives in.

Doug understands Julie's devotion to her son, and even understands Julie's anger at Trish, but believes Trish is truly past the wanderlust that drove her to leave Salem in the first place. Julie admits her tensions have been raised, in large part, due to the animosity Jeri had raised, and that, realistically, she would rather David and Trish found a non-confrontational way to end their marriage. Julie also admits, while she likes Stephanie, that she feels like the woman is a mystery, and feels there is something about Stephanie that is at once alien, and yet incredibly familiar to Julie.


Doug and Julie continue to struggle to conceive, and once again visit Neil about their options. Neil suggests IVF as a novel path to conception. Neil has been studying it closely, and believes that Doug and Julie are prime candidates to be among the first in North America to attempt the procedure. Julie is reluctant, and Doug remains unusually blasé about it all, which again raises Julie's suspicions. Doug dismisses it all, insisting that the decision be entirely up to Julie.

Julie consults with Steve, with Amanda, and with Maggie about her struggle. Each encourage Julie to go ahead with the procedure, all saying the same thing: that Hope should have a sibling to call her own. The only person this doesn't seem to fly with is her own doctor, Neil, who deflects whenever Julie mentions that particular subject. This troubles Julie, but she doesn't think too much of it at the moment.

Ultimately, the pregnancy takes, and Doug and Julie are thrilled.



Don grows increasingly insecure about the presence of Dr. Jordan Barr in Marlena's work life. He insists Marlena find a way to spend less time around him, but Marlena refuses, and resents Don's insinuation that she can't have a friendship with a colleague, likening it to her demanding he fire Linda and hire a male secretary to assuage her insecurity. Don is displeased by the implication that his dislike of Marlena's work relationship with Jordan is based on insecurity, but Marlena stands her ground.

Don is frustrated, having many stressors in his life, feels his career is beginning to stagnate. Marlena is comforting, but Don's frustration escalates when Jordan gives her a raise and a new set of responsibilities. While it's not officially a promotion in name, it is in spirit. Don pretends to be happy for his wife, but is not-so-secretly resentful and suspicious.

Soon after, Marlena is thrilled to discover she's pregnant. Don is thrilled by the news, hoping that this is the news that will bring him and his wife together. But this happiness is short-lived, as he quickly finds himself frustrated by Marlena's continually-increasing workload. He even goes so far as to confront Jordan, demanding he go easier on Marlena, which Marlena becomes furious about once she finds out.


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I think it sounds great. I know some people don't like melodrama but I really do. 


The whole Donna having a psychotic break and kidnapping baby Scotty arc does kind of sound like something that Bill Bell would have written in the early 70s.


Glad to see Mickey and Maggie be used. Ultimately, Maggie having an affair with Neil and getting pregnant does make a lot more sense than Maggie being a surrogate mother and then just deciding to keep the baby, or something like that.

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11 hours ago, AbcNbc247 said:

I think it sounds great. I know some people don't like melodrama but I really do. 


The whole Donna having a psychotic break and kidnapping baby Scotty arc does kind of sound like something that Bill Bell would have written in the early 70s.


Glad to see Mickey and Maggie be used. Ultimately, Maggie having an affair with Neil and getting pregnant does make a lot more sense than Maggie being a surrogate mother and then just deciding to keep the baby, or something like that.

Ahh thank you for this! Of all the compliments you could give, the Bell comparison was the best one, haha!

A lot of how I wanted to go with Neil was down to knowing Maggie and Neil had chemistry, but hating how Sarah's paternity came to ultimately be. I think revisiting Mickey's mental illness and having him be the one to really give Neil the kick in the seat to change his ways, especially seeing as Mickey's recovery was so truncated on the show, would be interesting.

I know there was a lot of hope that Bill and Laura have more story, but I honestly don't know where else those two could have gone given what I had to work with. I hated Laura being crazy, and I really didn't see anywhere for Bill to go beyond being part of the spoiler to Stephanie's identity reveal (since, if you've seen the 3-19-79 episode, he definitely doubts Stephanie's account of what happened with the pan).

Either way, I'm so glad you liked what you saw. I know I'm big on melodrama, but honestly, I don't mind melodrama so long as it MATTERS in the end. I think that was my one big complaint about Ann Marcus, was that, ultimately, very little of what she wrote mattered after her story arcs ended. It was silly, and there was so much to work with, too!

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