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    Chapter 2

    Lesley busied herself in the dining room, while waiting for her guests to return. She wanted to make sure everything had been set-up perfectly. The chefs had prepared a sumptuous feast, which went without saying, because she only hired the most excellent kitchen staff. Tonight’s meal would be indescribably delicious.

    She checked the place cards of the guests’ seating arrangements, which she had so meticulously planned. Dinner partners would not be the partners the guests had boarded the Tempted Fate with, and their game partners would be unexpected, as well.

    Lesley had planned this event, taking into account every eventuality that could possibly happen and she and her staff were prepared for everything. She had learned, so long ago, from him, to plan and strategize in just this way when playing a game. And she also learned, from him, that everything in life was a game. The bastard would be proud of his tutoring, she smiled stoically to herself. The most important things she had learned in life, she had learned from him. And the lessons she had learned could either lead to ultimate survival and success, or to absolute destruction, depending on how the student used them. She had learned her lessons well, before she escaped.

    Her guests were going to be the beneficiaries of her own painful education in survival, using pride, greed, lust, the macabre, and even misguided love. If they graduated from this accelerated course, they would be invincible.

    She met Edmund and Maria Grey as they came down the staircase.

    “The accommodations are simply breathtaking,” said Maria. “How long have you been hosting these charitable functions, Lesley?”

    “Oh, for quite some time, Dr. Grey,” Lesley smiled.

    “You look very familiar,” said Edmund. “Have we met before? Maybe in Europe?”

    “I’m afraid not, Mr. Grey. We’ve never met. However, I make it a habit to learn something about all of my guests. My research on you turned up volumes,” Lesley laughed. “An award winning journalist, who always seems to be in the thick of things. I must tell you I was very impressed with your biography.”

    “You’re too kind, Ms. Devonshire,” smiled Edmund.

    “Please, call me Lesley.”

    “Only if you’ll call me Edmund.”

    “And please, please, call me Maria,” she chimed in, feeling as if she were being ignored.

    “Oh, of course, Maria,” said Lesley. “We’ll all be on a first name basis before long,” she concluded, as Adam and Brooke joined them.

    “Adam Chandler,” Adam said as he held out his hand to Lesley, “And this is …”

    “Brooke English,” Brooke finished, as she held out her hand to Lesley, as well.

    Next, Jack and Erica joined the group, with Jack admiring, “This is one beautiful Grande Dame of the rivers, isn’t she? Where was she built?”

    “Actually, Mr. Montgomery, this boat was built in the 1860’s and it has just been refurbished for use for these types of events in the 21st century.”

    “Oh my,” said Erica. “A real antique.”

    “Yes, Ms. Kane,” said Leslie. “An antique with an unusually interesting history.”

    “History? What kind of history?” asked David, walking up to the group, with Krystal on his arm.

    “Hmm, the best kind of history, of course,” smiled Lesley. “Haunted history.”

    “Haunted? You mean like ghosts and goblins?” asked Krystal. “David, you didn’t tell me this would be a haunted cruise.” David just smiled and looked to Leslie to help him out.

    “Actually, Ms. Carey, neither Dr. Hayward, nor any of the other guests, including Ms. Montgomery, knew anything of the Tempted Fate’s history. We feel it is an added attraction and helps with the mood of the festivities,” explained Leslie.

    “Hmm, nothing like a couple of ghosts to add to the atmosphere,” said Krystal sarcastically.

    “Well, maybe some of the ghosts can be of assistance in solving the mysteries of the games you’ll be playing this weekend,” suggested Lesley.

    “Well, I for one, am very interested in these games. I’ve always been good at games,” smiled Adam, taking Lesley’s hand, “And I’m very interested in hearing about your particular games, Ms. Devonshire.”

    “All in good time, Mr. Chandler, and please call me Lesley,” she smiled back. “Well, my good guests, I see that the younger guests will be joining the wiser guests shortly. Please, let’s all retire to the dining room and I’ll explain in more detail.”

    Adam held his arm out to Lesley to escort her to the dining room, smiled and said, “Well, definitely, let the games begin.”

    To be continued…

  2. Because work has gotten the better of me in the last few weeks, my episode lead time has decreased significantly. Therefore, in order to get myself caught back up to a decent backlog of episodes, the series will be pre-empted this week (5/21-5/25) at the very least. I'm hoping to get things back up to speed and back to normal by next Monday.

    In casting news, in light of Leann Hunley returning to Days, I'll be recasting Betsy Crawford Harper in the coming weeks. I have a few strong contenders for the character. Also, the 1st new "contract" character added to the cast since the series premiere should debut shortly. Leo Kent, a suave European businessman, will be represented by images of Ben Richards who formerly played Bruno Milligan on the UK sudser "Footballers Wives".

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    Ryan Chandler, Media Director for LC recently debuted the show's new opening. Head Writer/Executive Producer Jay Vanderburg is thrilled. "I am so thankful to Ryan for this. Who wants to watch a show with a boring opening? Its the first things you see" remarks Vanderburg. The new opening can be seen here.


  3. Wednesday, May 2, 2007



    - It is the evening the next day and we begin with an eager Jan on her way to the Police Station, in order to make a statement, that she has evidence in Claire's disappearance, which clearly she plans to throw them off her trail. Jan goes parading through the Salem PD and exclaims,''Oh please, I need an officer, I might have some information on where poor Claire is,'' Belle spots her from across the room and says,''the only way you would know is because you took her you bitch,'' and she starts to attack Jan. Roman comes to see this and pulls the two of them apart saying,''What the hell is this all about, settle down.'' Belle says,''She stole my child, she deserves it,'' Roman states,''Belle, there is no proof, for all I know anyone could be a suspect, even you or Shawn.'' Belle says,''Oh don't be so ridiculous, just look at the evil in her, still carrying a flame for Shawn, if that's your only motivation, you're a pathetic psycho.'' Jan says,''Oh, I'll show you psycho,'' and continues to attack Belle, in which officers have to intervene and they are both hauled off to seperate cells to cool down.

    - Across town, Stefano is listening to some great opera, when the maid interrupts and says,''Doctor Evans has arrived.'' Stefano says,''Tell her to come in,'' he preps himself making sure he looks okay for his queen of the night and she arrives in the room. Marlena says,''How nice of you to make this session look like a dinner party, you never disappoint.'' Stefano says,''Only the best for you Marlena, regardless of the ocassion, my home is your palace.'' Marlena says uncomfortably,''Thanks, now let's get started.'' ''So how are you feeling today?'' Stefano says,''I feel like a great symphony, like nothing in the world is wrong, but I am wrong, there are things troubling me.'' Marlena says,''Like such as?'' Stefano says,''My son is being accused of such heinous crimes as rape, murder, and blackmail;why can't my family get an ounce of respect in this town?'' Marlena says,''Well, you dug your own grave when you decided to make enemies in Salem, you should know that Stefano.'' Stefano says,''You're right, I guess that is why I feel horrible because I know this turmoil was started by me, not my enemies.'' ''Sometimes I feel like I don't fit in this town.'' As he moves a little closer to Marlena and we fade out to Marlena's office at the Hospital.

    - We see there is someone breaking into her office, without much difficulty, demonstrating that they know much about breaking and entering, he turns his flashlight on and we see that he is E.J. Wells. E.J. says to himself,''Now where does the good doc keep her files on her dear daughter, Samantha?'' He delves through a bunch of files and comes across some interesting people in Salem and glances through some saying to himself,''This whole town is full of as many loony people, that my family alone cannot compare.'' He finally comes to Sami's file as he lets out a sigh of accomplishment saying that finally, he could find out what Sami says during her sessions, which would further tell him how much she truly loves E.J. He cleans up and slips out as if nothing happened, into the night.

    - It is a great night, Steve and Kayla are taking advantage of the beauty and are dining out at Chez Rouge. The waiter asks if they are ready to order, and they say that they may have to think about it, come back in 5 minutes. Steve exclaims,''Sweetness, why did you take me here, to kill me with these exotic foods and endless prices,'' Kayla says,''Steve, it wouldn't hurt you if we ate with some class once in a while, so while we are still thinking, how is work?'' Steve says,''Being a PI is tough, much different from being a cop but you have the same goal of justice in the end.'' ''Don't worry I won't be getting myself killed anytime soon, I promise.'' ''So how's everything at the Hospital? Kayla says,''Oh, things are moving along quite smoothly.'' Steve thinks this is a case of Mike, the Chief of Staff, getting closer to Kayla and wisecracks,''So, your boyfriend is making the workplace more friendly.'' Kayla lightly smacks Steve saying,''You know we only have a work relationship. For all I know, girls could be hitting on you all day at your workplace.'' The waiter comes back and asks again and both are very mad in which they rudely tell him they aren't ready, which prompts Kayla to leave saying,''I'll be at home if you feel like being a nice guy.'' He looks at himself in disgust and heads for the bar.

    - At the bar, Steve runs into Jennifer as she is talking to Colin, shooting the breeze. Steve says to Jennifer,''Now you behave your self Mrs. Deveraux, Jack is away, which doesn't mean Jen should play.'' Jennifer says,''Don't worry it is a friendly exchange, no worries bro.'' Steve says,''Okay,'' and orders himself a beer to drown his sorrows of his actions tonight. Jennifer goes back to her conversation with Colin saying,''Oh, that Jack better get back, he will be gone for 4 weeks, covering a news story for the Spectator, sometimes I wonder why he likes that job, it only brings him from his family.'' Colin then adds,''He is a determined person, the one thing I liked about him, but at your expense, he should be home more often.'' ''So therefore, you'll be available for dinner on Saturday night,'' as Jennifer replies uncertainly,''Of course.'' ''Now this is a friendly dinner between good friends,'' as Colin says smugly,''Of course, of couse.'' Jen gets a call from Jack Jr.'s baby sitter and has to leave to relieve the baby sitter, they say their goodbyes and go their seperate ways.

    - We come back to Stefano and Marlena as he gets closer to her and says,''Why didn't we try harder to be together, we could have been great together,'' as Stefano pulls Marlena in for kiss, in which she says in her head,''As much as I want to resist, I'll do just this, if it means protecting my family, this is just according to plan, nothing else.'' The kissing ends and Marlena says,''This ends our session, call my office if you would like to schedule another appointment, goodbye.'' She leaves and Stefano says to himself,''Oh Marlena, you are such a tease, but one day I will have you.'' As he says that E.J. rushes in with Sami's file saying,''Father, Samantha does have feelings for me, we could be a family and raise our child together, I could see it now.'' He imagines him, Sami, and their child as a family in the future a happy one in the DiMera mansion. Stefano says worrifully,''Oh son, give it time and she will be yours forever, just like my approach to Marlena, remember it is fate that drew us to those beautiful women.'' As father and son rejoice and toast over glasses of champagne to their varying successes of that night.

    - Jan is being released from her cell, as Belle is as well and they cross paths, giving each other nasty stares, Jan gives her statement about Claire and heads on out saying to herself,''I hope Claire was alright for the couple hours I was gone.'' She gets in her car and races home, but she notices that Belle is on her tail and she tries and succeeds in losing Belle saying,''Blondie, you are no match for my impeccable driving skills.'' ''Just wait dear Claire, I am on her way home!'' She says this as a split screen of Claire and Jan shows up as the previews roll

    Previews for Thursday, May 3, 2007
    - Kristen goes in to kiss Roman, saying,''How could you confuse me with that country hick, we are so different, although looks could be deceiving.''
    - Greta says,''Is this some sick joke, there is no way I could be that man's daughter, no way.
    - Abe says to Shawn,''I'm sorry, but you are under arrest.'' As Shawn gives him a surprised look.
    - John dances with Susan saying,''Kristen, I thought you were a better dancer than this.'' As she loses her balance and falls.
    - Max rejects Abby, saying,''How many times do I have to tell you, Chelsea and I are over.''
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    I'm the little speck that flies around places of interest in Salem. I was on the wall at Sami and Lucas' when EJ bugged the apartment with video apparatus the way that Will had shown him. When he left, I just buzzed along around his head back to his apartment and hung around to see what he planned to do. Well, of course, it was apparent that he was going to hear Sami and Celeste's plot to murder him and how. He sat right there on the couch sipping his cognac, grinning that evil grin this human gets when he loves something. I know that he has a plan to thwart Sami and Celeste. Since I've lived a very long time (not an ordinary fly am I), it's almost easy to read his mind. I'd bet that he gets hold of a fire retardant reagent and the same balm that Sami will use on her lips, so that when she works her dastardly deed, he will pretend that she was successful even to setting him on fire. Now, I wager that as soon as she leaves, he will quickly douse out the fire, cleanse his mouth and laugh with glee at his joke on her, while his smiling that same grin. He will be quite pleased that she was that devious and that he was that lording it over her. Well, I'm bored so it's back to the wide open spaces to see what I can catch to spy on next.

  4. I am tying up some storylines in one episode, and doing it without dialogue. It was going to be stretched out into a week, but it's not feasable.

    ~Brook Lyn arrives and is shocked to find out that she has a half brother. Ned never tol her about James, which angers her.

    ~Dillion is offered a summer internship in New York City with NYU. He will be in the city helping to film a major motion picture. He breaks things off with Lulu, who takes it in stride.

    ~Sam makes more apperances around Port Charles, always evading detection. She breaks into the PCPD and burns the evidence against the Cassadines. She is seen entering a warehouse where she meets up with a man who gives her an assignment. The man, who is a Cassadine, instructs her to kidnap Spencer, Kristina, and Molly.

    ~Luke is angry that there is no progress being made in the hunt for Helena and Sam. He feels that Robert is spending too much time with Tracy, who are continuing with their affair. To counter this and to get Robert back on track, Luke tells Tracy about the bet. Hell hath no fury than Tracy Quartermaine scorned!

    ~Carly, completely and utterly depressed that Jax has dumped her ends up one night at Jake's. She starts playing pool and catches the eye of a man who starts harrassing her. She tries to fight him off and an attractive younger man saves her. They end up sleeping together and then she asks his name.....

    ~The custody trial of James begins. The star witness is Brook Lyn. She testifies that she hardly knows her father and he barely raised her. Ned doesn't know if he should allow Ric to attack Brenda's character. In the end, he doesn't allow it. Sonny though is fair game and it does test Sonny and Brenda relationship. The court judge comes back with a judgement and custody of James is awarded too.....

    TUNE IN AFTER THE HIATUS. We Will be back in June!

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    Coming soon to SONBC, AT END OF DAY is an original soap created by SON's Mason Wimberley. Set in the suburban town of Glenview, Illinois, the soap follows the triumphs and tragedies of four core families: the wealthy Richards', working class Thompsons, the upstanding Conrads, and the African-American Williams family. Although the cast is not yet complete, many major daytime stars have already been cast such as Eileen Davidson (ex-Ashley, Y&R/B&B; ex-Kristen/Susan/Sister Mary Moira/Thomas/Penelope, DAYS), Jack Wagner (ex-Nick, B&B; ex-Frisco, GH), Martha Byrne (ex-Lily/Rose, ATWT), and Helen Wagner (ex-Nancy, ATWT) as the show's matriarch, Caroline Richards. The sudser is expected to premiere early this summer.

  5. daysmaggienmickey.gif

    Episode 11

    A new day begins …

    - Roman walked into Hope’s hospital room. She was alone – resting. He was going to go right back out but she awoke and called his name. Roman greeted her and kissed her cheek. He asked her how she was doing. She looked very pale and drawn but she managed a small smile.

    Hope: I’m doing okay … oh hell no, I’m not.

    She broke down in tears. Roman hugged her and told her that the family was going to be there for her. He passed her a tissue.

    Hope: I have to get control of myself. I can’t let Bo see me this way. I have to be strong for him. He needs me.

    Roman: And you need him … Where is the rascal?

    Hope: He went home to check on the baby. The sitter agreed to take care of Doodlebug for awhile but Bo wants to make sure everything is okay. (Smiling a little) We finally have a name for our little girl.

    Roman: What is it?

    Hope: Ciara Brady … isn’t that beautiful?

    Roman: It’s nice, I suppose. But I was really hoping you’d call her Romanna.

    Hope: (nudging his arm) Very funny.

    Roman: (changing the subject) I called mom and pop. They are going to come over as soon as they can. I also called Frankie and told him to get his arse back to Salem.

    Hope: I’m sure they were all horrified to hear I’m on death’s door.

    Roman: They were all sad and empathetic.

    Hope: I hate the thought of leaving Ciara and Shawn motherless. But I know you will all take care of them.

    Roman: (nodding) Of course.”

    Hope: Promise me, Roman, that you will look after Bo too. He tries to be strong but I can see this ordeal has affected him a lot. He needs you more than ever.
    Roman: I know and I’ll take it as my personal responsibility to be with him every step of the way.

    Hope: Thank you so much, Roman.

    Roman: You’re welcome.

    Bo walked into the room.

    Bo: Hey, Roman. (Coming over to Hope and kissing her cheek) Hello, Fancy Face.

    Hope: Hey, Brady. How is our little girl?

    Bo: Fine. I held her for a bit and she just stared up at me with those big brown eyes of hers. She is beautiful just like her mother.

    Roman excuses himself saying that he is still trying to reach Kimberly. He had called her the night before but she hadn’t answered for whatever reason. Bo and Hope thank him and he walks out.

    Bo tells Hope that he has called Alice. Mickey and Maggie are bringing her over.

    Bo: I didn’t tell them why you’re here. I think you should be the one to tell them about your condition.

    Hope: Okay. It will be hard to tell them but I guess I don’t have any choice.


    - Josh was working at Java Café. He was making a latte when his co-worker Janet asked him how he and Abby were getting along.

    Josh: (shrugging) I think Abby is losing interest in me.

    Janet: What makes you say that?

    Josh told her that Abby seemed distant lately and that she always seemed to be thinking about Max. He told Janet about the fight that broke out at Max’s garage the night before.

    Josh: I think she may have feelings for Max. She seems awfully interested in his love life.

    Janet: Are you sure you’re reading the situation right?

    Josh: Yes, at least I think so. What more should I be doing? What do you look for in a guy?

    Janet: Hmm … I guess he needs a great car; a good job; nice clothes; and it doesn’t hurt if he’s good looking.

    Josh: Well I don’t have any of those things. I don’t have a good job or great car. I am not that good looking and my clothes are cheap.

    Janet: You dork, I was being factious … First of all, you are not bad looking. You’re actually kinda cute – don’t take that the wrong way; I do have a boyfriend. As for a good car and nice clothes, that comes when you have a good job.

    Josh: Are you suggesting that I leave this place? Wouldn’t you miss me? (Smiling)

    Janet: (smiling back) Not likely. But you don’t have to settle for working in a coffee shop. You’re a business major. You should be out there doing business-y stuff … Just find a newspaper and look in the classified ads for a new job.

    Josh: That’s a good idea. Do you mind covering for me while I go find a paper?

    Janet: I don’t mind.

    Josh: Thanks. (Takes off his apron and walks outside)


    - Shawn was holding Claire as he and Belle walked down the street. They had taken the bus and Kimberly’s house was only half a block away from where they gotten off.

    Shawn: I forgot how hot it gets in California.

    Belle: No kidding (wipes her forehead with her sweater). It’s only April and it’s stifling.

    Shawn: We’re almost there.

    They made it to Kimberly’s house. Belle commented that it was gorgeous. The ocean was visible from the deck. Belle knocked on the door. The door opened and Kimberly was sitting there in her wheelchair, smiling.

    Kimberly: Hey, there, f-folks. It looks like this Santa Ana is getting to you. Come inside.

    They both hugged her lightly. “I won’t b-break,” she said and hugged them back harder. They thanked her for letting them stay with her and she waved it off. “You’re fam-lee,” she said. Shawn complimented her saying that she looked beautiful with her newly cut hair. Belle, having the eye for fashion, added that she loved Kimberly’s yellow summer dress. They asked how Kimberly’s children were doing and she said “s-swell; they’re both away at s-school and I miss-ess them, but I’m sure they knee-ded a break from me.” Shawn said he doubted that.

    Kimberly asked if they wanted breakfast and something to drink. She said her nurse Louella cooked the meals, among her other duties. Shawn and Belle admitted that they were famished. They hadn’t eaten since early in the morning. Kimberly wheeled herself into the kitchen and they followed her. She introduced them to Louella. Louella said “hello” and told them that she had expected that Kimberly’s family were going to be hellions “but you look normal”. They all laughed. Kimberly asked Louella to make them breakfast. Belle asked for cream of wheat for Claire and Louella agreed to make some. Louella got them each a glass of orange juice.

    While Louella prepared breakfast, Kimberly showed Belle and Shawn around the house (she could maneuver around the house expertly in her wheelchair). She told them that Louella had assumed that they were married so she had only made one bed but would make up another one in the other guest room if they wanted their own space. They said that was fine and thanked her again. Kimberly then showed them “the nursery” which consisted of a crib, changing table, swing, playpen, and a basket full of toys. “I had my gardener bring out my kids things from the garage,” she said proudly. Belle started to cry with relief. Kimberly patted her on the back.

    Kimberly asked to hold Claire. Shawn handed her the toddler. Kimberly cooed at Claire and tickled her until Claire was giggling. “What an adorable baby,” she declared with a smile in her eyes. “I tink I’ll k-keep you for a lit-tel while, sweet pea.” She kissed each of Claire’s chubby cheeks.

    Louella called them to come for breakfast. They ate a good meal while Kimberly asked how they happened to be on the run. They told her that Philip had gotten custody of Claire even though he had no rights to her. They said that they believed they had done the right thing by taking their daughter back and they added that should they cause any trouble for Kimberly, she just needed to tell them and they would leave. She waved their fears away.

    After breakfast, Kimberly insisted that Shawn and Belle both take naps. “You look ex-exhausted,” she said. “Lou and I’ll w-watch out for this lit-tel one.” They didn’t need much convincing as they were both practically asleep on their feet. They went to their separate rooms and lay down.

    Kimberly played patty cake with Claire until Louella wanted her turn to hold “the little beauty”. Louella bounced Claire on her knee. The phone rang and Kimberly wheeled over to it. She answered the phone with a “hello”. It was her brother Roman. She was glad to hear from him. She told him that it had been too long since they talked. Roman said that this wasn’t a social call. “You sound serious. What’s going on?” she asked.

    - Maggie walked into Hope’s room, followed by Mickey who was holding Alice’s arm. Bo helped Mickey settle “Mrs. H” into a chair.

    Maggie: Hope, what are you doing here, sweetheart? We were worried when we found out you were in the hospital.

    Mickey: I want to know that too.

    Hope took their hands in hers and looked at Alice with obvious adoration.

    Hope: Do you all know how much I love you?

    Maggie: I think we have some idea.

    Alice: Of course we do and we feel the same way about you.

    Hope: First off, I want to say that you three have treated me so well and have loved me more than I ever thought was possible. Maggie, when I needed fashion or love advice you were always there for me. When I was ranting or raving about something, you calmed me down and helped me gain a new perspective … Mickey, I knew I could always count on you to be there for me and my – our- family. Sadly you had to help us too many times in the legal department but you were never judgmental or critical. I appreciate that so much … Gran, you have always been there for me, being my silent cheerleader, always ready with a kind word and a big plate of your famous donuts. We had the best talks and you always made me feel so special. I can never thank you enough for caring about me – all three of you have made a wonderful difference in my life.

    Maggie: That was all nice to hear but it sounded too much like a farewell speech, Hope. What’s going on?

    Hope: Well, in a way it is my farewell speech … (her voice breaks) You see, I’m dying …


    - Carrie knocked on Billie’s door. She hoped Sami and Lucas wouldn’t catch her there. Sami would likely tear out Carrie’s hair strand by strand.

    The door opened. Billie was standing there, frowning. Carrie asked if they could talk. Billie stepped back to let her inside the apartment. “So talk,” Billie said.

    Carrie started to say how sorry she was that she had disappointed Billie but she was distracted by the bathroom door opening. Lucas was suddenly standing there, naked from the waist up, only wearing a towel around his lower body. She was speechless. “So it’s not enough to ruin my wedding, Carrie; now you’re stalking me too?” Lucas demanded.


    - Josh found a newspaper and scanned the classified ads. He was sitting on a bench outside the Java Café. He saw nothing but ads for other low paying, non-prestigious jobs. “Damn,” he muttered. He was about to throw the paper away when he spotted an ad on the back page. It read: A dynamic international company seeks bright, motivated interns to join our progressive business program. High powered, fast paced environment offers excellent opportunities for advancement. Excellent pay and benefits package. Fax resume to Titan Publishing at 555-8957.

    He tore out the ad and put it in his back pocket. He went to a payphone and called Abby. She answered her cell on the second ring.

    Abby: Hello?

    Josh: Hey, Abby, it’s Josh.

    Abby: Oh, Josh, thanks for calling. I was just thinking of you.

    Josh: (smiling) You were?

    Abby: Yeah I felt so bad about what happened last night. I never act that way but Chelsea just got under my skin, I guess. I don’t want her ruining Max. He has barely recovered from the last time they broke up.

    Josh: (frowning) Oh its okay I understand. The reason I was calling was to let you know that I’m applying for a new job at a company. I won’t be in food services anymore if I get this. It is supposed to pay well so I can finally buy a car that’s not have dead and new clothes and …

    Abby: That sounds nice. I wish you luck.

    Josh: How was your test?

    Abby: Okay I guess. I think I did well.

    Josh saw Janet waving to him from inside the café.

    Josh: I’ve got to go, Abby, I’ll talk to you later.

    Abby: Yeah, okay. Bye.

    Josh: Bye.

    Josh was sure that this new job would turn everything around for him.


    - Mickey, Maggie, and Alice were shocked and horrified by Hope’s announcement.

    Mickey: I don’t understand what is happening. This is like a cruel joke.

    Hope: It’s true unfortunately.

    Maggie: Bo, why didn’t you tell us what was happening with her?

    Bo: (looking down) She asked me not to.

    Hope: I didn’t want to worry you.

    Maggie: We’re family. Of course we’re worried.

    Alice: Hope, tell us what’s wrong.

    Hope: Well about seven months ago – when I was pregnant with Ciara – I found a lump in my breast when I was doing a self-exam. I thought maybe it was just pregnancy related. But after I delivered my little doodlebug I felt it again. Then I started to feel so weak and tired all the time. I convinced myself that having a baby in the house again was wearing me out. But Bo insisted that I see a doctor. Just a short time ago, I found out that not only did I have breast cancer – but that the cancer had spread throughout my body … I could have possibly been treated sooner but I wouldn’t have anyway because it would have hurt my baby while I was pregnant. The doctors – we checked with several – said that I had three months to live but my condition is deteriorating even faster than expected.

    Maggie gasped. Alice and Mickey looked at each other helplessly.

    Maggie: Hope, are you sure that there isn’t some mistake?

    Hope: I’m sure.

    Mickey: Oh lord, please don’t let this be true.

    Hope looked at her grandmother. Alice’s head was down.

    Hope: Gran, are you okay?

    Alice: (looking at Hope with tear filled eyes) Hope, I’ll be alright but I’m having an argument with God inside my head. I keep saying: “she’s too young; she has two kids who will be motherless; she truly is a wonderful person who we all love; it’s not fair.” I still have more to say; I’m not done with him yet.

    There wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

    Alice shakily raised herself from the chair and hugged Hope as tight as she could.
    Alice: I love you, Hope. Grandmothers are supposed to die before the young ones do. It should be me, not you (she kisses Hope on the cheek).

    Maggie: (drying her eyes) Is there anything we can do?

    Hope: Just take good care of Bo and my children please.

    Maggie: Of course.

    Bo: Could you also call Jack and Jennifer for us and give them the news?

    Maggie: That’s the least I can do (she kisses Hope). Our poor girl, we love you more than words can say. With Melissa and Sarah so far away, I’ve grown to think of you as a surrogate daughter.

    Hope: And I’ve thought of you as another mother.

    Maggie, Mickey, and Alice depart, wiping away tears as they walk to the elevator. Inside the room, Bo holds Hope as she breaks down in tears.


    - Carrie: (blushing) I’m not stalking you, Lucas. I didn’t even know you were here.

    Lucas: Whatever (he walks into the bedroom and shuts the door).

    Carrie (to Billie): What is he doing here?

    Billie: He didn’t say much; just that Sami and him weren’t getting along. I wonder why (stares at Carrie pointedly).

    Carrie: (blushing again) I am so sorry about what happened. I wish I could take it all back … Billie, you were always so nice to me; I don’t want to lose your friendship because of my stupidity.

    Billie: (ignoring her plea) Where does my brother Austin fit in this merry-go-round of a love triangle?

    Carrie: Honestly, Billie, I don’t know. He’s in Paris right now and we haven’t talked in over 2 weeks. It seems to me that he wants to end our “marriage”. We just weren’t getting along?

    Billie: Your marriage is already ruined. You are still married to Lucas, remember?

    Carrie: I remember. Lucas and Sami might not be able to forgive me but what about you?

    Billie: You don’t have to apologize to me. I wasn’t fair of me to judge you. I ruined Hope and Bo’s wedding once and I had no right to throw stones at you.

    Carrie: So can we be friends again?

    Billie: (pausing and then smiling) Yes but don’t try anything like this ever again.

    Carrie: I won’t.

    They hug as Chelsea walks out of her bedroom and goes to the refrigerator.

    Chelsea: We don’t have milk. How am I supposed to eat Apple Jacks without milk? (stares accusingly at her mother)

    Billie: Come with me to the store then.

    Chelsea: Do I have to?

    Billie (picking up her purse) Yes now get moving. You can tell me where you got that black eye from on the way there.

    Carrie goes to follow them out but Lucas calls out to her from the doorway of the second bedroom. He is fully dressed now.

    Lucas: Carrie, we need to talk.

    Carrie: Okay …

    Billie gives Lucas a questioning look and then she and Chelsea leave.

    Carrie: You wanted to talk to me?

    Lucas: Yes. Close the door so Sami doesn’t see us and get the wrong idea.

    Carrie obliges by shutting the door.

    Lucas: When can we go down to city hall and get this thing taken care of?

    Carrie: Today if you want. I’m free.

    Lucas: I have an important meeting at Titan this afternoon so we’ll have to do it later. How late does it stay open?

    Carrie: Five-thirty p.m., I think.

    Lucas: Okay come to Titan at four and we’ll drive over to city hall.

    Carrie: Do you think that’s a good idea?

    Lucas: What?

    Carrie: Riding together? What if Sami finds out?

    Lucas: She won’t find out.

    Carrie: Okay … (she heads for the door)

    Lucas: Carrie, when this thing is done with I suggest you go back to Switzerland. Sami is out for blood. She tried to hurt John …

    Carrie: I know.

    Lucas: Marlena told you?

    Carrie: Yes.

    Lucas: That should be a fair enough warning that you need to go.

    Carrie: I told you yesterday – I’m not going.

    Lucas: Why? What is left for you here?

    Carrie: You …


    - Kimberly puts down the phone. She is in shock. Louella stops bouncing Claire on her knee and stares at Kimberly.

    Louella: What’s wrong? You look so pale.

    Kimberly tells Louella about her conversation with Roman.

    Louella: That is awful. Your nephew is going to be so heartbroken.

    Kimberly: I k-know. I’ll let him s-sleep for now. He is so e-exhaus-ted. When he wakes up I’ll s-sit him down and tell him the s-sad truth about his mother …

    THE END (for now)

    Coming up on “Salem Fantasies”:

    ~ Shawn is devastated to learn of Hope’s condition; he says he must see her before its too late
    ~ Carrie tries to explain why she’s staying in Salem
    ~ Abby apologizes to Max for her behavior
  6. Short installment today to make up for a long, long installment on Wednesday. The entire installment will be set around Luke and Kevin's date, so make sure to tune in!


    "Luke & Kevin" - Part 22

    Luke looked around the whole room to make sure everything was just right. It all had to be just right, and if Luke had anything to say about it, everything would be perfect. He looked at the table with food already on it, wondering again if that was a good idea. Having the little date catered seemed to be too formal to him, but Lucinda assured him that it would add a touch of class to the evening, and if anyone knew class, it was her.

    So there it was. A nice dinner on the table, some chilled soda water in a pail,, and a cheesecake in the refrigerator. There was a good movie in the VCR and all he had to do was press "play" when it was time to watch it. A Barry Manilow compilation CD played softly on the stereo.

    Luke sat down on the couch as he snook a quick peek at his watch. Kevin would be there in only about six or seven more minutes. He looked around the room again, this time, however, he was proud of what he saw. He had set it up quite nicely given that he only had one day to plan it all. The room had a nice aura and that was enough to set the mood. How could anything go wrong?

    And like some strange, twisted sign, the telephone rang. What kind of omen could that have been? For a second, Luke didn't even want to answer it. But then he thought. Kevin wouldn't know the number to the guesthouse. If he had to call Luke, he could have called him on his cell. Luke felt for his pocket, noticing that it wasn't there. Crap, he thought. He hopped up to answer the guesthouse phone.

    "Hello?" he asked.

    "Dahling," Lucinda said. "I'm calling to see if everything's a go for this evening."

    "Oh! It is, it is. I'm feeling a little nervous, though."

    "Oh, for whatever reason why? It's just a little date."

    "I know," Luke replied. "But I don't think Kevin and I have really had any alone time in a long while now, so this'll...it'll be a good night, right?"

    "Of course it will be. Just have a good time," Lucinda encouragingly. "I wanted to tell you, though, that you must have left your cell phone here in the living room earlier today."

    "Oh! That's what happened. I just noticed that it was gone."

    "Do you think you have enough time to come up here and get it?"

    "Well...I don't really need it...but you know what, I think I better run up and get it. You never know what I might need it for," Luke decided. "I'll see you in a few."


    "Looks like somebody's gonna have to go upstairs and tell Luke that dinner is ready," Lily unenthusiastically noticed. She, Holden, and the girls were sitting down to dinner when she realized the familiar sound of Luke's footsteps coming down the stairs was not there.

    Holden looked up from his plate, not knowing what to say. "I...I think he went out."

    "Went out? Are you sure? Luke knows that I like to be notified when he's not going to have dinner with us," Lily said, seemingly hurt by Luke's careless decision to ditch dinner with the family.

    Holden, not wanting to make anything look uncomfortable in front of Faith and Natalie, let out a small laugh with a smile. "Come on, he's seventeen years old. I'm sure it's more attractive to go out with friends than it is to stay in with his parents and little sisters."

    Lily's scrunched up her eyebrows. "It's not that he's out with friends, it's that he didn't call. And, you know what, since he couldn't pick up his phone to give us a call, I think I'll embarass him by giving him a call."

    She stood up. "Excuse me, girls. Enjoy your dinner." She marched out of the dining room and into the living room, where she went into her purse to retrieve her phone. She was going to do it. She was going to disregard everything her mother had just told her not too long ago and tell Luke all about what she saw at the mall. She felt that Lucinda could have been right, that she just taking something completely context, but her gut, her instincts...they told her otherwise. She had a duty to fulfill, a duty as a mother, and she knew deep down in her heart that Kevin Davis was not going to get another chance to break her son's heart.

    Holden followed her into the living room. "What are you doing?" he asked, in a tone that tried to tell her to stop.

    "I'm making sure our son isn't getting attacked by some thugs again. Or worse. Mother told me to start handling things and I am, Holden, I am. The both of you just need to trust me on this one," Lily paranoically replied, dialing in Luke's number. "The sooner this gets out, the better."

    "Wait a minute. What do you mean, the sooner 'this' gets out? What is 'this?'" Holden asked.

    Lily covered the speaker of the phone. "I saw Kevin and some little...some little thing at the mall today."

    Holden understood. "Okay...but is it bad for Kevin to have friends?"

    "Friends? No, no problem at all. If they only seemed that way. Friends do not make out in public, Holden."

    Holden's mouth dropped. He didn't know what to think.

    At Lucinda's home, the matriarch stood with Luke's cell phone in her hand, waiting for him to arrive to pick it up. She looked at the screen at saw that "Not So Lil Lily" was calling. Lucinda knew her daughter well and she knew exactly what Lily's call meant. "I knew she wouldn't keep her mouth closed for long." Lucinda answered the phone. "Dear, you can stop wasting your time."

    "Mother? Where's Luke? And why do you have his phone?" Lily asked.

    "Your son is paying me a visit, paying a visit to his grandmother. And from the sound of your voice, I can understand why he'd rather be here than there."

    Lily ignored her. "Mother, I know you told me not to tell him, but I have to. I just have to. If he doesn't find out now, he'll find out later and it's going to hurt so much more."

    "I agree," Lucinda said nicely. "I would agree whole-heartedly if there were any reason to believe that any of this is true."

    "I told you. I have a hunch."

    "You may have a hunch, but I have a living, breathing person who is telling me that he has never cheated on Luke with anyone."

    "You talked to Kevin?"

    "I did. And I am telling you, please, darling, don't make the mistake of putting a strain on Luke's relationship with you. That's what it would be, a big mistake."

    "What did Kevin say?"

    Lucinda sighed. "I called him, dear. I called him and I simply asked him if he was being unfaithful to Luke. Do you want to know what he said? He said that Luke is the one and only person in his love life."

    Lily smirked. "Of course he said that. He wouldn't admit to seeing other people, especially not to you. I thought you were smarter than that."

    Lucinda was offended. Lily did not just insult her skills. "Oh, ho ho ho! No, you don't! I have proven over the years to have a much better sense of judgement than you, my darling daughter. I can tell when a person is lying and when they are not. If Kevin Davis is cheating on my grandson, I'd know it. I'd feel it!"

    "But that's the thing, Mother! I feel it!"

    "What you feel is your dislike for a fine young man. What is your hunch grounded in? Why exactly do you feel the way you do about this whole situation?"

    Lily thought for a second. When she realized that she didn't have a true answer, she faltered. "You didn't see it! You didn't see the way they were...touching and kissing. You didn't see it, so you can't possibly understand it."

    "Okay then," Lucinda began. "Fair enough. Until you give me proof that Kevin is cheating on young Luke, I forbid you to tell Luke about what you saw."

    "Forbid?! You can't forbid me to do anything!"

    "Oh, but I can," Lucinda corrected her slyly. She loved knowing that she still had some control over Lily's actions, even though her daughter was nearly 40 years old now.

    Lily turned to look at Holden, but continued to talk to her mother. "Why do you care so much about Kevin? What do you owe him?"

    Lucinda became slightly defensive. "I don't owe him a thing. I just...well I think it is unfair for him to have to not only lose his father, but also lose probably the most important person in his life now, in such a short span of time. No one deserves that. And then, I think about Luke. How would he feel if you told him this and it all turned out to be entirely untrue?"

    "That's a risk I have to take," Lily said. "But I know what I saw, and I know what I'm doing. I'm trying my hardest to be a good mother to him and I think I'm doing a good job."

    "Fine," Lucinda said. "Fine, but please remember, I thought I was doing a mighty fine job with you, too. And we've already had this conversation, so you know what I'm going to say."

    "Yes. I do."

    There was a brief moment of silence before Lucinda remembered that Luke would be coming any second to get his phone back. "Now, you won't talk to him at all about any of this?"

    "No," Lily reluctantly agreed. "I won't. But when it all comes out, and it will, I'm going to tell him that you kept me from telling him sooner."

    "Fine, if that's the way it turns out, great. I'll speak to you tomorrow. Good night."

    Lily paused. "Goodnight. I love you."

    "I love you too."

    Lucinda turned the phone off just as Luke came into the living room. Luckily for her, he didn't see her closing the phone. "I believe this is for you," Lucinda remarked.

    "Yes, ma'am, it is," Luke replied. He took the phone from her, but noticed that her spirits were low. "What's wrong?"

    Lucinda didn't want him to ask any questions or worry, so she put on a smile and made herself lively. "Not a thing! Does something look wrong? Everything is fine."

    Luke didn't understand what was going on, but he smiled anyway. "Okay. I think I'll get back down to the guesthouse before Kevin shows up looking for me. Thanks again, Grandma, really."

    "Oh, it's nothing. Really, it's nothing."

    Luke became serious. "It's a lot. I felt so bad about our fight last night, so it's really important for Kevin and I to...you know...make up."

    "Well, I was partly the blame for the argument, so I'm evening myself out here."

    Luke hugged her. "Thanks."

    "You're welcome," Lucinda said. "Very, very welcome."


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    For those curious ... episodes will start on Monday, April 2nd!

    The first episode will be Monday, June 28th, 1999

    I'll try to do an episode daily (I write kind of far in advance when I really get going) but I can't promise it.

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    Featured in this episode are Drake Hogestyn (Tim Caldwell), Catherine Hickland (Ruby Caldwell), Justin Hartley (Kyle Caldwell), Alison Sweeney (Jessica Caldwell), Galen Gering (Roberto Rodino), Michael Graziadei (Colton Caldwell), Justin Bruening (Ian Marsh)

    Tim, Ruby, Kyle, Jessica, eating dinner

    Ruby: The amount of people at of our dinner table just keeps getting smaller and smaller, especially now that Colton has moved into the college dorms.

    Jessica: I am still sore from helping him move in, carrying that couch up seven flights of stairs because it wouldn't fit into the elevator was quite the workout.

    Tim: Yea! Nice of you to help out Kyle.

    Kyle: Uhh, I was busy.

    Ruby: What were you doing?

    Kyle: Uhhh, I don't remember.

    Jessica: yeah right, you just didn't want to help.

    Ruby: Have you gone and visited Colton yet and seen his dorm room

    Kyle: No

    Ruby: You need too.

    Kyle: Why, Colton dosn't care if I go there or not.

    Ruby: Well I am worried about him, I don't know why he would want to move in at semester. Everyone has probably made thier friends at the beginning of the year.

    Jessica: Geez Mom, he is 18 years old I'm sure he can make friends.

    Tim: He knows people from high school, he hangs out with them anyways hunny.

    Ruby: I know I know, I just wish he would have waited until Aug. to move in.

    Tim: He will be fine, don't worry about him.

    Ruby: That reminds me I finished washing some of his clothes that he hasn't taken to school yet, Kyle can you take them to his dorm room tonight.

    Kyle: Can't he just get them later

    Ruby: You need to get up there and see him.

    Kyle: I'm sure he doesn't care, why can't you or Jessica do it.

    Ruby: Your dad and I are meeting some friends for a drink.

    Jessica: I've got a hot date!

    Ruby: Your probably not doing anything anyways.

    Kyle: Fine! I will do it. I don't know why he can't just wait to get it later.

    (Ruby starts cleaning the dinner mess up)

    Tim: So Jessica, who is this "hot date" with?

    Jessica: His name is Roberto and I really like him.

    Tim: Does this Roberto character have a job?

    Jessica: Yes dad he does.

    Tim: Well I don't like it when you give your money away to these guys and then you have to come to us to pay your bills.

    Jessica: He is not like that!

    Ruby: He better not be or you will hear from us.

    Jessica: Ohh, I already know that.

    Ruby: Here are Colton's clothes Kyle, Thank you, Well we are leaving you two have a good night (looks a Jessica) and be careful.

    Tim, Ruby and Kyle leave and Roberto arrives

    Roberto: Hello Beautiful

    Jessica: Oh stop it! Your making me blush.

    Roberto: So what would you like to do this evening?

    Jessica: We can just stay here and watch a movie or something.

    Roberto: Well if you don't mind I have made plans for us, go get into your prettiest dress and then we can leave.

    (a huge smile emerges across Jessica's face and she goes and gets dressed. When she comes back she is stunning)

    Jessica: Where are we going to go?

    Roberto: It will be a surprise!

    Kyle shows up at Colton's Dorm room. Colton and Ian are playing a gaming device.

    Kyle: Here's your clothes

    Colton: I told mom I would get them this week.

    Kyle: Well she said you needed them, that's all she seems to be talking about is how you are gone now.

    Colton: She did the same thing when Dalton moved away, I was planning on living there while I was in college but she has been driving me nuts, I just had to move out.

    Kyle: She better not make me start running all these little errands now that you are gone.

    Colton: Yep, I used to have run errands for her all the time.

    Ian: Hey Kyle, you wanna go to a party with us?

    Kyle: I don't know, I would feel kind of weird since I wouldn't know anyone.

    Ian: You know us, oh come on!

    Kyle: I guess I don't have any other plans tonight.

    Ian: We invited Nathan too so 3 Caldwell brothers can all hang out together, we would only be missing Dalton

    Colton: Yeah, that's weird why don't you just go home Kyle.

    Kyle: I can go if I want.

    Ian: We are going to meet at Nathan's apartment in an hour so you can hang out here until we leave. My girlfriend Michelle is bringing a friend for Colton to meet.

    Kyle: Really! Colton have you even dated a girl before in your life?

    (Colton doesn't say anything)

    Kyle: You haven't!

    Colton: You know I was just busy with football in high school I never had time for girls.

    Kyle: Dalton was busy with football too and he was better than you, and he had time for girls.

    Ian: Colton's just shy (he says teasingly)

    Colton: Yes, we all know Dalton is a football star and his girlfriend is weird. (he says annoyed)

    Ian: Your just jealous!

    Kyle: So is there going to be lots of girls there tonight?

    Ian: Oh heck ya! There are some college hotties here.

    Kyle: Maybe I should come here more often.

    Next time on The Caldwell's

    Jessica: Oh my gosh! This is so cool.

    Ian: Colton this is Laura

    Laura: Your right Michelle he is a good looking!

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    Same day, evening

    Nick watched with amusement as Julian hurriedly threw dirty clothes into a hamper and made up his bed. “Hey Jules, it’s your sister that’s coming over, not the President. You lived with her for eight years, I’m sure she knows what a slob you are.”

    Julian looked up and glared at him. “You have some nerve to be lecturing me on cleanliness when you hardly pick up after yourself.”

    “I would, but it’s hard to vacuum over a certain redhead, if you catch my drift.” Nick winked slyly at him.

    Julian threw off his black T-shirt, chucked into the hamper, and went to the closet to get a dressier shirt. “I think you need to go into the kitchen and have another glass of wine.”

    Nick snorted. “I’ve already had four. And why are you putting on your schoolboy shirt? I thought you only wore that when you knew your dad was coming over for one of his social visits.”

    Julian just brushed past him and went out the bedroom door. “You won’t need to look sharp man---when Melanie sees me, she’ll forget all about you!” Nick called after him.

    Now in the kitchen, Julian opened up the fridge door and took out a bottle of Chardonnay. He pulled a wine glass out of the cabinet and poured the wine into it. And then he downed the drink. He was working on his third when Nick appeared.

    “You’re gonna be plastered before Melanie even gets here,” he warned.

    “At least I can hold my liquor,” Julian retorted. He finished his glass and then the doorbell rang. His blue eyes widened. “She’s here!”

    He rushed to the front door and smoothed down his shirt. He took a deep breath and opened up the door. Melanie appeared before him, a tense smile on her face. “Hi Julian,” she said softly.

    He looked at her for a moment, and then engulfed her in a big bear hug. “Hey Sis, I’m glad you’re here.”


    Meanwhile, Jeanette Wheeler was rushing to answer her door. “I’m coming!” she called out in a sing-song voice.

    She opened it slightly and saw Kyle standing there. “Kyle, what are you doing here?” she asked.

    “I need to see Lynda. It’s important,” he replied.

    Jeanette let him in. “Would you like something to drink?” She motioned to the small bar in the corner of the living room.

    Kyle shook his head. “No. This isn’t a social call. Where’s Lynda?”

    “She’s out on the deck. Is everything alright---“

    “Is she sober?” Kyle cut in.

    “Sober? What kind of question is that?” Jeanette demanded.

    Kyle struggled to stay patient. “Look Jeanette, I really need to see Lynda. It’s a family matter.” He headed towards the sliding glass doors, leaving Jeanette standing there dumbfounded.

    Kyle saw his soon-to-be-ex-wife sitting in a patio chair, staring out at the choppy waves. The moon hung low in the darkening California sky.

    He walked up behind her and gently tapped her on the shoulder. “Lynda,” he said quietly.

    She jumped slightly and turned around, frowning when she saw who it was. “Kyle, what are you doing here?” She stood up and crossed her arms defiantly.

    “Lynda, I’m not here to fight with you,” he told her. “Melanie’s back.”

    Lynda’s mouth dropped open in surprise. “What?”

    “Our daughter’s home---and you need to see her.” He gazed at her intently.

    Lynda started to shake a little. “You told her you were divorcing me, didn’t you?”

    All Kyle could do was nod. Lynda turned around to face the beach again. “That’s why she’s returned. She made good on her promise to come home if you left me. It was the only way you could get her back.” She whirled around, her pretty face filled with anger. “You bastard,” she hissed.

    Kyle ignored the insult. “I have missed out on twenty years with Melanie because of you Lynda, because of your boozing and your whoring around, and I couldn’t take it anymore. Surely you could have realized one day I would get sick of it all." His eyes bored into hers.

    Lynda became uncomfortable and turned back around. “You were always a saint Kyle.”

    Kyle sighed. “Jesus Lynda, don’t do this---“

    “No, it’s true!” She faced him once more. “You were the best husband any woman could ever have. You stood by me while I was pregnant with another man’s child. You stood by me when I slept with Sean Carlisle, when I slept with Wes and got pregnant with Shelly, and my drinking…you were there for me. And I took you for granted. I’m such a stupid fool.” She began to cry.

    Kyle resisted the urge to take her into his arms and hold her. “You had choices Lynda. You could have been a faithful wife to me, but you chose not to be. Now you’re facing the consequences of your actions.” He ran his fingers through his graying hair. “But I’m not here to scold you. Our daughter is home, and you two need to start working things out.”

    “Working things out?” Lynda stared at Kyle incredulously. “She hates me! It’ll be a cold day in hell before Melanie talks to me. Don’t kid yourself Kyle. We will never patch things up.”


    Melanie looked around Julian and Nick’s bachelor pad. “Pretty snazzy Julian. How did you manage to snag this place without working?”

    Julian turned red. Nick put an arm around him and grinned suggestively at Melanie. “It was my dad’s. He gave it to us as a gift.”

    “Very nice gift, “Melanie murmured. “Your dad must be very successful.”

    “Nick’s dad is Duncan DeLorean,” Julian piped up.

    “I’ve never heard of him,” Melanie said flatly.

    Nick gave Julian a look that said “shut up” but Julian ignored it. “He owns Tempted Video. Porno. It’s right up there with Vivid.”

    Melanie looked at Nick. “You must be very proud of your father,” she cracked dryly.

    Nick played it smooth. “It’s a legit business. Nothing to be ashamed of.” He inched closer to Melanie. “You know, you’re a lot hotter in person. Julian has showed me pictures of you, and they don’t do them justice.”

    “What a flattering thing to say,” Melanie replied, but not really flattered. She had met men like Nick right after her husband died; she was used to all the come-ons. It didn’t work with them and it wouldn’t work with this one either.

    “Well, if you’re trying to recruit for your father, forget about it,” she told him sharply.

    Nick seethed and Julian couldn’t help but smile. That will teach you to come on to my sister, he thought to himself. He put his arms around his sister’s shoulders. “How’s my niece doing? I’m looking forward to spending time with her. I can’t wait to take her to the beach.”

    “Kylie is fine. Dad’s friends Rose and Ray are looking after her right now.” She looked down at the carpet. “He went to talk to Ly---our mother.”

    “You have trouble calling her mother too, huh?” Julian commented.

    “You don’t know what she turned into after you left Julian. She became a lush. All she cared about was when and where she could get her next drink.” She fought back tears. “I don’t want you following in her footsteps.”

    “Mel, I don’t think this is the time for one of those cheesy Afterschool Special moments. This is supposed to be a happy reunion, remember?” Julian replied tersely.

    “I’m sorry. I’m just worried about you, that’s all,” Melanie almost whispered.

    “It’s okay.” Julian kissed her on the cheek. “I think we should hit the town. A lot has changed since you’ve been gone big sister.”

    Nick grabbed Melanie’s hand and leered at her. “And I’m just the guy to show you the new hotspots.”

    Melanie shook her head. “I think I should just stay in Nick. Julian and I have a lot to catch up on. There’s plenty of time for partying.”

    “Nick, why don’t you make some sodas,” Julian said in a tone that meant “get lost.”

    He took the hint. “Gotcha.” He gave Melanie another seductive look. “You’re a hard one to crack beautiful, but I’ll soften you up.” And with that, he headed for the kitchen.

    Melanie rolled her eyes. “What on earth made you pick him for a friend?”

    Julian put an arm around her and smiled. “It’s simple Sis. Dad hates him.”


    Tricia DeLorean was home, relaxing outside by her pool, sipping a mimosa when she heard the sound of high heels clicking on the pavement towards her. She knew it could only be one person.

    “Hello Cheryl. Are you looking for my husband? If so, he’s not here.” She eased herself out of her lounging chair and turned to face her.

    “No Tricia, as a matter of fact, I’m here to see you.” Cheryl Slade replied, tossing aside her red hair.

    Tricia gave her a puzzling look. “Me? Now isn’t this a surprise.”

    “Look, I’m just going to get right to the point of why I’m here,” Cheryl said firmly. She gave Tricia a stern look. “Have you ever heard of Melanie Mackenzie?”

    “Yes, she’s the daughter of that surfer---Kyle Mackenzie. What does it matter anyway? Didn’t she leave because of her mother?”

    “Yeah, but she’s back.”

    Tricia was still puzzled. “And this concerns me how?”

    “I had a nice chat with Duncan this morning at his office. He’s very interested in making Melanie his newest sex kitten,” Cheryl admitted.

    Tricia shrugged. “Are you upset because of the competition? Porno is a very cutthroat business Cheryl. I know better than anyone.”

    “You don’t have to tell me on how ruthless porno is Tricia,” Cheryl shot back. But I’m concerned Duncan is going to manipulate this girl into joining Tempted, and all for the wrong reasons.”

    “Oh!” Tricia exclaimed, coming to a realization. “I get it now! Melanie Mackenzie just so happens to be the sister of Julian Wheeler, your lover, and you’re afraid that if Melanie gets into the business, Julian will follow, and you’ll lose him. Am I right?” Tricia smiled cattily at Cheryl.

    “No Tricia, I am not afraid of losing Julian. He knows I can keep him fully satisfied.” It was Cheryl’s turn to smile cattily. “What I am afraid of is this is Duncan’s way of trying to get Julian at Tempted. He has enough problems---one major one being your slimeball of a son.”

    Tricia was furious at Cheryl’s remark. “How dare you insult Nick! May I remind you, if it wasn’t for Duncan being so generous and allowing Nick and Julian to live in his condo---rent free I might add---your boy-toy’s butt would be out on the streets.”

    Tricia put her hands on her hips. “I think it’s time you left. I need to salvage what’s left of this evening before Duncan comes home.”

    “I’m sorry I called Nick a slimeball okay? But you have to watch Duncan. If he keeps up being this manipulative, something bad will happen to him.”

    Tricia narrowed her eyes. “Is that a threat Cheryl?”

    “No Tricia. Call it a warning.” Cheryl turned on her heels and walked away, Tricia’s bravado starting to fade. She had to talk to Duncan, and before the night dissolved into morning…


    Previews for Episode 3:

    -Tricia lays into Duncan about his plot to get Julian, and now Melanie into the porno business.

    -Melanie goes job hunting, and runs into Alex.

    -Cheryl informs Julian about Duncan’s plans for Melanie.

    -Rose receives a frightening letter.

  10. NOTE: This blog takes place the first week of 2007.

    -Grace and Sam are enjoying being reunited as a family. They're planning a simple and elegant vow-renewal ceremony for close friends and families. Tensions flare between Kay and Charity as they help Grace prepare. Meanwhile, Grace's curse on her enemies begins to take effect in subtle ways.

    -Theresa and Ethan have also been reunited as a family with Little Ethan and Jane. Gwen has been exposed, and Ethan knows he's Little Ethan's father. They enjoy ice-skating, snowball fights, sledding, a sleigh ride, and other fun winter activities. Unbeknownst to them, an increasingly-psychotic Gwen is stalking them, determined to kill Theresa and Ethan and raise their kids as her own.

    -Eve is upset that her medical license has been revoked and her reputation ruined, but she is determined to redeem herself. She helps TC with his physiotherapy as he continues to recover from his stroke. Meanwhile, Julian becomes convinced that finding his child with Eve is the key to winning her back, so he hires private investigator Frank Lomax to search for him. Ivy, in the meantime, is beginning to fall in love with Julian after bonding over their heartbreaks, and becomes increasingly concerned with becoming Mrs. Julian Crane all over again.

    -Tabitha finds herself at odds with Endora, who is continuing to help Fox stay with Kay. Tabitha subtly reminds Charity of the deal she made with Death about Maria, and tries to convince her to leave town again.

    -JT has been murdered, and with Luis off the force, Paloma and Fancy are tasked to the assignment. Unfortunately, a crack in the case leads them to arrest Jessica not only for JT's murder, but for the motel murders as well.

    -Unbeknownst to her, Sheridan is being guided by a mysterious dark force of evil to keep Fancy and Luis apart. Meanwhile, Fancy's eyes become green with envy when she spots Noah and Paloma in a kiss.

    -Finally, Chad and Whitney's break-up sends her reeling into the arms of Frank Lomax. Chad and Jared are seen as pariahs after being revealed as secret lovers, but they're determined to bring peace and understanding to Harmony, along with Simone and Rae.

  11. ghbaby88
    Latest Entry

    Episode 7

    The Show opens up with the outside of a club. We can hear the bass of the music from the inside. The camera panes down from the sign of the club that says, Hypnotic, and shows the girls, Amanda, Cassie and Maddie. They are shown talking.

    Maddie: I wish this line was moving faster so we could just get in and dance and forget about the stupid men in our lives!

    Amanda: Your preaching to the choir.

    Cassie: This is ridiculous. Oh finally the line is moving.

    The girls move up and are next in line. They show the bouncer their id’s and he tells them they can get in but they can’t drink. They all say they understand and go in. They walk down the hall and come out into and open area. They see hundreds of dancing bodies everywhere. The three girls look at each other and make a vow to stay together tonight no matter what!


    The Guys, Seth, Shawn, Matt and Jason, are shown in the same club as the girls! They are by the bar area and are checking out the women.

    Matt points at one: Hey how about that one?

    Shawn: Dude she is way out of your league!

    Jason laughs: And she looks like she is 30!

    Matt: Hey the women here aren’t that hot anyway.

    Seth: I don’t care if they’re hot or not, I just want to forget about everything tonight.

    Seth turns around and asks the bar tender for a shot of vodka. He shows the bartender an id. He gets his shot and downs it. Shawn is worried about his brother.

    Shawn: Are you sure you want to do that?

    Seth: Little brother you worry to much. Jason is driving and he already told me he is more than fine with not drinking tonight. So I plan on drinking!

    Matt is still checking out the women when he stops dead in his tracks: Hey guys umm…you will never guess who is here!

    Jason looks where Matt is looking: Unbelievable!

    Seth and Shawn look up and see Amanda, Cassie and Maddie looking back at them!


    Ms. Jacobs is in her office finishing up on some paper work when there is a knock on her door. She looks up to see Brody Patrick. He walks in and closes the door.

    Ms. Jacobs: I was wondering what was taking you so long!

    Brody: I had some stuff to finish up first.

    Ms. Jacobs: Well I’ve been waiting all night!

    Brody walks over to Ms. Jacobs and starts to kiss her. They become more heated and start to make love. Brody lays her on her desk. He unbuttons her blouse and removes it leaving her only in a bra. She pulls off his uniform shirt and he is left in a beater. She grips his belt and rips that off as well they get off the desk and move to the wall. They start having hot sex against the wall!!


    Steve and Keri Michaels are shown standing outside of Club Hypnotic.

    Steve: Are you sure this is where they are going tonight?

    Keri: Yeah I heard Amanda and Cassie talking about it earlier tonight.

    Steve: How do you know the guys will be here too?

    Keri: Lets just say that I have a strong believe in fate and it bringing people together!

    Keri laughs and Steve wonders if Keri had anything to do with this. After about twenty minutes they make it to the front of the line. They get in the club and immediately begin looking for Jason. Steve spots and also sees that he and the other guys are staring at the girls. He tells Keri that this may work out better than expected!


    Jason, Matt, Shawn and Seth are staring at Amanda, Cassie and Maddie who are staring back. The bartender is calling to Seth to get his drink. Seth turns around, downs the shot and walks towards the girls.

    Seth: Um…hey what are you doing here?

    Amanda: Listen I really don’t feel like talking to you right now, so why don’t you and your little posse stay away from us and everything will be fine!

    Seth: Why do you have to be like that?

    Amanda responds in a mocking tone: I don’t know, I just don’t know what I should be like!

    With that Amanda and the girls walk away. Seth goes back to the guys.

    Shawn: What happened?

    Seth: Basically they want nothing to do with us tonight. That means we can all go and find a lady to make out with!

    With that Seth gets another shot, downs it and goes out and starts dancing with the first girl her sees!


    Ms. Jacobs and Brody are getting dressed.

    Brody: Well our little affair is benefiting me very well. Lets just say with every time it gets better!

    Ms. Jacobs: Shut up Brody! This can’t keep going on. If anyone found out, I could be out of a job!

    Brody: I promise no one will find out!

    Just then there is a knock on the door. Brody hides underneath the desk.

    Ms. Jacobs: Come in.

    Johnny Riggs walks in.

    Ms Jacobs: What can I do for you Mr. Riggs?

    Johnny: I need to punch out but I’m late so I need you to sign off…

    Johnny trails off because he sees Brody’s name tag on Ms. Jacobs’ messy desk. Ms. Jacobs picks up on it.

    Ms. Jacobs: Johnny, you need what?

    Johnny is still staring at the name tag: I need you to sign off on my late punch.

    Ms. Jacobs signs the piece of paper and Johnny gives the name tag one last look when he leaves the room. Brody comes out from under the desk.

    Brody: That was close!

    Ms. Jacobs: You idiot he saw your name tag you left on the desk!

    Brody: Don’t worry, he’s a nice kid but he’s not that bright!

    Brody grabs his stuff and leaves the office. As he walks down the stairs, Johnny is shown hiding behind a door. He just saw Brody walk out of Ms. Jacobs’ office!


    Shawn and Matt are shown standing in a group when Steve comes over and surprised them.

    Steve: Hey! What are you guys doing here?

    Shawn: Hey! Umm…we could ask you the same thing.

    Steve: Oh I’m here with some friends from school.

    Matt: Were here with some people from work.

    Steve: Yeah I saw the girls before. You haven’t seen Jason around have you?

    Shawn: No why?

    Steve: I just wanted to apologize to him for my sister.

    Matt: If we see him we will let him know.

    Steve: Thanks guys!

    Steve walks away and says to himself: Oh believe me Jason will know soon enough and he will wish he didn’t!


    Seth is shown dancing on the dance floor with a group of girls. They are all rubbing up against his crotch and doing other raunchy actions. Amanda, Cassie and Maddie are shown watching.

    Cassie: That is just nasty. As a woman I find what they are doing totally wrong.

    Amanda: Yeah tell me about it. All they are doing is making themselves look like sluts!

    Maddie: I can honestly tell you I would never dance like that!

    Seth and one girl are now dancing really raunchy together. She grabs his face and starts kissing him! He is totally into it.

    Cassie: Oh Amanda, don’t watch that!

    Amanda: Wow I didn’t realize he wanted to hurt me that much!

    Amanda runs away from them. She runs right into Jason.

    Jason: Are you alright?

    Amanda: No I just want to get out of here!

    Jason: Well you shouldn’t be anywhere alone around here. Let me go outside with you?

    Amanda: Whatever, just don’t mention that sick bastard on the floor making out with the whore!

    Jason: Fine.


    Jenny Anderson is sitting at home, looking over some papers from work. There is a knock on her door. She goes over to answer it and sees that no one is there. She looks down and sees that there is a note there. She picks it up and starts to read it.

    Note: “I hope you are happy for now, because that happiness won’t last!”

    Jenny looks around to see if anyone is out there. She is a little freaked out now, so she goes inside and locks the door. She sits back down and tries to continue working. The camera flashes to a different perspective. We still see Jenny, but we are seeing in her through the window and the blinds, in the eyes of the person that just left the note!


    Jason and Amanda are now outside.

    Jason: I know you asked me not to talk about Seth, but what’s going on?

    Amanda: Like you can’t figure it out. He just broke up with me, less than a week ago and now he is out there making out with some whore he barely knows!

    Jason: It looks really bad, but he is hurt by all of this just as much as you are!

    Amanda: Yeah well he has a funny way of showing it.

    Jason grabs her face: Listen to me! You both are in pain right now and aren’t sure about what you want. You both love each other, but at the same time you need to be apart. I think that eventually you will find your way back to each other but until then, you have to go out and experience other people.

    Amanda is staring at Jason who has her face in his hands. Without even thinking she leans in and kisses him! We now see that Keri is watching this.

    Keri: Well, well, well, It seems like I didn’t have to do anything! Jason will pay for that and I will make sure of it!

    On the Next Episode…

    Amanda and Jason fight about their kiss!

    Jenny is still unsettled by the note!

    Johnny confronts Brody about what he saw!

    Seth nurses a hang over and deals with the wrath of the girls!

    Maddie and Matt are their for each other when Cassie and Shawn go out on their date!

  12. Jack: I don't know what Will was thinking going after Marcelleus and Amy. They aren't a threat, although they are a two person alliance. I would have thought that he would have nominated Nakomis at the very least. She is very strong. She can win competitions. I completely trust her as she has given me her word. Will, Janelle and James have to be stopped.

    Danielle: I am just glad that I am off the radar for now. I don't care who goes home as long as it ain't me. Who would I keep? We all know that Marci won't use the Veto so if he wins he will probably be going home. I am trying to get in good with Janelle because I think she would go til the end. She doesn't have any girlfriends here so I am trying to get in good.

    Chiara: God this place is driving me insane! Hardy finally realized that he is the 4th of that group and has approached me about potentially taking one of them out. I think we can do it if he wins HOH next week. He wants to get Danielle, Jack and Nakomis together and take them out. I will definetly consider it.

    Will: I am the chessmaster!!!! I got to be HOH and didn't even try. I thought about putting up Nakomis and Jack but I went to them and they told me I was safe from them for next week. I also can't vote for one of them if one of them goes up. Did you not watch the first time I played? I lied. Simple as that. I just want to show everyone how to play this game. Only the strong survive! Chilltown!

    Hardy: I am not liking how this is turning out. I need to be HOH next week. Will is going to eventually go after me and I have to go after him before that happens. Danielle will be a good person to allign with as well as Chiara. Chiara is just someone that I can lead around by her nose.

    Amy: WHY ME? What did Ah do to WIll to get nominated? A strategic move? Ah don't think so you Dr Evil Will. Ah will cast an evil spell on you so we can call you Evil Will. I hope you burn in Hell for nominating me against my good friend Marcelleus. He's been moody and in tears and is just no fun to be around anymore.

    James: Oh my God Marcelleus just shut the hell up. You knew eventually that you would get nominated so quit your bitching. This is Marcelleus and Amy. Marcelleus is the wine. Amy is the cheese. Go home both of you.

    Nakomis: I am very surprised that I am not on the block, that Will actually kept up his part of the bargain. He must want something more from it. I just can't figure it out. Veto will be interesting. Right now I think James is throwing competitions as he hasn't won to many. Hardy too. I would not be surprised if they won next time and I was nominated. Janelle well, I can't seem to find any common ground with her so I stopped trying to talk to her. We both smoke so thats about it. That's the only time I see her.

    Marcelleus: I hate that Evil, dirty, botox filled, black short wearing, comb your hair doctor than anyone in this lifetime. I can't believe that I am once again nominated against Amy. I want to stay yet I don't want to campaign against her. If it's the last thing I do, I will blow this house out of the water....

    Janelle: Well, I think things are going really well. I dodged a bullet last week. I know I shouldn't trust Will, but I trust him more than James because of all the stuff from last year. I am not sure who should go, but I have tried to talk to Amy this week to see what she knows. Marcelleus just doens't want to talk to me. Oh well.

    WHo will win the Veto and will they use it? Tune in and find out...

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    What im going to do is carry on from where EastEnders is actually at, but now change whats due to happen, stotylines etc, hope you all like...

    Thursday 13th July 2006

    Recap : Tanya invites Bradley round for a meal, Sonia storms into the Fowlers ranting and raving demanding to see her daughter, to tell her that she is her mother. Pauline and Sonia start arguing and Rebecca hears everything.


    Bradley is nervous about going round to Max and Tanya's for dinner. He feels bad now for saying yes to Tanya but deep down he knows he should start afresh with his dad, and this is the perfect opertunity to do so.

    Jim comes into the kitchen and makes his feelings clear that hes not happy about it, but the final decision lies with Bradley if he wants to socialise with his dad.

    Queen Vic

    The doors are just opening at the Vic, Peggy says that they need to advertise for a new cleaner - now that Rosie has left. Dawn asks if Peggy if Keith can get the offer first, considering whats happened. Peggy says yes, but she doesnt look opitmistic given Keiths lack of desire to work.


    Abi and Lauren are playing the in front room, Tanya tells them to keep the noise down. In the kitchen Max is just about to set of for work. He is looking foward to tonight and once again thanks Tanya for organising the get together. Max says bye to Abi and Lauren and heads of for work. He has forgotten his mobile phone, Tanya tries to call him back, but its too late.

    Veg Stall

    Martin is with a costumer when Sonia approaches. She wants to talk about what happened the other day, he tells her to get lost and that she has ruined her chances of ever seeing Rebecca again. She walks off into the Minute Mart, she picks up a bottle of vodka.


    Dawn is trying to persuade Keith to take the cleaning job at the Vic. She tries to show him the benefits of working, especially at the Vic. He insists that hes happy with his life the way it is. Dawn insists that he needs to take this job, in order to provide for Darren. Kieith reluctanly says yes, through gritted teeth.


    Tanya is in the bath, Max's phone rings downstairs. She shouts down for one of the girls to bring her the phone. By the time they bring her the phone its stopped calling, but the person has left a voicemail. She listens to the voice message.."Hello sexy, just wondered if you had booked the hotel room for next week, and i got your present, boy oh boy do i look sexy in these." Tanya's face drops with a look of shock.

    Queen Vic

    Keith and Dawn arrive back at the Vic, Peggy is pleased that Keith is making an effort and she shows him what the job entails. He doesnt seem that interested, so she offers him a bonus - if he turns up to work everyday, he will get a free pint in the evening, he quickly looks interested. Dawn smiles and is pleased for him.


    Bradley comes home from work. Jim is out, and Sonia is slumped at the kitchen table. He checks to see if she is ok but she is lying there unconcious, he notices the vodka bottle empty on the floor. He begins to panic and calls 999

    Veg Stall

    Pauline comes over to see Martin. He asks were Rebecca is, she is at the Play Centre. Pauline is still furious with Sonia and insists that Martin cuts her out of his life for good. Martin tells her that she has spoken to him this morning. Pauline says that she will never stay away, so she marches across to No.25 to tell her straight.


    Pauline walks over, and bangs at the door, Bradley answers he asks her to help. Pauline is confused but comes in anyway. When she sees Sonia lying there unconsious she doesnt know what to say or do, Bradley tells her to help, she puts Sonia on the floor trying to wake her. The ambulance arrive, they put Sonia on a stretcher, it seems to be alcohol poisioning. Martin runs over, Pauline explains whats happend. Will this be the incident which will make all three of them work things out with Rebecca?


    As Max comes in from work, Tanya tells Lauran and Abi to head to the Minute Mart to get some sweets. In the living room, Max talks about what a hard day its been, Tanya is just staring at him. "You left your phone here" she says in a angry voice. She says that someone left a voicemail, and then hands him the phone. She tells him to listen to it, he says he will do it later. She demands he listens to it now. She says that she has allready listened to it, now its your turn. As he listens to it, his face begins to drop.


    Next time on EastEnders

    V/O - Max has a secret woman, but not anymore

    Tanya - We came here for a fresh start, all that bull you gave me, and i belevied it

    Max - Come on love, at least let me at explain

    Tanya - Stay away from me!

    V/O - And Sonia has an unlikley visitor

    Pauline - I've not come here to argue, but i think we need to talk

    V/O - EastEnders, 8.00pm Tomorrow

    Spoilers for EastEnders Fan Fic over the next couple of weeks...

    - Sean Slater arrives

    - Bradley finds it hard not to judge Max on his recent affair

    - Kevin and Denise become a proper couple

    - Keith injures himself at work

    - Yolande begins decorating the B'n'B

    One to read/watch

    Fri 28th July - An explosion rocks the B'n'B after someone deliberatly cuts the gas pipes

    All comments and critisms are welcome

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    “Coming!” Paloma yelled out as she sprinted to the door. Once she opened it, a look of shock instantly replaced the smile she had on her face. “Ethan. What are you doing here?”

    “I’m here to see Theresa and Jane.”

    “Theresa and Jane? They’re not here. She left town this morning.” Paloma fumbled as she tried to make sure that he didn’t try to take her daughter away from her again.

    “Paloma, nice try, but I know she’s here. The car’s still parked in front of the house. Don’t worry. I don’t have the cops around here or anything. I would just like to see my daughter.” Ethan smirked before making his way into the house despite Paloma’s objection.

    “I don’t know if Theresa or Luis would want you here. After all, you and Gwen are the reason why she’s in hiding with her children.” Paloma replied as she closed the door.

    “I understand that, Paloma, but I’m not going to hurt her or her children. Gwen doesn’t know that I’m here.” Ethan retorted as he made himself comfortable on their couch.


    “Paloma, it’s okay.” Theresa said as she stepped into the living room. She still maintained that look of caution as she watched him Ethan stand up from the couch to face her. “Jane’s in the kitchen probably filling herself with cookies. EJ is spending the day with Miguel.”

    “Ahhh. I see. I can understand Paloma being protective of you, but I guarantee I won’t do anything to hurt you, Jane, or EJ.” Ethan smiled as he slowly walked over to her. He wished he could take away that hurt in her eyes, but he knew that he was responsible for putting it there. “Does Jane know?”

    “No. She asked me this morning, but I couldn’t tell her. She’s young, so she wouldn’t understand. I just told her that you were an old friend of mine.” Theresa shrugged before looking over at a picture of her with Jane and EJ that they took before they fled Harmony.

    Before Ethan could open his mouth to berate Theresa, Jane stepped into the living room her eyes suddenly going wide at the man that she saw at the church. She instinctively walked over to her mother and hid behind her while those big blue eyes stared at him.

    “Mommy, that’s the man at the church yesterday.”

    “Yes, he is sweetheart. Don’t worry, honey. He wants to say hi, so don’t be shy.” She replied as she bent down to wipe some chocolate from her daughter’s chin.

    Despite looking exactly like her mother, she had his blue eyes. That was his beautiful little girl standing there, and she didn’t know who he was. When she was a baby, he thought about her first walk, her first talk, watching her dance like a little princess in the ballet. He didn’t have those opportunities like he should have. He lost those moments he wanted to experience with Jane and… “Hi, Jane. My name is Ethan. You’re very pretty. You’re pretty like your mommy.”

    Almost instantly Jane warmed up to him, completely forgetting the fact that he was the man who did hurt her mother. Theresa smiled at both of them as they bonded and thought about what could’ve been and how as much as she tried to picture the fantasy the reality will always smack her in the face and she had to live with that for the rest of her life.


    Gwen paced frantically around her bedroom wondering where Ethan could’ve gone. It was so late, and still he wasn’t home. Where is he, Gwen thought to herself as she looked out of the window.

    Rebecca soon entered her room and made herself comfortable on the bed. “Gwen, honey, relax. All of this frowning about will give you premature wrinkles and I don’t think the salon can squeeze you in for botox.”

    “Mother, this is no time for games. He said that he was going to be gone for a couple of hours but he’s been gone all day and for most of the night. I’ve been trying to call his cell phone I hope he’s alright.” Gwen anxiously ran her hand through her hair as she continued pacing around the room.

    “Gwennie, don’t worry. It’s not as if Theresa was back in town and she sunk her little claws in him again. Besides, he knows who he has in his heart and his loins. You. Theresa wouldn’t dare set foot in this town because if she does, we would make sure that she was arrested for kidnapping your daughter.” Rebecca replied as she patted her daughter’s hand. “If she set foot here again, we will make her wish that she had never been born, but don’t you worry about Theresa because she is not here.”

    “I know, Mother. Sometimes I worry that Ethan may still have feelings for her even when we know that she’s not here. He would sit in Jane’s room in the dark and say nothing. Don’t you think that’s a little strange?”

    “Well, yes, but that’s because that little tramp kidnapped your daughter and fled the country with her. Honey, don’t worry so much. He loves you, and he always will.”

    “I hope so, Mother. I really hope so.”

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    I'm not writing in here anymore. If you want to read anything, read my LJ


    It's mostly Friends Only, so you'll need to have an LJ account and friend me. Some (mostly the boring stuff) is public, so you can read that I guess.



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    This is my first blog post. :blush: Its a Saturday afternoon. Since we just met..I will just shortly talk about me and my SOAP knowings.. I am young, but i grew up w/ALL my Children. I grew up in the time when Tad and Dixie & i fell in love w/them. Of course like great loves I fell in and out of love but i always knew where my heart was on this soap. It belonged to them. Romantically for a while to Tad :D. and everything that Dixie has been through, she's my ALL TIME fave soap character!!! My heart broke for her evryday i saw the pain in her eyes.... Which in conclusion explains my USERNAME.. i believe Michael E. Knight and Cady McClain have the best chemistry i have ever seen. They are just amazing off the charts and crazy beautiful when they have scenes together. They could read the phonebook and i'd be moved HAHA [prolly]. UGH i just ADORE THEM TOGETHER!!! Tad and Dixie are the BEST SUPERCOUPLE on AMC!! jmho :D

  15. CSW
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    It has been a long time since I update this. I can see I started a trend with blog fanfics.

    I'm not sure I'm going to have the time now that I'm back at school to continue this but I will start to conclude in a less-indepth way how I planned my stories to unfold.

    So here is a brief breakdown of what was to happen next:

    -Jack is alive but only he thinks his name is Frank. He's hanging out on a beach in the St. Lucia with no memory of who he is. He's been seeing a new woman, Claudia (ideally played by Ion Overman, Gabriella Port Charles), and doesn't seem to be too concerned about his missing memory. He quickly befriends another lost soul who has been a resident of these parts for years - his name is Owen. Owen is really Steve "Patch" Johnson, Jack's brother only they don't know it. THey live the island lifestyle until someone who is vacationing there stumbles upon them who recognizes Jack: Greta Von Umberg (see below).

    -Who shot Phillip? Would you be shocked to learn it wasn't Sami or Belle or anyone with motive to kill the Kiriakis heir? It was Abbey. She slowly starts to remember spinning into a mental fit and stabbing him that night before she was recommitted. But before this is revealed, Victor and John wage war on each other and Marlena is caught in the crossfire. As Marlena tries to peice together the events of her missing week in December, she starts to have more memories of her time in Mexico when she was impregnated with Rex and Cassie's embros. She is shocked to remember Alex was there too. What does this all mean?

    -Carrie's independence. Carrie and Frankie do not start a romantic relationship but Carrie does get involved with tentatively with Patrick. That doesn't last long and Patrick goes back to Billie. Billie and Nicole's revialry gears up as Max leaves Chelsea to be with Nicole full time. Drama ensues.

    -Lawrence's return sends shockwaves down everyone's spines. It is revealed that Lawrence is Greta's dad. Greta later leaves but pops up again weeks later on St. Lucia. As the plot unfolds, we learn why he kidnapped Marlena and Lexie, that he was invovled with Jack's coffin switch and most importantly, that he's out for revenge on Bo, Jennifer, Victor and John.

    -Lawrence's return also leads to questions about John's paternity - is he an Alimain? Dimera? Brady?

    All of this leads to the truth about the real roman, as Alex, JOhn and Roman all learn in individual storylines that they were all pawns, along with Steve. So will the real Roman Brady please stand up?... stay tuned.

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    Well, there was a massive ice storm Thursday and Friday. There were only 250 at the viewing and a mere 650 at the funeral. Honestly, I was relieved. If as many people came as we expected... well, I'm just glad they didn't.

    And now it's Christmas. I don't even want to think about it. If I didn't have a son that was requesting a remote controle pickup truck, I would totally skip it. Just another day. Better yet, a day that we celebrated by sleeping all day. No meal. No family gathering. No stupid carols, flowers or screaming kids. But we can have alcohol. Lots and lots of alcohol.

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    Today, I had no work but was left babysitting my younger brothers. Glad I don't work since it's cold and snowing. I hate snow with a passion.

    Got to watch my soaps. I'm surprised my 2 yr old brother agreed. Although, he did try and change the channel during Guiding Light.

    Loved Days today. Although, I hate that Jack & Jennifer are getting torn apart it's some great acting by Missy Reeves. I loved the Belle/Marlena scenes. They make such a great mom/daughter duo. And of course being a big Shimi fan, I loved there scenes together.

    OLTL is my favorite soap right now. Loving Tess/Nash. They're HOT! Also, love Niki Smith. I just can't find anything I don't like about this show right now. I felt bad for poor Matthew who's mother is in a coma and father was just shot.

    I missed B&B. I'm getting very bored with it. I love Stephanie but the rest just puts me to sleep. Instead, I watched Guiding Light. I hate the new actress playing Cassie <_< And I love Tammy & Jonathan. They're hot.

    I think I'll go to bed early tonight and just chat on AIM. Might watch the finale of Amazing Race. I haven't watched a full episode this week.

    I don't work tomorrow until 3:30 pm. 6 Hours :( I'll have to remember and tape America's Next Top Model, The Apprentice: Martha Stewart and the best show on tv LOST.



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    Test is a test.