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Character Spotlight: Elliot Mitchell

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Michele Soap Writer


Character Spotlight: Elliot Mitchell

Elliot doesn't have much going for him at the start of Volume 1. A loner without any friends or anyone in his his life besides his daughter Lori and his granddaughter Isabel, he is mostly responsible for his current bad state of affairs. He stole money from the Emersons while he was VP of their company, he kept Lori in the dark her entire life about her identical twin sister Amber. He also tried to first have his son in law Chris deported and then tried to kill him which led to Elliot himself being in a wheelchair. His girlfriend Amanda and his long lost daughter Amber stole most of his money then skipped town, leaving Elliot penniless, unemployed, disabled and with no one in his life to love and care about him other than his daughter who still loves him and looks out for him despite the fact that he tried to kill her husband. Will Elliot ever become gainfully employed, independent, get out of his apartment, and possibly even find love again and actually become nice? Find out in Cape Heights Volume 1 and 2!

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