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Introducing Cape Heights

Michele Soap Writer


Hi Everyone! My name is Michele and I am the writer of an original daytime styled soap opera, Cape Heights!!!


Cape Heights was originally an online message board soap opera created by myself and a few other fellow writers back in 2003. We wrote the soap for about 2 1/2-3 years before it faded out. We had created over 40 characters and were in the middle of a bunch of great stories but we got too busy and didn't have time for it anymore. Late 2018 I started thinking about Cape Heights a lot and I started thinking about a bunch of new stories for the characters if some time had passed from where we left off. I got the urge to write it again, so I started writing and eventually I decided to publish it in a book series.


Cape Heights is the name of the town which is a fictional town on the coast of Oregon. It is a racially diverse cast of characters with over 50 characters. I brought back almost all of the old characters plus created some new ones. The three big families are the Emerson Family, The Chow Family, and the Rutledge Family with many other smaller families such as the Alvarez's, The Wesley's, and the Davis's.


The main locations of the town is the university, Coastal Cliffs University as well as two competing hotel/casinos La Mirage and The Bedrock Hotel.


In my book I do not shy away from any kind of relationship nor storyline. I have almost every conceivable sexual/romantic type of relationship you can think of including a polyamorous relationship. There will also sometimes be storylines dealing with controversial topics such as abortion. There is also casual drug use as well as colorful language sometimes used by my characters which include cursing and sometimes lewd comments or jokes. I try to make my soap as realistic as possible while still be captivating and interesting so I make the dialogue and stories as real as possible. So if you are a PC person or someone who is easily offended, my soap may not be for you.


Volume 1 was published in April and it contains episodes 1-22


Volume 2 was published in June and contains episodes 23-39


I am currently working on Volume 3 which should be published in late August or early September.


Each volume will most likely contain 1 major get together or event that will involve 15 or more characters, sometimes the entire town.


My books are available in paperback, kindle and kindle unlimited.


Check out my facebook page for photos of the characters, sneak peeks of scenes, and character spotlights!








Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and for checking out my soap opera! I hope you enjoy it! Here is a sneak peek at a scene from Volume 1:


Scene 4: Oregon State Minimum Security Prison



Eddie got a phone call from the prison. Jeffery had requested that Eddie come see him. Eddie has no idea what Jeffery wants to see him for, but he feels nervous to find out. He really doesn’t want to see his older brother, but Jeffery has got him curious, for sure.

He checks in and goes through all the security clearances. A corrections officer takes him to a small room with a table and two chairs. Eddie sits and waits for Jeffery to appear. He has his hands interlaced together and he is looking down at his hands, trying to remember that no matter what; keep his cool, keep a poker face. The door opens and Jeffery enters in hand cuffs; that was Eddie’s request that he be handcuffed due to Jeffery’s previous attempts on Eddie’s life.



Entering the visitor’s room with an amused grin on his face, he sits down across from Eddie.

“Hello, little brother, how are you today? It is good to see you.”



Sucking his teeth and shaking his head a little, he gives a stone cold look to Jeffery. “Please, enough with your BS, Jeffery. What do you want? Why am I here?”



“What’s the matter, little brother? You don’t want to know how I am doing? I am doing great, fantastic. Thanks for asking!” He says with a chuckle. “Why are you here? You are here because I wanted you to be the first to know my great news. I am coming up for a parole hearing in 6 weeks.”



Stunned, a look of shock and horror came over his face. “What? No that is not possible! You have only served 2 and a half years of your 12 year sentence! You are not supposed to be considered for parole for at least 6 more years!”



With a continuous smirk on his face, he smugly relaxes back into his chair. He loves watching Eddie get all fired up. “What can I say? Overcrowding problem and I have been on my BEST behavior, so my parole hearing has been pushed up about 5 years. What luck, eh?!”



“No way! That is not possible, I don’t believe you!”




Chuckling from his amusement over Eddie’s reaction “Don’t believe me? Go check it out yourself. Speak to administration, they will confirm it.”



He stands up and leans over the table, yelling in Jeffery’s face. “This is BULLSHIT! I am going to speak with the parole board directly! You cannot be released, you are a danger to society! I will do whatever I have to in order to keep this from happening, I can promise you that!”



“Tsk, tsk, baby brother. Why are you so hostile? Mother did not raise you to be like that! We are family! Family is the MOST important thing in this world, isn’t it, Eddie?”



“You are not my family! We may share DNA, but nothing else!” He starts to walk over to the door to leave.



“Oh I think we share WAY more than DNA, little brother!” He says with a laugh. “It seems we also share my wife, as well.” Eddie’s back is turned to Jeffery with his hand on the door knob, about to leave. Jeffery has a mischievous grin on his face, waiting to see Eddie’s reaction to what he just said.



He was about to open the door when he was stopped dead in his tracks by what Jeffery said. He slowly turns around. “What did you say?”



“Oh I think you heard me the first time, brother. Are you [!@#$%^&*] my wife, Eddie?”



He walks back over to the table, putting both hands down on the table, hunching over with his head in Jeffery’s face. “You don’t have a wife, BROTHER.”


“Ooohhhh but I do. See in the eyes of the law, we may not be married anymore. But in MY eyes, once a wife, always a wife. Did you really think I was not going to keep tabs on my wife while I am in here? Keep track of where she is going, what she is doing, WHO…. she is doing?” He says with an air of arrogance.



In his mind, all he is thinking about is taking his hands and wrapping them around Jeffery’s neck until his eyes pop out of his sockets. But on the outside, he is trying to stay cool and keep a poker face. He regularly checks for bugs, video cameras or people surveilling around Marissa’s apartment, the club, and anywhere else he can think of and he has NEVER found anything. How does his brother know this? “I am not [!@#$%^&*] your EX wife, Jeffery. Do you think I would sleep with anyone who has been with you first? Hell no.”



Jeffery goes into a laughing fit. “I must admit, you do have a pretty good poker face. If I hadn’t seen the proof with my own eyes, I might actually believe you.” He laughs even harder.



“You are NOT getting out of here anytime soon. I will make it my life’s mission to make sure you stay in here for your entire sentence, if not more.” He slams his fist down on the table, turns around and exits the room. Jeffery continues to laugh uncontrollably after Eddie is gone.


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