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DAYS #174: "Crystal" moves into Theresa's apartment, Kim has a surprise visitor





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco



d95ur8g.png 7mpLHru.png
Jenn and Abby stand outside the Brady Pub, after having seen JJ drive off to college. Abby stands opposite Jennifer, arms folded, looking defensively at her mother.


ABBY: Mom, I'm not trying to push Jerome away. I don't know why you'd even think that.
JENN: Janie Miller.


Abby turns to face her mother. She narrows her eyes at Jenn, thoroughly confused as to why she brought up that name.


ABBY: I haven't thought about Janie Miller since fourth grade. What are you talking about?
JENN: She used to always ask you to visit her at her grandmother's house, but you said her grandmother's house smelled like mothballs, and you always made up an excuse. And you used that exact same tone with Jerome just now.


Abby seems unconvinced. Jenn responds, unfazed.


JENN: A mother knows.


Abby, fed up, throws up her arms, as she turns away from Jennifer.


ABBY: Whatever, Mom. 
JENN: No, not whatever, Abigail. You obviously care about this man.
ABBY: I do.
JENN: So why are you pushing him away?


Abby raises her voice at her mother in frustration.


ABBY: What makes you think I'm pushing him away.
JENN: Because if you really wanted him to be there, you'dve asked me whether or not visitors could be on set with a production like this.


Abby's hostility flushes from her face, realizing her mother's got her number.


JENN: Remember? I used to host a talk show when you were a baby. I know how these things work, Abigail.


Jenn steps in closer to her daughter, as Abby looks down, sheepishly.


JENN: So I want you to be honest with yourself, Abigail. And with me. You're putting up a wall between yourself and Jerome. You need to ask yourself why.


Abby shrugs, trying to pass it off.


ABBY: I dunno, I didn't think I was.


Jenn takes Abby's hands in hers, and guides Abby's eyes to look into her own.


JENN: It's Chad isn't it? You're still thinking about him. Aren't you?


Abby looks surprised by her mother's question, hesitating to respond to it.




Inside the Brady Pub, Jerome is on the phone, calling Sheryl. The phone rings and rings, but there's no answer, and finally it goes to her voice mail.


SHERYL: (via phone message) Hey, it's Sheryl. Leave a message after the beep.


After the beep, Jerome, visibly frustrated by Sheryl's sudden silence, leaves an urgent sounding message, as he looks around to make sure no one's listening in.


JEROME: (into phone) It's me. You gone tell me what happened at the hospital or not? Call me the second you get this.


Jerome hangs up, hearing the front door close. His attention is immediately drawn to the person who's just walked in.


It's Jordan. She spots Jerome and freezes in her tracks. Both Jerome and Jordan stare at each other from across the room. Jerome with surprise, Jordan with disdain and a touch of fear.




8JqCj1T.png CrNEeHU.png 7SkLS1q.png fHMJcKv.png
At the Penthouse Grille, Alex, Will, and Julie are making a toast to the upcoming grand re-opening of the restaurant. Maggie steps into the room, and Will spots her, smiling broadly.


WILL: Aunt Maggie! Hey!


Maggie's expression is half-hearted, and Will spots it immediately.


MAGGIE: Hi everyone.
WILL: You...you okay?


Maggie sighs, frustrated.


MAGGIE: I don't know, honestly.
JULIE: Well, it's nothing wrong with the restaurant, I hope! The grand opening's this week!


Maggie shrugs her shoulders as she responds to Julie's concern.


MAGGIE: Let's hope it is. I haven't spoken to Nick, but considering he now owns the Penthouse Grille along with the rest of Titan....I don't know if there'll even be a grand opening.


Julie, Alex, and Will all look back at Maggie with surprise and disappointment.







tLs5Hlt.png 19kvVLL.png
Kim opens the door to Theresa's apartment, showing "Crystal" inside. "Crystal" is really Sheryl in disguise, sporting the same long red hair that Crystal did before Sheryl did her in. 


KIM: Alright, here it is.


Sheryl walks through the doorway, pleased with what she sees. She looks around the room, curious about the space.


SHERYL: It's great! I'm so excited to move in!


Kim turns around, smiling half-heartedly.


KIM: I'm glad you don't mind that it's furnished already. It's still, technically, a short-term rental, but I had to do something to help cover Theresa's rent while she's in the hospital.


Sheryl smiles, nodding at Kim.


SHERYL: I understand. And don't worry, this is just a springboard for me. I wanna get myself settled and into my job before I make any decisions about buying a home, so...this is perfect for me.

KIM: I'm glad to hear it, Crystal.
SHERYL: So ah...where do I sign?


Kim gives "Crystal" a funny look.


KIM: Oh, you don't have to sign anything. Remember? I already sent you the lease in an e-mail before you left for Salem, I had you fax me back a signed copy and all?


Sheryl looks awkwardly at Kim, before quickly trying to cover her gaffe.


SHERYL: Oh! Yeah! Sorry. I...I've been kinda foggy with all the travelling.


This seems to allay Kim's concern, and Kim hands over the key to "Crystal".


KIM: Trust me. I get it. I've been doing a lot of that myself these last few months. Look, here's the key to the door, and the fob for the front entrance.
SHERYL: Got it.
KIM: Excellent. I guess I'll leave you to settle in.


Kim starts to walk toward the door, before turning back to ask one last question.


SHERYL: Thank you so much, Kimberly.
KIM: Anytime, Crystal. And ah...did you need a hand with your luggage at all?
SHERYL: Oh! No no no, that's fine. I'll handle it.


Kim smiles, as she opens the door to leave.


KIM: Great. See ya around, neighbour!
SHERYL:  Bye, Kim!


Kim shuts the door behind her, leaving Sheryl behind to finally relax. She slowly paces the room, looking around at her new surroundings.


SHERYL: Welcome home, Crystal.


Sheryl chuckles to herself, as she flops down on her couch.




Abby sighs, folding her arms indignantly while glaring at her mother.


ABBY: No, I am not still pining after Chad, Mom. 


Jenn gives Abby an amused look, prompting Abby to roll her eyes.


JENN: Oh come on, Abigail. I'm your mother. I can tell when you're not being honest.
ABBY: What makes you think I'm not being honest, Mom? I loved Chad, but what he's done? Exposing Gabi and Will like that? He...he ruined things with Cameron and I may never see him again, and...I know he loves me, but I can't trust him. I need to move on.
JENN: Then why aren't you?


Abby looks down, uncertain of her answer.


ABBY: Maybe I just want to really get to know someone before I jump into something like that. I mean...maybe I just jump into things too quickly, and I...I fall too fast. I act impulsively and then I make these...huge mistakes.


Jenn looks confused, as she puts a hand on Abby's shoulder.


JENN: Loving Chad wasn't a mistake, Abby. You just...you had a lot on your plate, I wouldn't call that a huge mistake.
ABBY: It's not...it's not just Chad, Mom. Okay?
JENN: Then what is it, Abigail?


Abby hesitates, holding herself closely, visibly tense, as she looks past her mother.


ABBY: I...I can't, okay? I'm sorry. I gotta go to work, Mom. I'm sorry.

Abby storms off, with Jenn trying to call her back, as Liam approaches Jenn from behind.


JENN: Abigail! 


Jenn sighs as Liam places his hand on Jenn's shoulder. Realizing who it is, she leans back against him.


LIAM: What's wrong?


Jenn shakes her head, trying to hold back tears.


JENN: I'm so worried for her. She's not herself, and I don't know how to make it better.


Liam says nothing, responding only by leaning over and kissing Jennifer on the cheek, as they both look out on the path Abigail took to leave.




At the pub, Jerome walks over to Jordan, who tries to leave without being spotted by Jerome, but fails, stopping in her tracks as he calls out to her. 


JEROME: You know, if you're gonna stay in Salem, we will run into each other?
JORDAN: Don't remind me.
JEROME: Look, Jordan, I know you don't want anything to do with us, now that you're all happy with your little cop boyfriend--
JORDAN: Fiancé, Jerome. Not that you'd know anything about a commitment...


Jerome rolls his eyes, and looks back to check on his to-go order, before continuing.


JEROME: Look. If you don't wanna see us around town, you can do like Sheryl's doing and leave. But I know you're not gon' do that, so you need to remember, as long as you're here...Sheryl's here. And she'll be watching you.


Jerome takes his food from the bar, drops his money on the bar in exchange, and leaves the pub. Jordan stands in the pub, frustrated, and afraid of what could happen if Sheryl does stay in town.




Julie walks over to Maggie, placing a hand on her shoulder, clearly concerned by the news Maggie's just shared.


JULIE: Darling, the restaurant will open on time. I won't let Nick delay the opening. I promise.
MAGGIE: Well, I hope so. There's been a lot of changes since Nick took over Titan.
JULIE: Well, believe me when I say, I will make sure Nick doesn't ruin this. Nick and I are very close, I'm sure I could figure something out, Maggie. Don't worry.


Maggie sighs, turning to smile at Julie.


MAGGIE: Thank you, Julie. (sigh) I guess I'm a bit nervous with everything going on at the house.
WILL: What do you mean?


Alex looks over at Will from across the dining table, looking rather displeased as he recounts the events of the day.


ALEX: Well, after Nick took Titan over, my mom moved in, and that went over like a lead balloon with the family.


Julie rolls her eyes in response.


JULIE: I can just imagine.
ALEX: ...And now Nick's decided he's moving in too, and bringing Gabi Hernandez with him.


Will looks stunned, almost jumping out of his seat.


WILL: I'm sorry, what?
ALEX: Yeah, she ah...she moved in this afternoon.  You...you didn't know?
WILL: No...I...what the...?


Will looks over at Maggie, getting up from his seat.


WILL: Maggie, is Nick at home?
MAGGIE: I don't think so. Isn't tonight the big TV special Nicole's doing for EnerNext?
ALEX: It is. Starting soon too.


Will throws on his jacket, ready to leave to confront Nick.


WILL: I'm heading down there.
ALEX: Will, I'm going with you.
WILL: Fine. Julie. Thank you for a great dinner. I can't wait for the gala.


Will leans in to give Julie a warm hug. Julie reciprocates, but is visibly concerned by the confrontation to come.


JULIE: Anytime, darling. But...don't fly off the handle. There may be a good reason for this.
WILL: I bet there is. Alex.


Will storms off toward the elevator, Alex following closely behind him. They leave behind a very worried Julie and Maggie.




Kim sits in the dark of her apartment, the only light that of her table lamp, as she sits on the sofa, chatting to Kayla over the phone.


KIM: (into phone) Oh, Kay. I'm so glad to hear your voice. You don't even know how lonely it's been here without you...yeah, I...it's been rough, you know...Theresa's still in the coma, and...Shane off God-knows-where. You and Steve, and Bo off on this mission...no, I know, you can't talk about it, I just...I know, Kayla. But it makes me feel so much better just to hear your voice.


Kim laughs as she hears a knock on her apartment door. Startled, Kim turns sharply to face the door.


KIM: Ah, Kay...I gotta go. There's someone at the door....yeah. I love you, sis. Talk soon.


As Kim hangs up the phone, the knocking continues. Kim turns on the rest of the apartment lights as she opens the door of her apartment.


Kim gasps as she opens the door, discovering who's been waiting for her.


KIM: Oh my God! It's you!




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