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DAYS #184: Brady learns the truth about Anita, Kim and Marlena come to an agreement





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


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Marlena sits with Roman in his SUV in the undergorund parking of her building. She appears concerned about him, as Roman stares out the front windshield, almost acting as though she's not there. Outside the vehicle, Kim, Andrew, and Abe look in on them.


After a moment's awkward silence between then, Marlena tries to coax him out of his apparent trance.


MARLENA: Roman? 


Roman continues to look out his window, looking out at Kimberly in particular. His focused stare unnerves Kim, which Marlena catches, momentarily looking out toward Kim herself.


MARLENA: Roman, that woman right there, that's Kimberly. Honey, your sister is alive. She's fine.


Roman, still looking at Kim, blinks momentarily, his fixation starting to break, as he shakes his head in disbelief.


ROMAN: Nah...no, that....that's not...
MARLENA: It's true, Roman.
ROMAN: No, Doc. She...I was out in the country by the Lake Road, and...there was...there was a woman in the back of this blue truck, and...she had red hair. She was dead, it...it was Kimmy. I tried to radio in and...I...I just...


Roman shakes his head, becoming visibly distressed by what Marlena's told him. 


Marlena motions to Abe to step in, she calmly leans in closer to Roman to try to get his attention.


MARLENA: Roman! Roman. Abe is going to take you inside, and we can relax. Okay?
ROMAN: No--no, Doc. That's not...damn it, you're lying! You're all lying to me! It was Kimmy in that SUV, you gotta find her!


Roman slams his fists on the steering wheel, as Abe rushes in to collect Roman. Marlena puts her hand on Roman's shoulder tenderly, though her voice raises with concern.


MARLENA: Roman! No one is lying to you, I promise. Kimmy is okay. Now come on. It's okay.


Roman holds in his sobbing, before giving in, and letting Abe take him out of the car.


As Roman and Abe head up toward the elevator, Kim and Andrew stand back away from Roman. Andrew holds his mother's shoulders as they watch Abe take Roman up to Marlena's penthouse. As they do, Marlena leaves Roman's vehicle herself. Looking serious, she walks slowly over to a visibly upset Kim.


MARLENA: Kimberly. I hate to keep harping on this, but...I thought I should let you know what's happening with Roman, and what I'm planning to do.


Kim turns around suddenly, fighting tears, with a hostile look on her face, as she looks to a stoic, serious Marlena.




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Eric waits by the elevators down the hall from the TV studio at WXIR for Nicole. He plans to pick Nicole up from the TV studio, and finds her walking toward the elevators with Hope, as they emerge from scouring the studio for evidence of the light "accident". 


HOPE: So we'll inspect the cuts to the wire, and check for fingerprints. Should have it all analyzed by Monday.
NICOLE: Works for me. 
HOPE: Now, has there been anyone other than Abigail that's been around the station anytime in the last week?


Nicole looks around, racking her brain to think of an answer, she clocks onto one suddenly.


NICOLE: Jerome.
HOPE: I'm sorry?
NICOLE: Jerome, Abigail's friend. I wanna say his last name is Grant? Handsome guy, black...mid-20s?
HOPE: He's been here?
NICOLE: Yeah...he and Abigail were out for lunch, just like a friendly lunch date thing, and he was helping her out with some research one day, and he came by.


Hope's interest is piqued, she probes further.


HOPE: Did he seem to be...engaged or...?
NICOLE: Oh, no, he was totally into it. I didn't really think much of it, though. He's a postgrad student at Salem U, so...this is right up his alley.


The gears almost visibly turning in Hope's mind, she and Nicole finish their long stroll down the hallway toward Eric.


Nicole and Hope finally approach Eric, who gets up from his seat in the waiting area by the elevators. Once Nicole arrives, she wraps her arm around Eric's back, gently kissing his lips as a hello.


ERIC: Ready to roll?
NICOLE: I think so. Unless you need anything else from me?


Hope shakes her head, fairly comfortable with what she's collected so far.


HOPE: No, I think you're good for tonight. Look, thanks for everything, and ah...one thing. Make sure you call me first thing tomorrow morning, just in case they have any questions at the lab that might fill in any information gaps, okay?


Nicole nods, before turning to Eric.


NICOLE: Come on, let's go.
ERIC: Night, Hope.
HOPE: Night, Eric. 


Eric presses the 'down' button on the elevator, as Hope surprises them with a final question.


HOPE: OH! One thing! Do you know if Abby left for the night?
NICOLE: Ahhh, I sent her home about a half hour ago when you told me, but...I didn't see her leave.


Hope looks back toward the studio.


NICOLE: She's probably just being her usual eager beaver self and double checking some things in the control room.
HOPE: Alright, thanks. I'll have a look for her.


The doors to the elevator open, and Eric and Nicole step on.


Eric waves to Hope, who smiles warmly at her nephew.


HOPE: Night!


As the doors to the elevator close, Hope notices a small drop of blood on the floor by the foot of the elevator door. Curious, she kneels down by it. Realizing for sure what it is, she calls another officer over.


HOPE: Gabe!
GABE: Yeah? 


Hope waits til Gabe's run over, before pointing down at the blood drop.


HOPE: Blood. get a sample to the lab and find out how long it's been there.
GABE: Got it.


Hope steps away from the elevator, and looks around her. She lingers momentarily, looking as Gabe collects the blood sample from the floor, speaking to herself softly before carrying on to find Abby.


HOPE: Jerome Grant, hm? What a coincidence.


Hope raises one eyebrow, as she heads back toward the studio, in hopes of finding Abigail to question her on the night's events.




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At Anita's cabin, Tyler walks back into the kitchen area, where Anita stands with Brady. They turn to face Tyler as they hear his footsteps walking away from the phone after his call to Victor. Anita speaks nervously after a moment.


ANITA: Tyler...h-how's Victor?


Tyler folds his arms before him, debating whether to be honest with her or not.


TYLER: He's fine. He'll be released from the hospital tomorrow.
BRADY: And what about you?
TYLER: (sigh) I....I have to leave Salem.
BRADY: What?


Tyler nods. Trying to make it clear that it's not a big deal to him.


TYLER: Call it...early retirement. I'll have to finalize some arrangements, and I'll be off to the Costa Del Sol by the weekend.


Brady tenses up, before Anita interjects.


ANITA: And just what are those arrangements?


Tyler hesitates momentarily, with Anita continuing before Tyler gets a chance to respond.


ANITA: Tyler, please tell me you won't let Victor know that Brady's staying here.


Tyler doesn't respond again, panicking Anita.




Tyler finally cuts in, responding firmly in an exasperated tone.


TYLER: Alright! Fine. On one condition.


Anita shakes her head, knowing what Tyler is about to suggest. Tyler points to Brady as he offers his demand.


TYLER: You tell him who you really are. And you do it right now, or I will.







Kim stands with Andrew and Marlena in the parking garage below Marlena's building, her arms folded, as she speaks to Marlena pointedly.


KIM: Alright, Marlena. What have you planned for my brother now? Another DNA test to make sure he isn't another imposter sent by Stefano to upend all our lives?
KIM: Look, I don't...I don't want to fight with you again. You're...you're a dear friend of mine, you're basically family, but...Marlena, I don't understand where your head's at with this. I mean, it's....it's so obvious to me that this is dementia, and that my brother needs treatment, and the sooner, the better.


Marlena nods in agreement with Kim, before interjecting with her support.


MARLENA: And I agree. Completely.


Kim looks at Marlena, somewhat skeptical, and equally surprised.


MARLENA: That's what I wanted to discuss with you. I was hoping you could join Roman and I at University Hospital tomorrow morning. We're meeting Eric there for a battery of tests, and then Valerie and I were going to go over a treatment plan for Roman--
KIM: Tests. DNA tests. Am I right?


Marlena sighs, nodding before carrying on.


MARLENA: Yes, I admit it. But Kimberly, I only want to run the test to be sure that the gene that caused Roman's and Caroline's dementia hasn't been passed along to Eric. Or potentially to Sami, or Carrie. 


Kim seems somewhat unmoved, and after a moment, Marlena continues.


MARLENA: Kimberly...I didn't do this as some kind of roundabout deception to get the DNA tests done. It was honestly a bonus, just to give myself peace of mind. But I also want you to know that I am serious about Roman's condition, and I want to keep him with us as long as possible. Believe me.


Marlena puts her hand on Kim's arm, trying to be of some comfort to her, as she explains herself passionately.


MARLENA: Now please. Come with me tomorrow. I promise you, you will be an active part of our plans for your brother. It would mean an awful lot. To him and to me.


Kim takes a moment, with Andrew joining in with Marlena in attempting to convince Kim to go.


ANDREW: Mom, I...I think it might be a smart idea. It might help...give you a sense of empowerment over the situation. I think you'd feel a lot more at ease if you had that right now.


Kim looks at Andrew, then Marlena, before slowly nodding.


KIM: Alright...I'll be there.


Kim extends a hand to Marlena in peace offering. Marlena smiles, as she shakes Kim's hand firmly.


MARLENA: It's a date.






Will walks into, then shuts the door to his apartment with Sonny. The apartment sits dark, as Sonny's gone to bed. 


Will sighs, exhausted from a frustrating day. Flipping the lights on, he slowly hangs up his jacket, and sets his new briefcase down in the closet, as a frustrated Sonny emerges from the bedroom.


SONNY: Will!


Will turns around with a start when Sonny calls out to him.


WILL: Sonny!


Sonny looks at his fiancé with a mix of exhaustion and annoyance.


SONNY: You made it. Would've been nice if you'd called.


Will sighs, walking toward Sonny.


WILL: Sorry. I know I should've. I just...
SONNY: I know, I know. The big day's coming. 
WILL: PR for Titan is...it's a lot of work.
SONNY: I know. More than you realize.


Sonny speaks in a resigned tone, as he sits himself down on the couch, just before Will flops down beside him.


SONNY: Look, I'm sorry if I've been...less than enthusiastic about this job. I just...I don't want you sucked into my family's problems, and working for them...you just, you can't escape them.

WILL: Sonny, I'm going to be sucked into them no matter what.


Will turns his head, a cock-eyed smile on his face as he touches Sonny's cheek gently.


WILL: I'm marrying you. Remember? 


Sonny smiles, laughing softly to himself.


SONNY: Yeah. And I can't wait.
WILL: Neither can I.


Will leans in to kiss Sonny gently on the lips. After their kiss, Sonny stares at his fiancé, soaking him in.


WILL: Look, don't worry about my job. If you're willing to move past it, I am too.
SONNY: Deal. (sigh) Speaking of work, how was it today?


Will takes the opportunity to get up from the couch, walking around to the other side of it, presumably toward the kitchenette.


WILL: Oh, fine. Until I heard the news about Gabi.


Sonny straightens his posture, wondering what Will means.


SONNY: Wh...what news?
WILL: Oh, you didn't hear?
SONNY: Will...Will, what are you talking about? I knew she was out, but I figured she was visiting Rafe, and...


Will laughs, rubbing his eyes in exhausted frustration, as Sonny turns his body while still on the sofa to face Will.


WILL: Oh no. No, Mom's watching Ari. No, the reason you don't see Gabi right now is...


Will walks over to Gabi's bedroom door, throws it open and turns on the light, revealing it to be empty.


WILL: Because she moved out. And in with Nick Fallon.


Sonny's jaw drops, as he looks into Gabi's room, completely dumfounded.




Outside the WXIR studio, standing by the elevators, Hope confers with another officer about the drops of blood found on the ground. 


As they talk, and the officer snaps photos, Abby walks to the elevator to leave, surprised to see Hope still there. 


ABBY: Hope!
HOPE: Abigail! I'm glad you're still here, I was looking for you.
ABBY: Yeah, I, ah, just had to go up to the control room and finalize a couple...paperwork things before I went home. Why...why, what's up?
HOPE: Well, I need you to make a statement about the accident, if you can.


Abby looks at Hope, stumped at what she could offer.


ABBY: Honestly, Hope, I...I don't know what I could tell you, I was so busy with all my...papers and trying to keep the show running, I...honestly, if I could tell you anything, I swear I would.
HOPE: And you didn't bring anyone along with you to the studio?


Abby furrows her brow, unsure what Hope's implying with her question.


ABBY: What do you mean?
HOPE: I mean, more than a couple people have seen you at the WXIR offices with Jerome Grant the last few days, and--


Abby cuts Hope off, slightly insulted by Hope's implication.


ABBY: Whuh, what are you implying, Hope?


Hope is caught off guard by Abby's defensiveness. Abby catches herself and backtracks when Hope's expression changes in reaction to Abby's response.

ABBY: Look, I...I actually specifically told Jerome not to come tonight. I didn't feel comfortable having him here in such a high-pressure environment. Especially when I'm so new.
HOPE: You worried he'd distract you?


Abby shrugs, trying to downplay her inner conflict.


ABBY: I guess. (sigh) Look, if you're wondering whether Jerome might have been here and potentially tampered with the cables, I'm almost 100% certain he wasn't here. But as to who WAS up on that scaffolding? I have no idea.


Hope nods, disappointed by the lack of information Abby was able to provide.


ABBY: Look, I gotta go.
HOPE: Yeah, sure. If you do remember anything at all, even if you think it's not worth mentioning, give me a call, 'kay?


Abby nods quickly, as she presses the 'down' button on the elevator.


ABBY: I will. Night, Hope.


The elevator door opens, and Abby steps on, leaving Hope behind with a couple other officers.


HOPE: Night, Abby.


Hope sighs, still sensing her bad feeling about Jerome Grant isn't misplaced. Hope mutters to herself.


HOPE: He's gotta tie into this somehow. But how?




Brady steps in between Tyler and Anita, baffled by the exchange occurring before him.


BRADY: Okay, does someone mind explaining to me what's going on here?


Anita tries to cool Brady's curiosity, speaking dismissively, before being cut off by Tyler.


ANITA: Brady, it's--
TYLER: ...Promise me, Anita. 
ANITA: Why, Tyler? What does it benefit you to put this on him now?


Tyler steps in close to Anita, looking her square in the eyes.


TYLER: He has a right to know. I've always thought that.
ANITA: Then why now?
TYLER: Because he's here now. It made no sense to tell him before. And quite frankly, if you're so adamant that there's no threat against you, then I don't see why you haven't already.


Anita turns away from Tyler, as Brady stands to one side, confused.


BRADY: Tell me what?


Anita stands, facing away from both Brady and Tyler, tearing up. Brady is getting increasingly agitated the longer he has to wait for some kind of response.


BRADY: Dammit, would someone just tell me what's going on here?


Tyler walks over, putting a hand on Anita's shoulder, as she turns to him, shaking her head.


ANITA: I can't do it.
TYLER: Of course you can.


Tyler takes Anita and turns her to face Brady. He gently answers his question.


TYLER: Brady, meet your grandmother, Loretta Toscano.


Brady's eyes widen in shock, as he realizes who Anita really is.




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