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DAYS #185: Brady demands answers from "Anita", Sonny & Will discuss Gabi moving out





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


OpSUL3A.png 5AaxAf3.png l3EMUIr.png
Brady stands in Anita's living room, stunned by her announcement that Anita is not, in fact, a kind stranger that plucked him from the river, but his grandmother, Loretta Toscano.


He struggles to speak a single word, sputtering as Anita tears up, Tyler holding her shoulders, trying to keep her calm.


BRADY: Wh....what did you say?


Anita stands shaking before Brady, terrified of what this revelation will do, before repeating herself.


ANITA: I am Loretta Toscano. Brady, I am...your grandmother.


Brady catches his breath after a moment, and clumsily tries to form a response without snapping at his grandmother.


BRADY: I...you...you can't be my grandmother. My grandmother died decades ago, she...my mother died of cancer, and...
ANITA: I know, Brady. I desperately wanted to be there, but it wasn't safe--


Brady snaps upon hearing this, turning his back to his grandmother, and beginning to pace the kitchenette nervously, before turning around suddenly, startling Anita with his anger, and raised voice.


BRADY: Oh come on, lady! I don't buy it. Not for a second. If you were really my grandmother, and you were ANYTHING like the woman you claim was your daughter, wild horses wouldn't keep you from seeing your daughter before she died. 


Tyler steps in, hoping to calm Brady down, to no avail.


TYLER: Brady, calm down. Anita is not lyling to you, she IS your grandmother, I prom--

BRADY: Bull!


Brady turns to look at Anita, an almost-maniacal glint in his eye, as he stares her down.


BRADY: Now, if, and I mean IF you really are my grandmother, I want an explanation about where you've been all these years.


Anita shivers, partly in fear, and partly in sadness, as she hears Brady's demand loud and clear.


BRADY: And I want it, right, now.




rXCE7WF.png CqyazA4.png BgZBfVU.png
In the parking garage under the condo building where Marlena lives, Kim and Marlena shake hands, while Andrew looks on.


KIM: It's a date. I'll come with you to the hospital tomorrow at...

MARLENA: Meet me at 10am. 
KIM: Where, exactly?
MARLENA: Just outside Dr. Grant's office. 6th floor.


Marlena smiles, as does Kim, albeit weakly. Kim nods in agreement, as Marlena looks over to Andrew, beaming brightly at the handsome young man.


MARLENA: And if you'd like to come, it would be great to spend more time with you. It's been way too long.
ANDREW: Tell me about it! I've missed you. And Salem.
KIM: And we've missed you.
MARLENA: We have.


Marlena leans over to give Andrew a warm hug, before looking warmly at Kim, squeezing Kim's hand.


MARLENA: I'm sorry to have put you through so much worry. I really am. 


Kim smiles back, still half-heartedly, as Marlena collects herself to head back upstairs.


KIM: Thank you.
MARLENA: I'll see you both tomorrow.
KIM: Sure thing.
ANDREW: Goodnight, Marlena.
MARLENA: Goodnight, Andrew. Kim.


Marlena walks away, heading for the elevators, as Kim looks on. Andrew puts his hands on her shoulders, trying to comfort his troubled mother.




p0X9SVl.png jGpRAKh.png
Sonny gets up from the sofa inside his apartment with Will, as Will shuts the door of the kitchen cabinet, having grabbed a glass for a drink of water. Sonny is stunned by what he's just heard Will tell him.


SONNY: I'm sorry, Gabi moved out?


Sonny stares at the open door to Gabi's room, seeing for himself that the room is virtually empty after Gabi's move to Nick's, earlier in the day.


Will turns on the tap, almost spitefully nonchalant in his reaction to the news, the polar opposite of Sonny's panic.


WILL: This afternoon. 


Will turns the tap off, having filled his glass, and turns back toward Sonny. Will is visibly annoyed by Gabi's departure, but replying glibly and dismissively.


WILL: I'm sure Nick sent movers in within minutes of hearing the news. I'm amazed they kept a crib for Ari. I expected they'd take any trace of her too.
SONNY: I'm afraid to ask--
WILL: Don't worry. Ari's staying with us. I didn't...take her tonight, I left her with Mom. I just...


Will sighs, looking down as his sarcastic demeanour softens, turning to a grim resignation. He paces the room, as Sonny watches him, still in disbelief.


WILL: I needed some time to...process...everything.
SONNY: I can imagine. Wh....when did you...when did you hear the news?


Will responds automatically, without thinking until he's halfway through his sentence.


WILL: Oh I heard it when I was out to dinner with Alex--


Will catches himself, and stops just after revealing the truth of what he did with his evening.


WILL: ...Alex and I were at the Penthouse Grille for work...sort of a...press preview of sorts, and....Maggie came in. Told us what she walked into at the breakfast table this morning.


Sonny remains surprised, probably too stunned to absorb most of what Will's just told him, nor his strange reaction to telling Sonny about the dinner, but stammers out his next question.


SONNY: Did um...did Maggie say why Gabi made the decision?


Will shakes his head. Still looking off at the ground mindlessly.


WILL: Nah. Nah, I didn't give her the chance to explain. I...I took off right away to the studio to...confront Nick. Get some answers out of him.
WILL: Well, they were already setting up for Nicole's special, so...Alex and I stayed in the studio to watch. And then...
SONNY: And then the light fell.


Will looks up at Sonny momentarily, then away again, nodding.


WILL: You heard.
SONNY: Heh, I think everyone in the state heard...or saw.


Will chuckles to himself a moment, rubbing his eyes from exhaustion as he does. 


WILL: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure.


As Will chuckles to himself, Sonny looks intensely at Will as Will rubs his eyes, speaking seriously to him.


SONNY: That...begs the question, though. And I want you to be 100% honest with me.


Sonny hesitates momentarily before asking his question, almost afraid of the answer. Will  tenses up, worried about what Sonny might ask.


SONNY: Did you rig that light to fall on the stage?


Will looks up suddenly, surprised by Sonny's question. Sonny continues to look intensely into Will's eyes.


SONNY: Were you so angry at Nick, that you were willing to try to kill him?


Will is stunned, and can't answer, while Sonny frustratedly demands an answer.


SONNY: Will! Tell me! Were you??







Brady stands, incensed by Anita's deception. He steps in close to her, almost hissing his words to his grandmother, while Tyler hangs back, trying to observe the situation and keep everyone calm (and failing).


BRADY: Well? I'm waiting. 


Anita doesn't respond right away, prompting Brady to speak up once more.


BRADY: Where have you been?


Anita, holding her head in her hands, uncovers her face after a moment, tears in her eyes. She finally responds, regaining some of her composure through her tears.


ANITA: I was here. I was here all along. Watching. Waiting for any news I could get. 


Anita tries to step toward Brady, to take his hand in hers, but Brady recoils from her. Anita sees this immediately and stops herself. Instead, she sombrely relays her past to him.


ANITA: Victor wouldn't let me come to Salem. When Ernesto found out about my affair with Victor, he nearly killed me with that poison. Victor managed to make it look like I'd died, but whisked me away out of danger just in time, and...


Anita stops, before turning to face Tyler, taking his hand in hers.


ANITA: Victor had Tyler set me up with a new home. A new life. He demanded I never come back for my children until he knew for a fact it was safe to do so. 
BRADY: And it's been safe for years. Ernesto died before I was even born, and yet here you are.


Anita looks down, frustrated and ashamed.


ANITA: I know. And I probably should've fought harder, but...after awhile, you just lose the fight. And besides, just when I finally worked up the nerve, Hope came back and Victor was spooked. He figured...maybe Ernesto had managed to survive as well.

BRADY: So you stayed here. Playing dead.


Anita looks up at Brady, making her position clear to her grandson. She retorts firmly.


ANITA:  So I settled for the life I could have. I had already made a life out here. I met a lovely man. Had another daughter, got to know her children...I had a great life, Brady. 


Anita turns to face Brady, and looks him firmly in the eyes as she finishes her thought.


ANITA: But I never forgot my other family, Brady. And I made sure I stayed in touch with, and up to date about you. You mean the world to me. You must believe that.


Brady looks back with a look of skepticism, his words cutting Anita like a knife.


BRADY: And what if I don't?




After a tense moment staring at each other, Will begins to crack up at Sonny's assertion that he was the one responsible for the light falling at WXIR. 


WILL: Sonny, I WISH I had thought of that. But see, this is how you know I wasn't the one who did it.
WILL: Because if I had done it? I wouldn't miss.
SONNY: Not funny.


Will cracks up even more at Sonny's serious tone, walking casually into the living area as he quips to Sonny about murdering Nick.


WILL: It's hilarious! What are you talking about?


Sonny sighs and walks back over to the couch, sitting down on the sofa again, overwhelmed by everything that's gone down today. Will, meanwhile, takes a sip of water, then continues to talk about his day.


WILL: But seriously, though. I didn't see anything that would help them figure out who dropped the light on the stage. 
SONNY: Did you get a chance to talk to Nick at all?
WILL: Eventually. I ended up driving him, Anjelica, and Alex back to the Kiriakis mansion.


Sonny turns to look at Will, amused and surprised.


SONNY: Anjelica? You drove Anjelica Deveraux home? Will, you drive a compact car with cloth seats--
WILL: Oh I know. And I heard all about it from her, believe me.


Sonny chuckles as Will continues.


WILL: Ugh, that wasn't the worst part of the ride, though.


Will sits on the arm of the sofa, next to Sonny.


WILL: Yeah. After gloating about Gabi moving in with him, Nick tried to imply something was going on between Alex and I.


Sonny tries to stifle a laugh, failing miserably.


SONNY: You cannot be serious.


Will feigns being wounded by Sonny's laughter.


WILL: I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was that hard to believe someone like Alex could POSSIBLY be interested in me.


Sonny playfully jabs Will in the ribs, causing Will to crumple in, shouting out in pain.


WILL: Ow! Stop! 
SONNY: Whatever, you know you're stuck with me.


Sonny starts to tickle Will, as Will wraps his arms around Sonny. Will yelps in discomfort from the tickling, as he inadvertently lands in Sonny's lap. 


WILL: Ah! Fine, fine! You win! (laughs)


Sonny finally stops tickling Will, figuring he's won, and the two look at each other lovingly.


SONNY: Good. Cos you know what I wanna do for you tomorrow to take your mind off all the stuff with Nick?
WILL: What?
SONNY: I wanna sit down and start pinning down our wedding plans.


Will beams at Sonny even mentioning their upcoming wedding.


WILL: It's a deal.
SONNY: Good. I think we've left enough of this up to your mom. It's time you and I take care of some things ourselves. What do you say?


Will rests his forehead against Sonny's.


WILL: I think you're right. Sounds like the perfect day. And you know what's a great way to start that perfect day?


Sonny smiles, kissing Will gently on the lips before answering his question.


SONNY: What?
WILL: Having the perfect night.
SONNY: Mmmm, I think you're right.


Will giggles, leaning in to kiss Sonny once, twice, three times, before grabbing his collar and pinning him down on the couch, just out of our view.




Kim and Andrew enter Kim's apartment, exhausted from the emotional situation at Marlena's. Kim flips the lightswitch on, as Andrew shuts the door behind them. 


Andrew calls out to Kim, who takes off her jacket, and heads for the closet, completely oblivious to her son's calls.


ANDREW: Mom. Mom?
KIM: You know Andrew, I swear that whole...scare with Roman wore me right out.


Kim hangs her coat up, almost in a trance. Andrew walks over to her, pulling her hand down after she hangs up her coat.




Kim stops herself. She looks down at her hand, being held firmly in Andrew's, before looking up at her son, fear, hurt, and anger in her eyes.


KIM: Andrew, I...
ANDREW: Mom, are you alright?


Kim looks into Andrew's concerned eyes, and immediately wells up. She nods, before cracking, weeping openly as she wraps her arms around her son, trying to calm herself down, as Andrew comforts her.


ANDREW: It's okay, Mom. It's okay.




Arriving back upstairs in her penthouse, Marlena closes the door, and sees Abe emerge from the bedroom, having laid Roman down to sleep. Marlena smiles half-heartedly at Abe.


MARLENA: How is he?
ABE: Pretty shaken up. But he's asleep now. He'll be okay.


Marlena sighs, as Abe looks at her, very worried for her.


ABE: What about you, though?


Marlena shrugs, as Abe takes Marlena's hand in his.


MARLENA: I'll be alright. 
ABE: You sure?


Marlena nods.


MARLENA: My main concern is Roman.
ABE: I have to tell you, Marlena...under the circumstances...I cannot afford to have Roman stay on the police force.


Marlena sighs, knowing Abe's right. She nods reluctantly.


MARLENA: I agree. Unfortunately, I think, at this rate, Roman staying on the force will...definitely be more harmful than helpful.
ABE: I think you're right. Look, Marlena, I plan to put Roman on medical leave for the time being. I don't want to retire him completely until we have an official diagnosis.
MARLENA: That makes sense. I'm actually planning to get a firm answer on that tomorrow. So I'll let you know as soon as we hear something.


Abe smiles half-heartedly, nodding appreciatively.


ABE: Thank you. Leave letting Roman know to me. I'll tell him on Monday. I ah...I better go.
MARLENA: No, thank YOU. I know it's...incredibly late to be out.


Marlena guides Abe toward the door, as they continue saying their goodbyes.


ABE: It's no trouble at all. Believe me, I feel a lot better helping you out, under the circumstances.
MARLENA: I appreciate it so very much, Abe.


Abe and Marlena hug warmly, before Abe opens the door to leave.


MARLENA: Thanks again.

ABE: Goodnight, Marlena.


Abe walks toward the elevator, before Marlena closes the door behind him.


Now alone in the apartment, except for Roman, Marlena walks silently over to Roman's door. In the shadows created by the moonlight beaming in through his window, Marlena watches him sleep.


As James Blake's "Retrograde" begins to play, Marlena quietly cries as she thinks about the decline of her former husband.





As a light dimly flickers, we see the outline of two bodies laying unconscious in the basement of Stefano's compound in Italy.


HKU7a9p.png iXhpGtb.png
Despite the darkness of the night, we begin to see Steve and Bo's faces, as they lay unconscious in a cell in the basement. 



Across from them, in the next cell, The Patient sits, tied to his chair.



He shakes, trying in vain to escape the restraints, while his eyes, forced to remain open, view a slideshow of violent images and short videos, punctuated by flashes of John Black's face.



We see closeups of the Patient's hand, clenched tightly, fighting the restraints, as he's tormented by the pictures being shown to him. We snap, with each beat of the music, between the images on the screen, and back to The Patient. His eye, his tied-up hand, his bound ankle, fighting to break free.


We cut to black, as the music continues to play hauntingly, as the hourglass appears for the closing credits to the end of the song.




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