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DAYS #186: Alex rebuffs Noelle's advances, Steve finds a big clue!





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


rXCE7WF.png BgZBfVU.png
Kim stands in her living room, held in Andrew's arms tightly, her tears over Roman subsiding through her son's comfort. 


ANDREW: It's okay, Mom. It's okay.


As Andrew cradles his mother, Kim reaches around, holding her son. She feels the soothing comfort of someone to lean on.


KIM: (laughs) I know. I...Andrew, I missed you so much.
ANDREW: Shhh...I'm here now.
KIM: I know. Just...with mom, and Kayla, and Roman. I just...I feel so alone.
ANDREW: I know. But I'm here now. And whether you believe it or not, Marlena is too.


Kim breaks away from Andrew's embrace upon hearing Marlena's name. Wiping away her tears, and turns away.


KIM: (sigh) Yeah.
ANDREW: Somehow I don't feel like you agree.


Kim throws up her hands, before sitting down on the couch.


KIM: Oh Andrew, I do. I...(sigh) Marlena's family to me. You know that. I just...she's been so caught up in trying to unlock this mystery of Roman's illness that I feel like she's forgotten there's a man underneath. It's almost like he's a...case she needs to solve.

ANDREW: Oh come on, Mom. You know that's not true. She cares about Uncle Roman. He's the father of her children, for crying out loud!
KIM: I know that! I just...maybe I'm just angry at the situation and lashing out, but...I think she figures these test results tomorrow are going to unlock some kind of...hidden DiMera conspiracy, and I...I don't think it will. And I don't think Roman has the time left for us to be playing detective. It's just not worth it.


Andrew puts a hand to Kim's back, rubbing his mom's back gently, comforting her.




In the basement dungeon of Stefano's compound in Italy, the candelight flickers, dimly illuminating the dank room.


Eventually, as we pan the room, we find two bodies laying unconscious on the ground, locked in a cell.


iXhpGtb.png HKU7a9p.png
The flickering light reveals it's Steve and Bo.


The light hits Steve's eye, as Steve begins to wake up, slowly stirring on the ground. 


After a moment of silently laying there, blinking to try to focus on his surroundings, Steve manages to focus. At the very end of his outstretched arm, his eye spots something up against the wall. Curious, he reaches out for it as far as he can. 


Finally reaching it,  and taking it into his hand, he slowly, painfully pulls it toward him, analyzing it closely.


It's hard. Metallic. Yet delicate. It seems familiar to him.


A locket.




5AaxAf3.png l3EMUIr.png OpSUL3A.png
Anita stands between Tyler and Brady in the kitchen of her cabin, a pleading look in her eye as Tyler holds her back away from Brady.


ANITA: Please, Brady. I'm telling you the truth. If there was any way I could have been there...gotten to know you all these years, don't you think I would?


Brady steps in closer to Anita, an almost-maniacal look in his eyes, as he very quietly answers her question.


BRADY: I don't believe a single word that comes out of your lying mouth. 


Tyler steps in once again, trying to cool the situation down before Brady's anger builds any further.


TYLER: Brady, please. She's telling the truth.


Brady's eyes dart toward Tyler, the same quiet, simmering rage in his voice as he turns his attentions to Tyler.


BRADY: And you know all about the truth, huh? Doing all of Victor's dirty work all these years, and we had to pretend we didn't know who you were?
TYLER: Brady...
BRADY: You put on a hell of show, Tyler. Upright businessman, philanthropist.


Brady chuckles as he steps over toward Tyler, the same unhinged look in his eye.


BRADY: When all along you were Victor Kiriakis' lackey. Nothing more. Bravo.


Brady applauds loudly, mockingly, as Tyler and Anita stand in frustration, helpless in the face of Brady's anger.


TYLER: Brady, please.
BRADY: Oh what. You gonna try to...to spin her story another way for me? You always could convince people of pretty much anything. So why not a dumb sap like me, huh? Easy mark!
TYLER: Brady, Ernesto was dangerous. It was the only way to keep your grandmother safe. No one was trying to pull the wool over your eyes.


Brady laughs, in complete disbelief over what he's hearing. He shakes his head.


BRADY: Well, you sure fooled me. Just like everyone else in my life. I just keep getting lied to. For "my own protection". Right? Well, I'm sick of it. You don't have to worry about protecting me anymore. I'm done.


Brady turns to walk out of the cabin, as Anita tries to run after him. Tyler stops her just before Brady races out the cabin door.


ANITA: Brady!


Anita winces as the door slams behind Brady. Tyler holds Anita's arm, as Anita tries to fight herself free for a moment, before quickly giving in, sobbing on Tyler's shoulder, as he pulls her in close to him, comforting her as she cries.






64Ph3ZC.png Su4nKdo.png
At the Kiriakis mansion, Alex Kiriakis opens the door to his bedroom. His wife, Noelle Kiriakis, turns around from her seat her in front of her vanity, as she finishes putting on a layer of skin cream on her face. She smiles as her husband enters the room.




Alex responds, though with far less enthusiasm as his wife, given his far more emotionally intense day.


ALEX: Hey. I'm home.
NOELLE: So I see.


Noelle gets up from her vanity and wraps her arms around Alex's neck, gently kissing him on the lips as a welcome home. 


NOELLE: How was your day?


Alex smiles weakly, before removing himself from his wife's arms and flopping down on the bed next to them, exhausted.


ALEX: That answer your question?


Noelle looks down at her husband, amused by his theatrics.


NOELLE: Yeah, that says it all, really.


Noelle kneels on the bed next to her husband, casually rubbing his chest as she tries to speak to him.


NOELLE: So really, though, what'd you get up to?
ALEX: Not a whole lot...less than I wanted to. We ah...we tried the new menu at the Penthouse Grille.


Noelle perks up at the news.


NOELLE: OO! Yes! I got the invite today! The gala tomorrow!
ALEX: Yeah.
NOELLE: You excited for the big event?
ALEX: Yeah...yeah I am.


Alex fades off, as he thinks over his interactions with Will while they were at dinner. His recollections are abruptly halted by Noelle's kiss on his cheek.


NOELLE: Good. Cos I picked up a new dress. I think you're gonna love it.


Alex sits up from the bed, half-interested in what Noelle's saying.


ALEX: That's awesome. I can't wait.


Noelle catches wind of Alex's less-than-enthusiastic response, and her face drops, as Alex begins to strip his work clothes off. Noelle looks on with a combination of arousal and frustration, as Alex pulls his shirt, then his pants off, in preparation to head to the ensuite bathroom before bed.


NOELLE: Yeah, I can tell.
ALEX: Look, I'm...I'm sorry, babe. I just...I'm so tired, I gotta get cleaned up for bed, kay?


Alex leans in to kiss Noelle on the cheek, but she leans away, pointing to the facial cream on her face.


NOELLE: The...cream...
ALEX: Right.


Alex down sheepishly, as he backs off his wife, and walks into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. Noelle sighs, irritated by her husband's lack of interest in her.




Kim sits on the sofa in her apartment, as Andrew stands behind her in the kitchenette, pouring them both a glass of red wine. They sit in silence for a moment, while Kim stares off into the abyss. Andrew watches over Kim carefully before finally speaking, snapping his mother out of her apparent trance.


ANDREW: Mom? You alright?


Kim looks back, shifting her body in her seat, smiling warmly at her son, but with a hint of sadness in her eyes.


KIM: Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. Just thinking about what's gonna happen tomorrow.
ANDREW: At the hospital with Marlena?


Kim nods, slipping back into thought about the tests.


KIM: I'm still not sure this is the best thing to do...but I also know that it's important to know whether the gene that might've caused Roman's dementia...might be passed on to Sami and Eric.
ANDREW: You're not convinced that's her reason for doing the tests, are you?


Kim scoffs at Andrew's question.


KIM:  I KNOW it's not her reason. I mean....


Andrew hands Kim a glass of wine, looking down at her disapprovingly. Kim sees Andrew's face and relents immediately, as Andrew sits down on the sofa opposite Kim.


KIM: I don't think it's the only reason.
ANDREW: It probably isn't. But, knowing Marlena as long as we both have...when has she ever done anything for purely, single-mindedly selfish reasons?


Kim sighs, realizing her son's right. 


KIM: Yeah.


Kim looks up at Andrew, smiling with a sense of relief.


KIM: Where have you been all these months while I've been...(sigh) flustered and stressed out!
ANDREW: I was just a call away, you know.
KIM: I know. But I am so grateful you're here now, Andrew. It's been so lonely without you...your Aunt Kayla...your sister.


Kim begins to tear up, as Andrew puts a hand on Kim's back, gently rubbing her back, as Kim tries to hold her sadness in.


ANDREW: I know. I'm here now, though. And Theresa will get better, Mom. You know that. Who knows? Maybe we'll hear some good news tomorrow.


Kim looks curiously at Andrew.


KIM: Andrew...are you...how are you feeling about seeing Theresa tomorrow?


Andrew frowns slightly at Kim's question, unsure of the best response.


ANDREW: I'll be fine. I think it's important that I see her.
KIM: I do too. I think you being there will really help her with her recovery, Andrew. It's....it's very important. To her, and for me.


Andrew smiles, with a pinch of sadness in his face. 


ANDREW: I agree.


Andrew gets up from the couch, ready for bed. He drinks the rest of his wine as he gets up, and places his glass on the kitchen island.


ANDREW: Look, I ah...I gotta get to the hotel, Mom. I have to get some work done on this story about the campaign for governor, and...
KIM: Oh, no no, I...don't let me keep you. 


Kim gets up from the couch, and gives Andrew an incredibly warm hug. It lasts a few seconds, and it's clear that Kim is reticent to let him go.


KIM: I am so grateful to have you home again.
ANDREW: Thanks, Mom.


Andrew lets go of his mom, before walking toward the door. He stops, as Kim turns to tearfully say goodnight. Andrew smiles back as he opens the door.


ANDREW: Goodnight.
KIM: Night!


As Andrew closes the door to Kim's apartment, Kim stands, smiling as she brushes her tears away.




At Anita's cabin, she pulls out of Tyler's embrace, despondent over Brady's walking out. She begins to head for the door.


ANITA: Let go of me, Tyler!
TYLER: Anita! Don't do it! 


Anita stops in her tracks, but looks out the window as Brady walks away.


TYLER: Anita, he needs to be alone right now.


Anita's lips purse together, angered by Tyler's words.  She turns suddenly to face Tyler, hurt obvious in her voice.


ANITA: You did this. 
TYLER: Anita, he needed to know.
ANITA: No, he didn't! Not now! Tyler, he's miserable. You don't understand. He drove off that embankment to commit suicide! He wanted nothing to do with his life in Salem.


Tyler looks sheepishly, as Anita turns her attentions back out toward the dark night, hoping to see Brady re-emerge. Her tone softens as she continues to speak of her grandson.


ANITA: He was trying to forget. To build a new life for himself here, a simpler life...and he found it.


Anita tenses up, turning back around to face Tyler, her voice raising again as she spits her words at him.


ANITA: Until you showed up, with your stupid phone call, and you ruined everything.
TYLER: (sigh) Anita, I'm sorry. I didn't realize his mental state when I asked you to tell him who you are.
ANITA: You never do. And you should've asked me, Tyler. It wasn't time yet. Damn it, Tyler. He wasn't ready to know yet.
TYLER: Anita, when did you think would be the right time?


Anita turns away from Tyler again, holding herself, rubbing her arms gently to comfort herself as she listens to Tyler speak.


TYLER: You know as well as I do that the months would drag on, and Brady would stay tucked away here, hidden from reality, from his past. You here, pacifying him. Making believe you're just this benevolent stranger who just happened to take him in? Purely out of the goodness of her heart. Who loves him just because he's a special boy?


Anita sighs, shaking her head at what Tyler's telling her. The uncomfortable truths she's hearing almost too much to hear.


ANITA: Oh shut up...
TYLER: And then what? After you've spent months lying to him.


Tyler steps in closer to Anita, speaking softly to her, but firmly.


TYLER: Anita, do you honestly think that the truth would've been any easier if it came out then?


Anita turns to Tyler, speaking in as measured a tone as she can muster through her upset.


ANITA: Maybe not. But I would have had time to help Brady recover emotionally, so that the truth wouldn't put salt in the wounds he already has. As it stands, he's still running, Tyler. And that's what I'm afraid of.


Anita walks back toward her front door, looking helplessly out into the dark night.


ANITA: I'm afraid he's not gonna stop. And we'll lose him for good.




Outside Anita's cabin, Brady desperately attempts to open Anita's SUV, but can't find the key. Pulling frantically on the door handle, he smacks the door, in a fury.


BRADY: Dammit!


Looking around him, Brady contemplates running off into the night, but he sees only blackness, and thinks better of it. After a moment, he finally finds the right one and hops inside.


Brady turns the key, but the enging makes a gurgling sound.


BRADY: Come on....come on!


He attempts once again, but the same result.


When the ignition fails to engage, Brady slams on the steering wheel in frustration, giving up.


BRADY: Damn! DAMN! (sigh)


Brady leans back in the drivers' seat, sobbing in pain and confusion about the discovery that Anita is actually his long-presumed-dead grandmother.




In the basement dungeon of Stefano's Italian island compound, Steve sits up slowly, holding his head in immense pain from his earlier blow to the head.


STEVE: Ughhh, Stefano, these goons of yours don't mellow with age, man.


He holds a piece of jewelery he found on the ground in the cell that he and Bo are currently locked in. A locket.


He opens the locket, and sees a familiar picture inside. Steve inhales suddenly, shocked by what he's discovered inside. Suddenly forgetting about the immense, pounding pain his head is in, Steve immediately leans over to Bo's unconscious body, and desperately attempts to revive him.


STEVE: Bo! Bo! 


Steve shakes Bo's shoulders, gently slapping his face hoping to wake Bo up. 


STEVE: Come on, partner! I got something to show you, man! It's big! Come oooon, dude!


Bo begins to come around, grunting in pain, as he begins to return to consciousness.


BO: Ughhh, come on, man, I'm hurtin' here.
STEVE: Heh, yeah well, so am I but I got something that'll put a little pep back in your step.


Bo slowly gets up, shaking his head and rubbing his eyes, before his eyes bug out as his head begins to throb.


BO: Ohhhh MAN! 
STEVE: Yeah, I know, but come on, partner. Focus here.


Steve holds up the opened locket for Bo, who takes it in his hand. He looks it over closely.


BO: Okay, it's a locket. What about it?
STEVE: Look at the picture.


Bo inspects the picture inside the locket. His eyes begin to widen.


BO: Steve, this...this is Jack's, isn't it?


Steve nods, excitedly.


STEVE: That's right, my man. And you know damn well it hasn't been here very long. These goons woulda found it ages ago and destroyed it, especially if they were gonna throw us in here. So that only means one thing.


Bo looks up from the locket, a hint of a pained smile on his face.


BO: Jack didn't die when the elevator collapsed.
STEVE: You got it! He's probably alive, Bo! My baby brother's alive!


Steve can't hide his excited smile, as he reaches across to hug Bo, who looks simply stunned by the turn of events.




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