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DAYS #187: Anita reaches out to Brady, Alex tries to make it up to Noelle





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


At the Kiriakis mansion, Noelle stands in front of her bedroom vanity, dressed in her silk robe, which covers her lacey lingerie she's put on to entice her husband, Alex.


We see her spritzing some perfume across her chest, as, in the reflection of the mirror, Alex emerges from the bathroom, freshly showered, and wearing only a towel. Noelle's expression softens immediately upon seeing him, and she smiles at him, looking at him in the mirror. He glistens with steam from the shower, enticing Noelle even more.


Alex is somewhat oblivious to his wife's intentions, prompting her to speak up.


NOELLE: Have a good shower?


Alex suddenly turns his head toward Noelle, who turns to face him, giving him a sensuous look. Alex looks her over carefully, smiling as he steps to his dresser, and pulls out a pair of briefs. 


ALEX: Yeah. Wasn't bad.


He puts the briefs on under his towel, before ripping the towel off, and hanging it on the back of the bathroom door.


ALEX: Just what I needed really, after the day I've had.


Alex steps back towards the bed he shares with Noelle, and flops down on it. Noelle slowly walks over to it, gracefully setting herself down next to him. She looks lovingly in his eyes, and strokes his hair.


NOELLE: Well...You can tell me all about it....or maybe, I can be a distraction from it.


Noelle leans in and kisses Alex gently on the lips. Alex doesn't react, and Noelle lifts herself out of the kiss, resting herself upright on the bed on one hand, a little frustrated.


ALEX: It's okay. Babe, I just need rest.


Noelle rolls her eyes, before gently massaging her partner's shoulder.


NOELLE: It's fine. If you want...I can help you relax a little.
ALEX: (laughs) I'd love it, but...I don't wanna put you to any trouble.


Alex yawns, as Noelle gets up, standing right in Alex's line of vision. She slowly undoes her robe, peeling it off her body, showing her revealing lingerie. She stands proudly before her husband, tempting him to come to attention.


NOELLE: It's no trouble at all. 

ALEX: Noelle, I...I just need to unwind a bit before bed.
NOELLE: Then let me help you.


Noelle walks over to the bed, ready to straddle Alex, but he instead grabs her by the wrist, pulling to one side, stopping her before she can. 




Noelle looks on, stunned by Alex's explosive reaction.




zvQOZKL.png wKxR5Ya.png 
The darkness of Eric's suite at the Salem Inn is broken by Eric and Nicole opening the door, and stepping inside. As the light turns on, Nicole groans, exhausted from the events of the day.


Nicole cuts ahead of Eric, and flops down on the bed. 


NICOLE: I never want to get up from this bed as long as I live.


Eric chuckles to himself, despite also being exhausted. He drops his car keys on the chest of drawers next to the door.


ERIC: You know you're gonna have to eventually.


Nicole winces, pained by the mere suggestion of another work day. She whines back at Eric, prompting him to chuckle again.


NICOLE: Noooo, I don't wanna. My feeeet.


Eric smiles, as he look at his wife, lying pathetically on the bed before him. He slowly kneels before her, slipping her shoes off her feet.


ERIC: Maybe this'll help?


He takes her right foot in his hands, tenderly massaging the soles of her feet. Nicole lays back, her shoulders instantly relaxing from her new husband's touch.


NICOLE: Ugh, yeah. Yeah, that helps.


Eric smiles, as Nicole lays back on the bed, looking as though she's in absolute heaven. As Nicole lays back on the bed, Eric massaging her

feet out of shot.


Eric begins to kiss up Nicole's leg, before eventually laying beside her on the bed, gently kissing her neck. Nicole purrs with pleasure, as Eric makes a suggestion to her.


ERIC: You know what?
NICOLE: Mmm, what?
ERIC: Well. I figure tonight is as good a night as any to make up for our honeymoon night.


Eric kisses Nicole's lips, before Nicole turns her head, seeing Eric stare lovingly in her eyes.


NICOLE: I think you're right.
ERIC: Good.


Eric kisses Nicole again, as Nicole suggests something in return, as he nibbles her earlobe, before kissing down the side of her neck.


NICOLE: We spend all night together. Here. Just us. Making love all night.


Eric stops suddenly, pulling himself back up. Nicole notices immediately and turns to look at Eric with a concerned expression. Eric responds sheepishly after a moment.


ERIC: Ahh...maybe not.
NICOLE: Wh...Eric, why?
ERIC: Mom's asked me to take a DNA test with my dad tomorrow morning.


Nicole looks stunned, lifting herself quickly up from the bed.




Outside Anita's cabin, Brady sits in the passenger seat of Anita's SUV, sobbing. 


As he lays his head against the steering wheel, Anita emerges from inside the cabin. She  holds a book in one hand, as she slowly walks over and stares sadly at her grandson. 


After a moment of not noticing her, Anita gently knocks on the window. Brady looks up, red-eyed and visibly in turmoil. Anita motions to the lock, asking Brady to unlock the door to the passenger side without saying a word. 


Brady sighs, taking a moment before he reluctantly obliges. Once he reaches across the vehicle and unlocks the door, Anita gets in.


They both sit, completely silently for a moment. Anita looks at Brady's hands, clutching tightly to the steering wheel. For a moment, Anita raises her hand to rest hers on Brady's, but she thinks better of it, and sets her hand back in her lap.


Instead, she speaks up.


ANITA: Brady....


Brady doesn't respond, his head resting on the steering wheel. Anita makes another attempt to speak to him.


ANITA: Brady, I...I'm sorry for keeping this from you. I really am. But I need you to know, whatever you think of me right now...I love you. And I care about what happens to you. I always will. From the moment I found you washed up on the shore--


Brady snaps out of his silence, his head lifting from the steering wheel to look tearfully at Anita. He cuts her off, angrily hissing his words to her.


BRADY: If you love me so damn much, you would've left me in that damn river to drown!


Anita looks back at Brady, stunned by his pained statement.







Noelle rips her arm out of Alex's tight grasp, enraged by his sudden burst of anger.


NOELLE: Don't you EVER grab me like that again!
ALEX: Well, don't put me in that position again!


Alex breathes for a moment, while Noelle flexes her wrist, hoping Alex didn't actually injure her. Admittedly, she's putting on a bit of a show for effect. Alex sighs after a moment, before speaking again, this time, in a much calmer tone.


ALEX: Look, I'm sorry, okay? Just...we had one HELL of a day today, Noelle. Between everything that happened tonight with Nick at the TV station, and...I mean, you know how Anjelica loves to stick her nose in where it doesn't belong. I'm just...I feel smothered. It's not you.
NOELLE: It never is.


Alex frowns, confused by Noelle's statement.


ALEX: What do you mean by that?
NOELLE: I mean you haven't been in the mood at all lately. I haven't so much as been kissed by you in bed since we GOT to Salem.
ALEX: Well...you know, things have been incredibly busy since we got here. You know that!


Noelle walks in closer to her husband, and runs her hand down Alex's muscular arm sensuosly.


NOELLE: And I also know how you used to enjoy unwinding from a day like that.


Noelle's hand runs down Alex's chest, but he grabs her hand in his before she can make her way south of there.


Noelle looks up at Alex, who gives a playful smirk as he pulls her into a quick kiss on the lips.


ALEX: You're right. But tonight isn't the night. 


Noelle rolls her eyes, as Alex keeps his grip on her hand, making sure she listens to what he has to say.


NOELLE: Uuggh, whatever--

ALEX: ...No, I'm serious. Noelle. Listen to me. 


Noelle stops verbalising her disappointement, as Alex takes his hand and turns her head to face him. Staring deeply into her eyes, he continues.


ALEX: I love you. Only you. No matter what's going on. No matter what's implied, no matter what is going on in my life. At work, at home, whatever. It's you. I love you. Okay? Just because I'm not up to a wild night in bed doesn't mean that's changed. I promise.

NOELLE: Mmhmm.


Noelle nods, clearly not believing what Alex is telling her. She turns away, back to her vanity to adjust her robe, as Alex spies the invitation to the Penthouse Grille gala. He quickly grabs it, and, as Noelle looks into the mirror, Alex holds up the invitation, and looks over her shoulder into the mirror to continue talking to her.


ALEX: Look, tomorrow night? We'll go to the Penthouse Grille gala together...but I'm gonna make sure we keep the celebration going afterwards, okay?


Alex sets the invite back down, before resting his head on her shoulder, gently caressing her face as he continues.


ALEX: Just you. Me. A bottle of champagne. Soft music. Softer lighting.


Noelle finally cracks, giggling as Alex lips gently graze the side of her neck.


NOELLE: (laughs) Stop. The lights aren't even on a dimmer.
ALEX: There's always candlelight. Use your imagination.
NOELLE: Alright, fine. It's deal.


Alex smiles, lifting his head from his wife's shoulder.


ALEX: Good. I love you.
NOELLE: I love you too.


Alex turns away, walking back to go to bed, leaving Noelle staring into her vanity mirror, her smile quickly fading, as the continued frustration is clear in her expression.




Eric sits up at the edge of his bed, next to Nicole, as he attempts to explain his plans for tomorrow to her.


NICOLE: Eric, what do you mean, a DNA test?
ERIC: Yeah, I know. (sigh) It's...it's complicated, but...my mom asked me to be there, and...
NICOLE: Does she not think you're Roman's son, or...
ERIC: No, she does. It's just...she doesn't know if the man we've been calling my father...is my father.


Nicole looks even more confused than before.


NICOLE: I think I'm more tired than I thought. I'm even more confused than before! What are you talking about?


Eric tries to hold back his laughter, as he tries to explain the situation in more detail.


ERIC: No, see...there's been...a lot of confusion over the years about who actually is Roman.
NICOLE: Right? Didn't your family think John was Roman at one point?
ERIC: Yeah. For a long time. Most of my childhood, actually. But this time...my mom's just making sure, and...at the same time she's trying to rule out something that could be...passed down.


Nicole looks immediately concerned.


NICOLE: Passed down? Like what?
ERIC: Like...dementia. 
NICOLE: (sigh) Right. First your grandmother, then your dad.
ERIC: Exactly. So if my mom can get us both tested to see if we share the same gene that led to my dad's dementia, then we can better prepare for it.


Nicole nods. She looks pensive for a moment before responding.


NICOLE: I mean...I get that you wanna help your mom, but...what about Sami.


Eric rolls her eyes, sighing immediately upon hearing Sami's name.


ERIC: Sami won't do it. In fact, she's livid with all of us for even doing the test at all. 


Nicole responds with more than a hint of derision and mockery in her voice.


NICOLE: She figures it's Marlena trying to take her daddy away again.
ERIC: Nicole, you know that's not fair. My dad being gone so long really messed with Sami...and with me.


Nicole nods, immediately regretting her snarky remark.


NICOLE: No, you're right. I'm sorry. Umm...do you want me to be there for you? Just in case...or...?
ERIC: No, no! It's okay. I (sigh) I don't ever mind if you want to come but, I know you have a lot going on at the station, and...Aunt Kim and my cousin Andrew will be there, so...I'll have more than enough support.


Nicole gives Eric a half-smile, slightly disappointed that he didn't need her there.




Eric notices Nicole's expression, and puts his hand under her chin, gently lifting Nicole's head back up to look into her eyes.


ERIC: Hey. Look, I'll take you to the Penthouse Grille gala tomorrow , though. Okay?
ERIC: And then...


Eric properly lays down on the bed, pulling Nicole in close to him.


ERIC: How about we take a weekend away. Just us, away from Salem. A little...mini-honeymoon.
NICOLE: I love it. Let's do it.


Nicole giggles as Eric tickles her. They writhe around for a moment before Eric has her pinned down on the bed. They begin to kiss, solidifying their romantic plans for the weekend, as Eric turns the bedside lamp off.




iXhpGtb.png HKU7a9p.png
Steve sits in the cell he shares with Bo in Stefano's island compound, staring at Jack's locket that he found in the corner of the cell. He's smiling widely, as Bo turns around, standing at the cell door, hoping to figure out how to escape the cell.


Steve mutters happily to himself.


STEVE: Jack's alive.


He turns to look at Bo from the flimsy, dirty cot he's sitting on.


STEVE: Bo, he's ALIVE!
BO: Maybe. Steve, we don't know if the reason that locket's there is because they took him somewhere and killed him.


Steve's face drops immediately, as Bo realizes the effect his words had on his friend.


BO: Sorry, Partner. I didn't mean that. 


Bo walks closer to Steve, trying to reason with Steve.


BO: Look, there is a good chance Jack is alive. But I don't want you to get your hopes up. Especially when we don't even know how WE'RE gonna get outta here.


Steve becomes emphatic, getting up from the cot, and walking over to the cell's door, studying it as he talks.


STEVE: Oh, we are getting outta here, one way or another! I'm gonna make sure of that, my man.
BO: Yeah, well, even if we do...
STEVE: I know, I know. It's not just us we have to make sure get out of her alive.
BO: Exactly.


Steve puts the locket in his jeans pocket, before looking around the cell for anything that might help.


STEVE: Well...what we could do....is start an argument...raise holy hell in here, get the guards attention. When they come, we knock em out and steal the keys.
BO: Yeah, great plan, but we still gotta get...
STEVE: I know, still gotta get our neighbour out. That's gonna be...
BO: Next to impossible with the amount of security Stefano has in this place.


Bo walks over to look over at the cell across the hall from them, where the Patient sits, still tied up. Bo is increasingly concerned as he watches the Patient passed out before him, his hands and legs bound to a steel chair.


BO: But we can't just let him stay here. We gotta get him out.


Steve walks over, joining his friend in looking at the Patient, as Steve puts a comforting hand on Bo's shoulder.




Anita sits back in shock by Brady's words, as they sit in her SUV together. 


ANITA: Brady--
BRADY: I mean it, Anita. You should've just left me to drown. 


Anita goes to grab Brady's head to pull him in close to her in an embrace, but Brady rebuffs her immediately.


ANITA: Shhh--
BRADY: No! Get your hands off me! 
ANITA: Brady, I--
BRADY: You honestly think I believe your story you and Tyler told me about being my grandmother? Wh...what kind of grandmother leaves her entire family for decades, pretends to be dead even after her daughters die? Huh?


Anita looks down, ashamed of the pain she's put her family through.


ANITA: I let you down, and I let your mother down. I know that. But Brady, I AM your grandmother. 
BRADY: Prove it.


Anita holds up the book she brough with her from inside the cabin.


ANITA: If you ask your uncle about the lengths everyone went to to get their hands on this, they'll tell you. 


Anita hands the book to Brady. Reluctantly, he takes it from her. She tightens her grip momentarily as Brady takes it into his hand.


ANITA: Be careful. There's some loose pages in there. Those are the pages you'd want to read most closely.


Brady takes the diary gently in his hands.


ANITA: Ernesto wanted the diary because it proved that Isabella was Victor's daughter, and that's why he tried to kill me. When Ernesto was killed, Victor returned the diary to me.


Brady studies the cover, afraid to open it, despite wanting to know the answer to his questions.


ANITA: You don't have to read it now. But I hope you do. And carefully.


Brady looks down at the book, his hands shaking. Anita notices, and puts her hand over Brady's. This time, he lets her.


ANITA: But this is the real thing. I promise you. You'll be able to tell. There's...there's things in that book I could never make up. Things that will prove to you...I am your grandmother, Brady Black. And I love you.


Brady looks at Anita, the hostility fading in his eyes, as Anita gazes at him, the affection apparent in her expression.




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