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DAYS #193: Chad is back! Nick lays his cards on the table





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


rXCE7WF.png BgZBfVU.png CqyazA4.png

In the University Hospital waiting room, Kim stands with her son, Andrew, placing a hand on Kim’s shoulder, while Marlena stands in front of her, holding both Kim’s hands in hers tightly. Kim looks down, avoiding Marlena’s gaze, as she thinks over everything Marlena’s just told her to try to comfort her.


ANDREW: Mom…Marlena’s right. We’re here for you. Both of us. We want to help you through this, and if you’re feeling alone right now, you don’t have to.

MARLENA: Andrew’s right, Kimmy. I would NEVER do anything purposely to hurt you. Please know that. And don’t ever be afraid to reach out.


Kim looks up at Marlena, and then at her son. She tears up, trying to hold the tears in. Finally, she nods slowly.


KIM: I know. (sigh) And thank you. Both of you. You…(sigh) I know I’ve been a lot to handle lately. I just…dammit, I’ve GOT a lot to handle.


Kim smiles through her tears, laughing at herself.


KIM: But I don’t have to handle all of it myself. And I know I try to. Just…Heh…


Kim wipes away her tears as she tries to lighten the mood around her.


KIM: Try not to let me, please?


zvQOZKL.png RvLvnPb.png

Marlena smiles earnestly, as Andrew pulls Kim into a tight hug. As he does, Eric and Valerie enter the room. They both look nervous, and the tension in the room immediately returns, with Marlena, Kim, and Andrew all turning to face Eric and Valerie at once.



ERIC: Hey, Mom.

MARLENA: Valerie, what…what’s the next step? When do we know?


Valerie looks around the room, a sense of trepidation in her voice as she tries to address everyone.


VALERIE: The next step…we wait. I sent the results to the lab, they’re gonna look it over. I put a rush on the results.


Kim interjects, impatient but trying not to sound that way.


KIM: So when will we know?

VALERIE: We should find out whether Eric carries the gene that would potentially pass down Roman’s dementia to him in…well…less than 24 hours.


Kim, Marlena, Eric, and Andrew all exchange nervous glances, as Valerie bites her top lip, feeling the same tension that surrounds her.




ARBxFuk.png U1QMrNJ.png

In the Horton kitchen, Liam is fixing a hearty breakfast, as Jennifer walks into the room, groggy. After wiping the sleep from her eyes, she realizes Liam’s there, and looks on surprised, as Liam flips an egg in a pan on the stovetop.


JENNIFER: Liam! How did you…?


Liam turns to face Jenn and smiles, before responding, turning back to face the stovetop.


LIAM: Oh, Abby let me in on her way out to the square.


Jennifer smells the food cooking and steps in closer to inspect what’s going on.


JENNIFER: You…you might as well have stayed the night if I’d known you were gonna come back so soon to make breakfast.

LIAM: Ahhh, it’s alright! I had to go back to the house last night anyway, and check in on some stuff, so it all worked out.


Liam slides the egg onto a plate, ready with fresh toast and bacon, before walking both his and her plates to the kitchen table, where Jenn sits down.


LIAM: For you, Madame.


Jennifer looks up at Liam and smiles.


JENNIFER: You really didn’t have to go to this much trouble, you know. I’m…hardly even awake right now.

LIAM: Yeah, I noticed you were a little late getting up, what’s wrong?


Jennifer shrugs, as she looks down at her plate, almost unsure if she even has the appetite to eat. Liam sits down across the table from her, looking concerned.


JENNIFER: (sigh) I don’t know. I just…couldn’t drag myself out of bed.

LIAM: Is it work or something? I mean…I know you’ve been taking on a lot more responsibility since Anne quit, but…

JENNIFER: Yeah, I…definitely have, haven’t I? I…I honestly have no idea. I haven’t felt like this since…

LIAM: Since around the time your show ended.


Jennifer looks up at Liam suddenly, which prompts Liam’s eyes to pop out a bit.


JENNIFER: How did you…?




Before either of them can respond, Abby storms into the kitchen, visibly upset. Jennifer and Liam both look up, startled.


JENNIFER: Abby? Honey, what’s wrong?

ABBY: I don’t wanna talk about it.


Abby opens the fridge, and pulls out a pack of yogurt. Liam pipes up, as Abby closes the fridge door and opens the drawer to grab a spoon.


LIAM: You sure? You seemed fine when I arrived…

ABBY: I…I think I may…have just been dumped.


Jennifer and Liam both look at each other, shocked, before looking up at Abby.




kekBTS1.png 1lEkvGr.png jY8xyuK.png UCMwemF.png

Nick leads Sami, Kate, and Gabi into his office at the Titan building, all three trying to hide their nervousness, while Nick looks confident and as smug as usual.


After shutting the door behind him, Nick heads over toward his desk, as Kate immediately begins talking.


KATE: Alright, Nick, what’s this all about?

NICK: Now, come on, Kate! Don’t be hasty! I’ll get to it.


Kate and Sami exchange a quick glance, before Sami pipes up.


SAMI: Well, I don’t know how much time I have, Nick. I’ve got a lot to get done at work if I’m ever gonna…snatch Gabi away from the jaws of the Salem’s biggest botox receptacle—

KATE: OKAY, Sami, that’s a bit much, no? This is business, I think we can a little more professional…at least most of us can.


Nick interrupts the mudslinging, taking over Sami’s attempt to rebut Kate’s snide remark.


NICK: Ladies! Let’s…put our claws away for a moment, yes?


Nick smiles, as Sami and Kate pipe down, and glare at the young executive.


NICK: There’s ultimately no need for you two to be at each other’s throats like this, honestly. Gabi’s bidding war is, for all intents and purposes, over anyway!


Kate, Sami, and Gabi look at each other with confusion.


GABI: I mean…yeah, I already signed with MadWorld days ago. You knew that.

NICK: Oh, for sure! But I know Kate and Sami are putting on a good show of trying to keep the war going for my sake, and…honestly, guys…you don’t have to. I know what you’re up to.

KATE: Oh you do, now? And just what are we up to?

NICK: You’re trying to get the drop on me, and I won’t let you do that.


Sami, though slightly unnerved, still continues to play it cool, snarking back at Nick against her better judgment.


SAMI: Someone sounds paranoid. Why won’t we this time, Nick? What did the guiding spirit tell you?


Nick’s face becomes serious suddenly, as his tone of voice drops as he drops his latest bomb.


NICK:  Because I’ve decided to sell MadWorld to DiMera, and they’re intending to fold it into Countess W, so….you see, Kate? Guess you’re out of a job!


Nick smiles broadly, as Kate’s jaw drops. Sami and Gabi look at Kate to see her reaction to the news.









In the Horton kitchen, Jennifer gets up from the kitchen table, and puts her arm around her daughter’s back, looking concerned and curious. Liam stands to the side, but shows concern as well.


JENNIFER: Oh Honey, what happened?


Abby stares blankly, almost oblivious to her mother’s comforting hand.


ABBY: I…I don’t know. I was talking to Jerome and he just…I thought he wanted to go to the party tonight, and he just…made some excuse and left. I just…Mom, I have no idea what I said. It’s like…like a switch went off in his head or something.

JENNIFER: Honey, you did nothing wrong. You just…(sigh) You know some guys are a bit intimidated when a girl asks them out.

ABBY: Yeah, but…Mom, it didn’t feel like that was what did it.


Liam chimes in, still standing slightly apart from Abby and Jennifer.


LIAM: Are you sure? I mean…guys can be really hard to read, Abby. They keep a lot of things bottled up.

JENNIFER: Liam’s right, Sweetie.

ABBY: No. No, it was…something else. Honestly, I feel like I’ve been the one holding back. I mean, Mom, you even said so yesterday. Maybe he’s fed up of waiting for me to open up.

LIAM: I don’t know if that’s true, Abby. The right guy would be willing to wait…and to help you feel comfortable around them.


Jennifer smiles, and nods in agreement.


JENNIFER: Exactly. Besides, if that is the reason he didn’t want to go to the party with you, then maybe you’re better off without him.


Abby tries to object, but as she begins, the doorbell rings.


ABBY: Oh come on, Mom, Jerome’s—


Abby stops mid-sentence and turns toward the door. She breaks away from her mother’s embrace and, huffily, heads for the foyer.


ABBY: I’ll get it.



In the foyer, Abby walks toward the door. Opening it, she looks up at who’s there, and is stunned.


ABBY: Chad!



Chad stands before her, smiling widely as he sees his ex- after many months.




Marlena and Kim walk through the lobby of Universiy Hospital, talking with each other, with a very clear reserve in how they speak to each other. Kim appears visibly shaken, while Marlena tries to keep a cool exterior, but is a bundle of nerves inside, herself.


MARLENA: So, are you going to the party tonight?

KIM: No, I don’t…I don’t think that’s such a great idea.


Marlena stops and turns to look at Kim, slightly concerned.


MARLENA: You sure? I think getting out of the house could do you some good. You’ve been so cooped up lately.


Kim smiles half-heartedly.


KIM: Marlena, as much as I agree with you, it just…it isn’t the same without Shane.


Marlena nods, understanding Kim’s position.


MARLENA: Believe me. I know. I wish John would be there tonight. (sigh) But…what are you gonna do? I’m just…I’m gonna go to support Maggie and Julie.


KIM: That’s good. I know Andrew’s going too. Were you uh…were you planning to bring Roman with you?

MARLENA: I think it might be good for him, actually. Some faces that may be familiar to him and all.


Kim nods, still reluctant to make eye contact with Marlena. Marlena senses Kim’s sadness, and presses one more time.


MARLENA: Kimberly…are you absolutely sure you don’t want to go tonight? You…seem to be…so alone.


Kim shakes her head, looking up at Marlena and smiling for a moment.


KIM: No, no. I umm…I need to talk to Valerie about something…nothing to do with Roman, before you ask. And then I’d…I’d just like to spend some time with Theresa. You know?


Marlena smiles warmly.


MARLENA: I understand. I’m sure you know, coma patients can hear us speaking to them. And I think you speaking with her will help her recover, Kim. I can feel it.


Kim smiles, starting to tear up a little again.


KIM: Thanks.



As Marlena reaches out and rubs Kim’s shoulder affectionately, Daniel steps toward them from the nurses’ station, and Kim calls out to him.


KIM: Oh, Daniel!

DANIEL: Kimberly! Good to see you. In fact, you are exactly the person I wanted to see.

KIM: Oh…wow, it’s been awhile since any man’s said that to me.


Marlena and Kim chuckle to each other, as Daniel responds.


DANIEL: Yeah, well…I think that smile on your face is gonna hold for a bit longer.

KIM: Why’s that?

DANIEL: Well, I….I don’t wanna get your hopes up, but…I think there may be some improvement with Theresa’s condition.


Kim’s jaw drops, as Marlena stands next to her, equally stunned.





At Crystal’s apartment, Sheryl finishes brushing her long, dyed red hair, and readies her disguise, about to put in her coloured contacts. As she begins to put the first one in, there is a knock at her door. Sheryl calls out to the person there.


SHERYL: Just a minute!



Stopping before she puts the contact in, returning it to its case, and shaking the contact solution from her finger, Sheryl walks to the door and looks through the peephole, she smiles, and opens the door for Jerome to return.


As he steps into the room, Sheryl closes the door behind him, and Jerome hands her a small earbud. Sheryl looks down at it, slightly confused.


JEROME: Take this.


Sheryl takes the earbud, and holds it up.


SHERYL: And what exactly am I going to do with it?

JEROME: That’s gonna be how we communicate while you’re at the party.

Sheryl walks over to the kitchenette, and pours herself another coffee, while Jerome asks her questions about her plan.


SHERYL: So where will you be for all this?

JEROME: I’ll be at the Java Café. No one will be suspicious cos there’s people there morning, noon, and night playing video games and they talk some wild stuff, so I’ll blend in just fine.

SHERYL: Okay. So at my end, just so we’re clear, I’m going in early. I’ll make sure I blend with the wait staff setting up for the event.

JEROME: Okay, that’ll give me time to get set up. The moment you locate Jordan at the party, I’ma turn off the security system and main power to the building, they’ll be on backup generators.

SHERYL: And you know how to access that.


Jerome sideeyes Sheryl, slightly annoyed by her question.


JEROME: I have figured out systems way more difficult that Titan Enterprises. Give me a damn break.


Sheryl holds her hands up, knowing she’s offended Jerome.


SHERYL: Alright! Alright! Sorry I asked. So…once you’ve turned the system off, the cameras will be out of order, I can get down to Nick’s office, and take care of him, then get out with Jordan to the street.

JEROME: And you’re not parking underground.

SHERYL: Right, because there’s no guarantee the gate will work if the power’s off.

JEROME: You got it. Now, have Jordan change on the drive up. Once you’ve swapped cars, get Jordan to drive the rest of the way, and you can change. Then drive off the embankment, and you call me when you get to where you’re going, and only then.


Sheryl nods, clutching the earpiece in her hand tightly. After a moment, Sheryl sighs, suddenly feeling a wave of nervousness.


SHERYL: Right. I think I’m ready.


Jerome laughs, shaking his head at Sheryl’s sudden nervousness.


JEROME: You better be ready, or you’ll be dead. And you better hope to Hell that Jordan doesn’t try to fight you on this.

SHERYL: Yeah, well…she hasn’t before.

JEROME: She hasn’t had a reason to before.


Sheryl glares back at Jerome, before walking toward the door to show him out. He follows casually behind her.


SHERYL: …And even if she does, I’ll make sure she follows direction.


Opening the door to show Jerome out, Sheryl turns and smiles, her old confidence returning.


SHERYL: Trust me.

JEROME: Well…Good luck. Please, Sheryl. Make sure you follow my every instruction on this.

SHERYL: I will. You’re my eyes and ears in there, so I’ll have to.

JEROME: Don’t forget that. And for the last time…my name never appears in the same sentence as any of this. You got that?

SHERYL: It’s a deal.


Jerome walks out, and Sheryl closes the door behind him. Leaning against the back of the door, Sheryl sighs heavily, her nervousness once again showing.





In Nick’s office, Kate is incensed by Nick’s threat to sell MadWorld off and put her out of a job. She steps forward, pointing aggressively at Nick, who leans back against his desk, smug expression once again.


KATE: You slimy son-of-a-bitch. I gave you a job at MadWorld to begin with, and this is how you repay me? By firing me?? By selling off the company I have been trying to use to save this corporation off for parts?!

NICK: Now, now, Kate. Cool your jets! I’m sure Sami will be able to find some use for you at Countess W.


Sami looks at Nick, then at Kate. Gabi stands speechless, as Sami questions Nick on the details of the plan.


SAMI: That presumes that this is actually what’s going on, and that you’re not just bluffing.

NICK: Oh this isn’t a bluff at all. In fact, it’s all in motion as we speak.


Sami jumps down Nick’s throat again, not quite listening to what Nick’s said.


SAMI: Oh the Hell it is, I haven’t heard a single word about this from E—


Sami stops herself, suddenly making a connection in her mind between Nick’s words, and EJ’s mysterious meeting from the morning.


SAMI: You son of a bitch.

NICK: You know, you and Kate are being awfully liberal with the insults directed at my mother right now and I don’t really appreciate it.


Nick casually takes a sip of coffee, as Sami fires back again.


SAMI: Your little game isn’t gonna work, and I’m gonna make sure of it. I’m stopping your little deal the first chance I get.

NICK: Oh, are you?

SAMI: Oh you’re damned right I am. Tell me, Nick. Who’s your partner in this?


Nick laughs at Sami’s question, setting his coffee down on the desk.


SAMI: Come on, Nick! Tell me who you’re brokering this deal with!

NICK: I’m sure you’ve already figured it out, Sami.


Sami steps toward Nick, ready to deck him, when Gabi cuts in, trying to reason with him.


GABI: Sami, Sami! It’s okay!


Gabi pulls Sami back, and takes a rational, calm tone to Nick, hoping to shift the dynamics in the room.


GABI: Look, Nick…I don’t understand what’s going on, but…can we just…put all this…just put it all aside for a minute? Look, I don’t want a war between Arianna’s grandmother and—


Kate cuts in before Gabi can continue.


KATE: DON’T…say it, Gabi.

GABI: (sigh) I don’t want a rift in my daughter’s family, and besides, this…this should be a happy time for us. I want us to celebrate this time, together. You know?


Nick smiles at Gabi, listening attentively to Gabi.


NICK: Mmhmm?

GABI: I mean, you’re a power player in business, Ari and I have moved in with you, I…I love you so much, and I want this for us, don’t spoil this day for us with…bitterness over the past, Nick!


Gabi reaches out to hold Nick’s hand, but instead of taking it, Nick slowly raises both his hands, and begins to slowly applaud her. Gradually clapping quicker and quicker, before laughing heartily, and shouting out in mocking congratulations.


NICK: Brava! Encore!


Gabi looks confused, turning quickly to Kate and Sami to try to figure out what is happening, before turning back to look at Nick. Nick leans back against his desk once again, folding his arms in front of him.


NICK: Fabulous performance, Gabi.

GABI: Wh…what do you mean…performance?? Nick, I’m serious—

NICK: Oh I’m sure you are, Gabi. This whole…charade you’ve cooked up with Kate and Sami is just…well, let’s just say, you got a future on the stage, kid. Cos you had me fooled.


Gabi tightens up, tense as she realizes something major has changed in Nick.


GABI: Nick, what are you talking about? What…what charade are you talking about?

NICK: Save it, Gabi. I saw you.

GABI: Saw me doing what, Nick?


Nick stands up, and saunters over to Gabi, and leans in close, whispering just loud enough for everyone to hear.


NICK: I caught you in my room last night, stealing the pictures of you, Kate, and Sami trying to drown me, right out from my own dresser.


Gabi’s eyes widen, as Kate and Sami look deflated, realizing the game is up. Nick looks at Gabi, slight menace in his eyes as he looks directly into Gabi’s.






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