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DAYS #180: Gabi finds the pictures, EJ questions Kate about the key





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


D9u9REM.png JKwof8p.png
Jordan opens the door to Rafe's loft, finding Roman standing on the other side. She is immediately tense, particularly after Nicole's TV special, and begins to trip over her words as she goes to greet Roman.


JORDAN: Ah...uh...R--


Roman looks confused by Jordan being at the door. He tries to look past her to ensure he has the right address.

ROMAN: Ah...Hi...uh...is Rafe there?
JORDAN: Ah, no. No, he...he just stepped out for a second. Umm...is there...anything I can...maybe help you with? Or...maybe pass on a message?


Roman looks down, racking his brain trying to figure out what he even came for. After a moment, he looks up at Jordan, and shakes his head.


ROMAN: You know what? Don't worry about it. I'll get ahold of him later.


Jordan smiles, pleasantly, but with a distinct tension behind her eyes.


JORDAN: Okay. Sure.


Jordan closes the door, as Roman leaves. Inside, she leans against the door, relieved.


JORDAN: Just...breathe, Jordan. He's not after you, or you'd be under arrest already. Just breathe.




On the other side of the door, Roman  walks to the elevator, and presses the "down" button on the elevator.


As he waits for it to reach his floor, he pounds on the frame of the elevator, trying in vain to recall why he came to Rafe's.


ROMAN: What da Hell am I doing here? (sigh) Dammit.


Roman is startled by the ding of the bell, announcing the elevator's arrival. He steps on and presses the Ground floor button.


As the doors close, Rafe emerges from the stairwell, momentarily catching a glimpse of Roman, but is unable to call out to him in time. He frowns, wondering about the reason for Roman's visit, before stepping into his unit.




jGpRAKh.png 64Ph3ZC.png  kekBTS1.png lFjKfpv.png
The door of Will's car shuts, as Percy leaves the vehicle, having been dropped off from the TV studio. Will is now about to drive toward the Kiriakis mansion, with Alex in his front passenger's seat, Nick and Anjelica sitting in back. He turns the steering wheel, leaving the curbside by Percy's place.


Everyone is stoic in the car, with most somewhat still shell shocked from Nick and Anjelica's near-miss on the studio floor with the falling lighting rig. 


WILL: Okay, so I'm taking you all to the Kiriakis house, yeah?
NICK: Yep.
WILL: Right.


The car ride becomes silent once again, as Nick looks over at Will, who is focused on the road ahead. Alex looks over to Anjelica, who is looking out the window, as if in a haze.


ALEX: Anjelica...you alright?


Anjelica turns and smiles at her son warmly, but distinctly half-heartedly.


ANJELICA: Yeah. Yeah, I'm just...I'm just exhausted.
ALEX: Can't say I blame you. That was...quite the scare.


Anjelica nods silently, before shuffling slightly in her seat.


ANJELICA: Yeah...and I can't say these fabric seats are helping matters much.


Will pipes up from the front, exhausted himself, and exasperated by Anjelica's unending snobbery.


WILL: Yeah, well, welcome to normal people's cars, Anjelica. I'm sorry I couldn't get Harold to lend me the Bentley for the night, but you'll have to make do with plain old unheated cloth.


Anjelica rolls her eyes, shuffling slightly again as she glares at Will.


ANJELICA: Wish I hadn't told my driver to have the night off.
ALEX: You'll be fine, Anjelica.


Anjelica turns back to looking out the window, now more glaring out the window, really.


The hush falls over the car once again.


After a tense moment, Nick turns to ask Will a question.


NICK: So, you figure the special got a good rating?


Will stares straight ahead, purposefully disengaged from Nick.


WILL: I'm sure we'll hear about it tomorrow.
NICK: Overnights should be good. You think I came off well on TV?


Will snaps at Nick suddenly, catching him off-guard.


WILL: I don't really give a damn about how you come off on TV, Nick.
NICK: I'm sorry, Will, I--
WILL: But I will tell you, you come off really badly sneaking Gabi out of our apartment without letting Sonny or I have a say about, or letting Gabi discuss it with us first like we asked.


Nick looks surprised by Will's sudden display of backbone, Will looks back, heated.




jY8xyuK.png 1lEkvGr.png WjFwxhw.png
Kate slams her rocks glass down on the bar table in the DiMera living room, having just toasted to Nick's inevitable undoing. EJ and Sami look on, less than convinced.


SAMI: Well, you're awfully sure of yourself tonight, Kate.


Kate shrugs, before turning to face the bar, debating whether or not to grab another.


KATE: I have good reason to be. Nick Fallon's overplayed his hand.


Kate decides to go for it, and pours another half-glass of bourbon into the rocks glass, before picking it up gently spinning it around in her hand.


KATE: And it's our time to seize upon that.
EJ: Alright, I've got a question.


Kate finishes taking a sip of her second drink and motions to EJ to go ahead.


KATE: Shoot.
EJ: What makes you so sure about this particular timeline for Nick's downfall?


Kate saunters over toward the armchair as she explains herself to EJ and Sami. EJ and Sami turn, their eyes following Kate as she takes over their living room.


KATE: Simple. Nick was so eager to seize control of Titan, that he got sloppy. He established, and used a working relationship with Jordan and Sheryl, or whatever their real names are, to get access to their servers, and then use them as the fall guys to help bribe the board into giving him control. Of course, those two have been working day and night to destroy Titan for the whole EnerNext fracking nonsense, so Nick pretended to be on their side to get access to their plans, and, I'm guessing, thwart them. Not to mention his blackmail tactics, which...frankly, if we stop him in time, we'll keep him from running his mouth everywhere about everyone and everything. 
EJ: That's all well and good, but...how can you prove he was working with them?
KATE: Well, that's the best part. This stays between us, of course, but Billie's been investigating them this entire time. That's why she was brought back to Salem in the first place. So the goal now is to lure Jordan and Sheryl to the Penthouse Grille gala tomorrow night, and let the fireworks begin.


Kate smiles, as she takes a sip of her drink. EJ and Sami look at each other, less than certain of Kate's plan.








Sami folds her arms, as she stands facing Kate in the DiMera living room.


SAMI: Well, this needs to work, or we're all going to jail. Though, frankly, I don't see why we don't just kill that little twerp anyway, if we're heading to jail anyway.


Kate raises her rocks glass again from her seat in the armchair.


KATE: Amen to that!


EJ widens his eyes at Kate, implying she keep her mouth shut.


EJ: Samantha, remember our New Year's resolution, we were going to try to keep the murder to a minimum this year.
KATE: How sweet! Impractical, but sweet.


Sami glares at Kate, annoyed by how comfortable Kate is in her home. Sami grabs her paperwork, and tablet, and heads out of the room for bed, kissing EJ on her way.


SAMI: Look. I gotta get to bed. But keep me posted, okay? And if anything goes even slightly left, you call me right away. 
KATE: Got it.


Sami turns to EJ to wish him good night.


EJ: I'll show Kate out, Samantha. Don't worry.


Sami smiles, then walks out of the living room, walking up the stairs and out of sight. EJ checks carefully to make she she has gone up, before motioning to Kate to get up from her seat and come over closer to talk to him.


KATE: What?


EJ pulls the key he found in the safe out from his pocket.


EJ: Does this look familiar to you at all?
KATE: Ahh...maybe, I...


EJ leans in closer, and speaks softly, but emphatically to Kate.


EJ: You need to think really hard about this. Did father talk to you about a...safe deposit box, or anything of the sort that isn't part of the normal DiMera accounts.


Kate mulls it over a moment, before answering EJ.

KATE: There was something. He mentioned having a box at a small savings and loan in Chicago, but he never said anything more than that. Why?
EJ: Because I have been through that safe about a hundred times and those pictures of the drowning attempt, among other...unpleasant reminders, are not in there, but I know for a FACT father has copies of them.
KATE:Why would Stefano have those?
EJ: To keep me in line. Why else? To remind me that my loyalty is to him, and not to Samantha.


Kate nods, understanding Stefano's motivation clearly.


KATE: Sounds like Stefano.
EJ: Right, but then that begs another question.


Kate puts her drink down, realizing EJ's question before it even comes out of his mouth.


KATE: Is Stefano tied up with Nick.
EJ: Exactly. And how deep.


Kate sighs, as EJ clears his throat a moment.


EJ: I need to get those pictures, Kate.
KATE: What other pictures are in there. I mean, you can't just be this jumpy about Nick and the drowning--
EJ: Nothing for you to worry about.


EJ cuts Kate off, preferring not to elaborate. Kate takes the hint and backs down. She grabs her clutch, and prepares to leave, but hesitates.


KATE: Can you keep me in the loop about whether you track the pictures down or not?


EJ looks up, nodding to Kate.


EJ: I will. 


Kate turns to leave, but EJ calls out to stop her.


EJ: Ah, Kate.


Kate turns around, as EJ shares his last thought with her.


EJ: Don't tell Samantha about the pictures. She's already...a wreck as it is, I don't think she needs this on top of everything else.


Kate nods, smiling half-heartedly at EJ.


KATE: No problem.


Kate turns to leave, leaving EJ alone in the living room, looking pensively at the key.




Rafe steps into the loft, finding Jordan finishing up cooking dinner for them. Jordan turns to look at Rafe, who points his thumb down the hall.


RAFE: Am I seeing things or did Roman just leave?


Jordan looks at Rafe, pretending to be confused.


JORDAN: Wh...no. Roman wasn't here. It's just been me, finishing up the sauce.


Rafe looks genuinely baffled, as he shuts the door to the loft.


RAFE: Hm. I guess I need to get my eyes checked...you sure he wasn't just here?


Jordan laughs, hoping her deflection works, and raises the mixing spoon from the saucepan for Rafe to taste.


JORDAN: I'm positive. Here, try.


Rafe leans in and tastes the piping hot sauce. He's immediately enticed by Jordan's home cooking.


RAFE: Mmm, okay, that does it, you're movin' in.


Rafe leans in to grab Jordan, but in the excitement, Jordan swings the spoon at Rafe and sprays sauce all over his shirt. Rafe backs up, stunned, while Jordan looks Rafe over, trying to hold in a giggle.


RAFE: This is like...my favourite shirt!


Jordan smiles sensuously, before running the spoon down his shirt, slowly reaching the top of his jeans.


JORDAN: i guess you'll have to throw it in the wash....right away.


Jordan steps in closer, wrapping her arm around the back of Rafe's neck, and pulls him into a kiss. Rafe grabs Jordan, but stops himself a moment, remembering the sauce.


RAFE: Wait, what about dinner?


Jordan turns around and turns the flame off the stovetop, before turning back to face Rafe.


JORDAN: It can wait. Time for appetizers.


Rafe smiles, as he picks Jordan up in his arms, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around him, as he whisks her way to the bedroom.


After Rafe closes the door to the bedroom, Jordan cell phone begins to buzz on the kitchen counter, with Sheryl once again trying to reach her.




Roman shuts the door to his car, and sits inside in the parking lot outside Rafe's building with his car off.


In the dark of the night, he racks his brain, stumped as to why he's there.


In frustration, Roman smashes his hand against the rim of the steering wheel.




He sighs, mulling over what to do now.


ROMAN: Okay, Roman. Just...have a drive around, think over what you were doing. Just...cool your head.


Fumbling with the keys, Roman struggles momentarily in the dark, before finally getting the key in the ignition. Once the car is started, Roman backs out of the parking spot, and heads off into the night.




T2KhzTU.png wKxR5Ya.png
At WXIR, Abby and Nicole finalize things after the end of production of Nicole's TV special. Nicole bends down with another crew member to inspect where the lines broke on the rig.


CREW MEMBER: Nicole, these...these wires...
NICOLE: What about them?


Nicole notices something is wrong. She turns around, and motions to Abby to come over and take a look at the rig wires.


NICOLE: Abby, come here and check this out.


Abby steps over, as Nicole points to the cut cable.


ABBY: Someone cut that cable.
NICOLE: Exactly. And that's not the only one.
ABBY: Somebody meant to drop this lighting rig.
NICOLE: Exactly. And I have a feeling I know who they meant to hit.


Nicole stands up, a worried look on her face. She turns to face Abby, speaking with urgency.


NICOLE: Call the police right away. Get someone down here, NOW!


Abby nods quickly, before running off to get a signal on her cell phone closer to the doorway, when Eric walks into the studio. He races over to embrace Nicole, who is thrilled to have him here.


NICOLE: Oh my God, Eric!
ERIC: I saw what happened on TV. Are you okay?
NICOLE: I'm fine. Just...shaken up a little. You have no idea how happy I am to see your face.


Nicole reaches around and hugs Eric again, tightly.


As they hug, Abby stands off to the side of the room, as she begins to dial the police. Her heart sinks a little, as she watches Eric and Nicole embrace. She longs for her own lost love, as she recalls her mother's words from earlier in the day.






Outside the Brady Pub, Jenn looks confused, as she puts a hand on Abby's shoulder.


JENN: Loving Chad wasn't a mistake, Abby. You just...you had a lot on your plate, I wouldn't call that a huge mistake.




Abby sighs, catching her breath as she recalls her feelings for Chad. She wipes away a tear, as she finally dials the police.




In Will's car, there is a silent tension from Will having snapped at Nick. All eyes are on the front seats, as Anjelica and Alex await Nick's response.


After a moment, Nick begins to laugh at Will's anger.


NICK: Dude, you've got this vein that like...pops out on your forehead when you're pissed, it's...hilarious.
WILL: That's not an answer, Nick--
NICK: Gabi made her choice on her own. In case you didn't notice, she's a grown adult, and I don't think she needs you to be making her decisions for her.
WILL: She does when it affects my daughter.


Anjelica listens intently to the conversation, before pulling her phone out, and slyly sending a text to Liam.


change of plan, meet @ pier for 11, need 2 grab somethng


As she puts her phone away, Nick shakes his head, still keeping a cool head to counter Will's temper.


NICK: You act like I'm taking them away to Greece or something. They're right down the road! Hell, Ari will probably spend more time at our place, what with Alex living there and all.

WILL: What the Hell does that mean, Nick?


Nick smirks, knowing he touched a nerve.


NICK: Just sayin', I noticed you two are getting pretty close lately, and not in a boss/employee sorta way.


Will looks away, frustrated by Nick's insinuation that something untoward is going on between him and Alex.


ALEX: Shut up, Nick.
NICK: Hey, is that any way to talk to your boss, man? 


Will mutters under his breath, turning his attentions back to the road ahead.


WILL: Hopefully not for long.
NICK: What was that?


Will pulls into the driveway at the Kiriakis house, and puts the car into park, before turning to Nick with a big, fake smile.


WILL: Nothing. Now get the Hell out of my car.
NICK: There's that ol' Salem hospitality.


Nick opens the door to leave, but turns back at the last moment to get one more jab in.


NICK: Thanks for the ride, by the way. I know it's hard in this rickety old thing, but, maybe I'll give you a raise and you can get a new one.


Will rolls his eyes as Nick laughs, shutting the door behind him. Anjelica opens the door, and motions to Alex, who stays behind a moment.


ALEX: I'll be right in, Mom.


Alex puts a hand on Will's shoulder, as Will leans back in the driver's seat, drained and frustrated.


ALEX: Hey. Don't let him get to you. We'll get him. I promise.


Will nods his head, and puts his hand over Alex's. Alex, suddenly uncomfortable, pulls away, and awkwardly responds.


ALEX: I should ah...I should go back in. You okay?
WILL: I'll be fine.
ALEX: K. Goodnight.
WILL: Night.


Alex exits the car, leaving Will alone. Will sighs, as he hits his head against the headrest. He sits for a minute with the car off, contemplating how things are going in his life.




Inside the house, Gabi opens the door to Nick's room, turning on the light to be sure she's alone this time. She checks the hallway behind her before stepping in and leaving the door slightly ajar.


Gabi sighs, as she contemplates where to start looking this time.


GABI: Alright, chances are, it's gonna be...here.


Gabi turns to face Nick's desk, and tries to pull open the bottom drawer where she was stopped before. It's locked. 


SIghing, she takes a second, before pulling a pin from her hair, and using it to pick the lock.


After a second, she manages to pop the drawer open.


GABI: Yesss....


Inside, she immediately spots a large manila envelope. Intrigued, she opens the envelope to find she's hit paydirt. The photos of her, Kate, and Sami attempting to drown Nick are inside. She breathes a sigh of relief as she flips through the photos. 


GABI: Oh my God! I found it.


But behind her, trouble lurks.


Nick approaches the door, and goes to open it, but notices it's ajar. He hesitates, checking carefully to see who's inside. Seeing it's Gabi, his face drops. He hangs back silently, watching her betray him like a hawk.


GABI: We got him. Oh my God, I'm finally free.


She presses the pictures up to her chest, thrilled by her discovery, but then flips to the next picture, her own face drops, as she sees an image that stuns her.


GABI: Wha....what the....?


The image of Abby and EJ mid-liplock is before her eyes. Gabi's jaw drops, as Nick looks on from outside.




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