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Y&R May 2024 Discussion Thread

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Esther is wealthy from Katherine’s money but hasn’t been a maid in years after she quit in 2015 after Colin sexually harassed her. She mainly works in Crimson Lights and has some job at Fenmore’s. 

Devon and Abby live at the Chancellor mansion nowadays and I think Chance does occasionally or something. 

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Posted (edited)

Esther at one point got a certificate in alcohol counseling but that was many years ago, and I don't think she ever used it.  She stopped working as a maid.   She hasn't lived at the C-mansion in a long time.   Esther's daughter Chloe and husband/boyfriend/partner/whatever Kevin have two children, and bought a house, and moved out of the C-mansion.   Esther moved into the house with Chloe and Kevin to help with childcare, as Chloe was working in fashion and Kevin was doing tech consulting for the police. 

For a while Esther was shown at the park with the children (or they  would show her walking toward something at the park, indicating that the children were just out of view offscreen.) I think Bella was a little girl and baby Miles was often depicted by a stroller as soaps often do.  But I don't think those children have aired since before COVID?

Chloe and Kevin are rarely shown since Greg Rikaart has been fulltime contract on DAYS for a few years.  They let him film maybe two episodes of Y&R a year and he remains on contract at DAYS.   Chloe's house hasn't ever been shown, she of course does her design meetings at restaurants.  Chloe has done fashion with Chelsea in the past, and interior design more recently with Sally.  Chloe rarely mentions Kevin but if she does, its a phonecall or a mention that he's at work or with the children.  She recurs very intermittently.

Meanwhile, in 2023, Sharon inherited a technology business from the deceased Cameron Kirsten.  Sharon hired Esther to manage Crimson Lights while Sharon runs her tech business. (The show has never shown Sharon's business office).

Also meanwhile (I forget if it was before or after the Crimson Lights hiring but close in time), Devon and Lily hired Esther to be a receptionist at Chancellor-Winters.  So Esther works in *both* places.   

When she was offered the jobs at Crimson Lights and Chancellor-Winters, Esther said she was glad to have a job because Chloe's children were old enough to no longer need fulltime care.  I think Esther was able to work out arrangements so that she could work in both places.

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What a grimy way for her to have to end her career as a maid. I know some fans enjoyed Colin but I just couldn't be bothered by that point.

Thanks for such a detailed response. I really appreciate it. 

I didn't even know Sharon had a business...

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Posted (edited)

@DRW50 more details on who lives at C-Mansion.

Okay I remember now.  When Chance and Abby got married a few years ago, they moved into the C-Mansion together, and that's when Kevin/Chloe/Esther children bought the house and moved out.

Back when  Abby&Chance got married, Mariah was maid of honor and Devon was the officiant, in a plot device to say they were all close friends, despite us never seeing that onscreen.

Abby wanted to get pregnant but was having trouble staying pregnant due to past history from several years prior (scarring resulting from a miscarriage caused by Stitch's young son pushing her down the stairs).    Meanwhile Chance was shot or injured somehow and they said his sperm count was low.  Chance and Abby were going to try fertility treatments or surrogacy, etc etc.   But meanwhile the actor Danny Boaz who played Chance violated COVID rules and got fired, so they said Chance was off on some secret military operation overseas.

Then there was the INSANE plot of Abby wanting to IMMEDIATELY find a sperm donor and a gestational surrogate so she and Chance could be having a fetus growing WHILE Chance was still overseas on the secret military mission. Because poor little privileged white rich girl Abby had been trying for a baby for only a few months and needed it fixed immediately.  She cried on friends' shoulders and  Mariah became the gestational surrogate and Devon was the sperm donor while Chance was still overseas.

Devon was dating Hilary's twin Amanda (played by Mishael Morgan) and Devon was living in his own condo.   Mariah&Tessa were a committed couple (not yet married) but when Mariah became the surrogate, Mariah&Tessa moved into the C-Mansion together, so Abby could be near the baby.

The whole thing was this weird thing of the Black man and the lesbian woman servicing the white heiress.  I mean the show may have intended to write it as a supportive community working together lovingly to bring a baby into the world, which could have made sense on paper....   But the optics of how it was done, and the bratty nature of Abby ....

The baby was born.  They named him Dom (D for Devon and M for Mariah) aka Dominic.
Mariah and Tessa moved out of the mansion eventually.

Chance was recast with actor Conner Floyd and came home from overseas after some ordeal/battle/bombing situation.  He arrived home after the baby was born.
Chance, Abby and the baby lived at the mansion, as it was his family's mansion.

Chance was written as having PTSD or some sort of inability to connect emotionally as a result of the bombing/battle/whatever overseas in which some of his comrades died.  He returned to working as a cop for the GCPD.   He refused to cater to all of Abby's emotional needs and she got annoyed, because she wanted him working less and pampering her more.

Meanwhile, although Devon was only the sperm donor, he wanted some role in the baby's life.  He asked for partial custody and eventually Chance and Abby agreed.  So the child had three parents legally. 

Meanwhile,  Mariah and Tessa eventually married and adopted their own daughter.

The Abby/Chance/Devon baby Dominic spent half his time at Devon's condo and half his time with Chance&Abby at the C-Mansion.   Abby would drive the baby back and forth.  She began to bond with Devon.

One day, when Devon's girlfriend Amanda was out of town, Devon and Abby had sex in multiple places all over Devon's condo, and at that moment --- Chance and Amanda walked in and saw them together.  Amanda left town.  Chance amicably divorced Abby because he felt she belonged with Devon.

Abby moved into the condo with Devon.  Chance remained at the C-mansion.

The baby remained in joint custody of the three parents Chance/Abby/Devon.   One day, they decided that it was too much hassle for the baby to be brought back and forth between the condo and the C-Mansion, and they felt that the child would do better at the mansion full-time with a backyard etc.  So then the three parents decided on a new living arrangement.

Devon and Abby moved into the C-mansion together.  Chance got an apartment near the C-mansion, so that he could regularly visit the baby there, and the baby could easily visit Chance occasionally.  (Chance's apartment was never shown).
Lily now lives at Devon's old condo.   
The three of them (Chance/Abby/Devon) still all co-parent their son Dominic, although it's mostly off-screen.   Chance was dating Summer Newman and talks with her sometimes about parenting since she's stepmother to Kyle Abbott's son.  Chance tells anecdotes about his son.

Meanwhile Chance quit his job as a cop and now works at Chancellor-Winters with Devon, Lily, Mamie, Nate, Jill, Billy (and Esther as receptionist).  

Abby owns the Society Restaurant but recently hired Tessa to run it, so that Abby can be on the board of Chancellor-Winters, so she works there now, too. 

However, the Chance actor (Conner Floyd) was abruptly moved to recurring a few weeks ago, so I don't know what's happening with that.   

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Thank you @janea4old for all this info. 

It seems like Chance never did get a chance (no pun intended) as a character in any of his turns. I am only interested if it means we see Nina again.

On paper the whole Abby/Devon relationship could be very compelling but I'm guessing that wasn't the case. 

Hearing about Devon and sex scenes reminds me of him humping his aunt immediately after learning she wasn't his aunt, or whatever that was.

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Posted (edited)

Nina has popped in occasionally in the past few years.  She was at the Abby/Chance wedding.  She has appeared when the surrogacy storyline was starting, and when baby was born (in person and via video chats) occasionally.  She pops in every few months.  She was at the Genoa City gala that aired in March 2023 for Y&R's 50th.  She appears when Chance is in the hospital, etc.  Nina has also shared scenes with Christine/Cricket when she was divorcing Paul. 

The actress Tricia Cast lives in Nashville as her late husband was a musician there.  Tricia Cast is real-life friends with Lauralee Bell so she stays at Lauralee's house whenever she films a Y&R arc.  They post BTS pics of themselves hanging out whenever she visits.  

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