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B&B: January 2024 Discussion Thread

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How would Finn being groomed by his aunt and raped by her a "great reveal". It's not even drunken stupor people are saying

It's sick and disgusting and anyone who thinks it's "great entertainment" well I won't say what I really think cause Toups will ban me lol 

Even I draw the line at sexual assault/grooming cause Finn was in his first year of college, which means he was around 18. That is sick and disgusting on so many levels

I don't care if it's a character I hate, I will NEVER wish them to be raped. I even hated when Quinn did it to Liam years ago PERIOD

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Exactly. And it'd be a return to *classic* B&B - borderline family relationships that are *OK* because of loopholes - Brooke and Taylor (Forrester + Marone brothers), Ridge/Bridget, Rick/Steffy.

Finn and Poppy aren't *related* - Finn would've been an adult. Finn needs that halo knocked off for the character's own good. It's icky and really gross, but so was Brooke sleeping Deacon and Oliver. It's not like Steffy (Liam/Bill/Rick) or any of the Forresters could judge him - they've all done far worse!

Fear not, B&B has been so bad the past 18 months, they won't go there. Just like the Taylor/Brooke and Brooke/Liam teases. Equally repulsive, but would've been must-watch trash TV.

This is simply a PR drop to get the SINN stans feathers riled up.

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