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ALL: Which actor or actress if you met would you faint?😂

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^^ I met Greg Vaughan once. He's every bit as luscious in person as you would imagine! It was truly all I could do not to faint lol


And these are the people I have not met that I'd struggle not to pass out in front of if we met:

Hunter King

Cameron Mathison

Shemar Moore

Bryton McClure


And I will catch hell for saying this but ... Lisa Rinna! lol


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I've met a lot of soap actors, almost all from the New York based soaps & from when I lived in Brooklyn & attended events at Blondie's, etc. most from AW & from GL.

I don't literally think I would faint meeting anyone. Instead I would become totally shy, quiet, paralyzed, tongue-tied, you get the picture. I could've met Anne Heche after her performance of Proof on Broadway but instead I just stood there, at a distance, watching while people got autographs. I regretted that. 

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Hmmm… I would have totally been in awe and maybe a little afraid of Beverlee McKinsey had I met her when she was alive. I adored her, of course. I don’t think I’d faint over anyone (unless someone came back from the dead). There are a lot of people whom I’d gush over like Paul Anthony Stewart, Alicia Coppola, or Victoria Rowell.

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I love the story Laura Wright tells on herself where she & PAS were scene partners on Loving that she had this monstrous crush on him & was sure that he reciprocated! LW was still new then to the big city. Everyone tried to tell her. I can only imagine how polite he was in letting her down easy!! I met him & he is not at all intimidating. In Brooklyn, walking his cute little dog. Nice guy. Class act. 

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