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Days Promo: 3/20/2023

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I think they're going to intersperse Bo/Hope/Megan with the annoying storylines.  Sigh.

One of the storylines for week of March 20
EJ and Nicole pretend that they want to help Stefan and Gabi by arranging for them to have a secret love rendezvous under a fake name in a hotel  But actually, EJ and Nicole are doing this so Li will catch them and void Gabi’s marriage agreement, so that she loses her chance to keep Li's shares in DiMera.

Week of March 20 – specific airdates not listed 
Abe and Paulina have a reason to celebrate.
Brady visits Kristen at Statesville.
Sloan offers Eric career advice.
Rafe talks to Stefan about Gabi.
Paulina and Stephanie make a shocking discovery. 

Daily spoilers:

Monday, March 20
Megan orders Kate to be killed.
Marlena and Kayla grill Dr. Rolf.
Marlena tries to reach out to John
Hope makes a discovery about Harris.

Tuesday, March 21
Li tries to keep Stefan from Gabi.
Chanel and Paulina score a victory over Sloan.
Jada is confused by Talia's career change.
EJ and Nicole manipulate Stefan.

Wednesday, March 22
Paulina receives an unpleasant surprise.
Leo overhears Chloe badmouthing Rachel.
Xander and Alex come to blows over Gwen.
Brady plays dirty to get what he wants from Kristen.

Thursday, March 23
Megan demands results from Rolf.
Bo struggles to find his true self.
Harris decides to undergo risky treatment to help Hope.
Abe gives Chad advice about moving on.

Friday, March 24
Ben and Ciara receive exciting news!
Rolf awakens Kayla to test out his newly finished serum.
Bo demands his freedom from Megan.
Steve and John get a lead on Megan's location.

Week of March 27 – specific airdates not listed
Steve corners Megan.
Roman updates Eric.
Gabi and Li celebrate.
Paulina issues a warning to Chanel.

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Yeah, it's pretty predictable. I just didn't think that it would be so soon after the secret drugging and the constant urge for Mr. Mixologist to make EJ coffee, vodka martinis, Glenlivet neat, or whatever cocktail concoction he conjured up.

It's just too soon to be doing all of that although I'm curious about the Megan/Bo/Hope/MarDevil/Kayla/Kate/Steve/John/Roman stuff.

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Since the Days thread has become the Days behind the scenes thread. i'll leave my dopey options here. I'm simply living for the Beyond Salem production values. That are slowly creeping into the Peacock produced Days episodes. LOL BTW now in Lucas's prison scenes you can actually hear the recorded sounds of inmates. As well as the sounds of staff members coming from Gwen and Leo's tiny office at the Spectator.

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