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GH: Stand alone episode

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Preview video of GH 15,000th episode

Every weekend, GH uploads a "sneak peek" video clip of scenes from the upcoming Monday episode.

It's available on abc.com's GH page as "latest clips".
Also on hulu.com's GH page if you click on "extras".

GH had assumed that the 15,000th episode would air Monday June 20th, so they uploaded a clip from the 15,000th.

Then the June 16th preemption moved the 15,000th episode to the next airdate (June 21 or June 22).

GH tried for a "do-over".
GH intended to make a *new* clip for the episode that will air Monday June 2O,
and they posted this description for it:

"GH Sneak: Esme meets with Kevin in his office and says she could use his help getting into a prestigious psychology program at school. She wants to do a case study on Ryan Chamberlain. Will he give her what she wants?"

GH uploaded that *description*... to abc.com and hulu.com

That Esme/Kevin scene description really is a legit spoiler for Monday, June 20, 2022.

But If you click on the link for the Esme/Kevin clip ... 
it's actually a clip with Laura, Kevin and friends for the 15,000th episode!

It's here

and here

Look for the picture of Esme, and click, and you'll see the video of Laura and friends.

So there you have it:
A typed Esme/Kevin spoiler for Monday June 20,
and a video clip for the 15,000th episode which will air Tues June 21 or Wed June 22.

PS. If you can't see the 15,000th video clip, or if it disappears, look here:

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