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I'm glad Xavier won! He deserved it.. But i still think this is the most boring season. I thought ALL-Star was a disgrace and this was a step up it still felt so boring.

I mean people complain about a big alliance dominating the game but it happened again. The Cookout was known to have a winner in their alliance from the beginning and that made it so boring. It just got interesting again when it came down to the cookout members ruining each others game.

But what a shame Derek X didn't got further.

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Friend, they were BEYOND that, and he was warned numerous times by the DR that he was veering into racist territory. He chose to not listen, so he got his rightful comeuppance. He stated that they (the remaining WHITE houseguests) should devise an all-white alliance to combat a POC alliance that existed in his head. Meanwhile, Taylor, a BLACK woman, was the target of everyone at one point and got thus far by sheer luck.

Now regarding Taylor @AMCOLTLLover, she said she wouldn't nominate a Black woman. However, she gladly voted Jasmine out. There's a difference. Taylor openly stated that DAY ONE. And why should she nominate a Black woman and lessen the chance of one of them not winning? The one thing that has killed this show has been lack of representation.

We've had 24 seasons and how many Black women won? ZERO. Hell, we just got a Black man winning last year. 

How many Black women have made it to final 2? Once. And that was 20+ years ago and she (Dani Reyes) was horrendously robbed. 

Had the show created an equal playing field years ago (along with casting painfully obvious racists), we wouldn't have these occurrences now. 

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