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Days: 4/26/2021 Weekly Preview

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This is not the right direction for Abby/Chad/Gwen.  Even though it's INSANE that Gwen is going to have Chad's baby, allegedly lol . . . it's kinda crazy that no one has brought up that everyone initially thought that both Thomas and Charlotte weren't Chad's . . . and they worked through that.  Lol.  I know it's apples to oranges, but still.


But I think the last time we saw the DiMansion stairs was just before the Time Jump when they rested the big DiMera set for the small study.  I am still getting used to new DiMansion.  I'm very glad we're getting the staircase because for a min., I was thinking the foyer set was incomplete and we were only ever going to get angles of it because of, you know, budget lol.  There is SO much more they could do with the existing sets--like film from the top of the stairs, have people go up and down the stairs, etc.  I know we can only afford what we can afford, but there's a lot of space on these sets that just very rarely, if ever, get utilized.

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I absolutely hate the ridiculous redeeming of Gwen and vilifying of Abby as well.   Also I think Jenn not being a part of this story is glaring, BRING BACK CADY McCLAIN PRONTO!!!!  Also Jack is being ruined to me as well.   It is sickening to see Jack coddling Gwen and acts like he doesn't like Abigail.  I'd love for a witness to come forward or evidence found that proves Laura we indeed murdered by Gwen, so we can get rid of Gwen or (better solution IMHO) Laura faked her death --- that way the mistake of killing off Laura can be reversed. 



Plus can we give a rest to Stacy Haiduk as Kristen & Susan.   IT's NOT Stacy's fault, but the writers, for the extreme overuse of both characters, not unlike DAYS did years ago with Eileen Davidson in the roles, plus more like Mary Moira and Edmund.  It's too much. 

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