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victoria foxton

Days: 11/19/2018 Weekly Preview🦃 🎩

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10 hours ago, dio said:

lmao @ Paul's exit... so is that how dudes leave Salem, now? Become paralyzed and then roll out of town. 💀


Just like his daddy in 2009 ;)


But lol, yeah. At least he's not dying. We know it wouldn't last if he did anyway! :lol:


Isn't Vivian still out there? Lawd ...


58 minutes ago, Dr Neil Curtis said:

I hear he meets a fine ass black man on the way out! 


I'm hoping that's the case :) I know they cast someone I'd like to see regularly, lol, but is it confirmed it's a possible off-screen romance set-up? I'd guess it would make sense. I imagine Christopher Sean returns if he can as long as the show is still on the air. I give it a few more months ...


I'm sad it seems 

Valerie is out

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