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2 minutes ago, DRW50 said:


I think with Omarosa it was more of a special deal because she was national news. 


With that said, I would have paid Tiffany the money, and just not wasted the cash on the likes of Scaramucci, somebody that was only "famous" for about five days and is dragged out by the media because the media is so in love with itself. 


I'm not sure I'll watch but if that bigoted beached whale Stephen Baldwin isn't on there than I may give it more of a try. Literally the only thing of value he ever did was show his ass 25 years ago.


I'm pretty sure a Baldwin will pop up on this show down the road. If I had my choice, I'd pick Billy. 


I'm not here for Mooch either. Unfortunately, production is gonna rig it that he makes it to finale night, much like they did Omarosa last year. 

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On 1/22/2019 at 10:19 AM, Faulkner said:

AGT and The Bachelor both got a 1.6 last night, so there’s a lot of Monday night cannibalization of the reality audience, but CBB improved a lot on CBS’s usual comedy lineup on Mondays.

The season is tanking.....they had new lows for last night. This show was never a ratings winner but the show is down to 4 million and a 1.1 demo......I wonder if Julie has anything to do it...backlash...

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