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Cast revealed tonight during the Grammy's


- Mark McGrath

- Metta World Peace

- James Maslow

- Ross Mathews

- Chuck Liddell

- Omarosa

- Shannon Elizabeth

- Marissa Jaret Winokur

- Keshia Knight Pulliam

- Brandi Glanville

- Ariadna Gutierrez (Miss Colombia 2015 / Steve Harvey's Miss Universe mistake)


Ross and Shannon are Big Brother superfans.


The cast has 5 DWTS alums and 4 Celebrity Apprentice alums.

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Garbage cast with the exception of Shannon Elizabeth, who is a big BB fan. 


Where is Tiffany "New York" Pollard? Did they not see how she had CBBUK trending the entire season she was on? All the memes, headlines, etc. she made for the show? Idiots...


And Omarosa is not gonna give any intel about Trump up. Even if she did, CBS would turn it to fishes. I bet Omarosa fed them a bag of goods, is gonna get paid a helluva lot of money, and won't do half the sh-t CBS acquired her for. 

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It's a bit different of a cast than I expected. So many different types. Could be interesting or a total disaster.


Omarosa. Lawd.


Brandi. Ugh. Trash.


I bet Omarosa and Keshia don't like each other and I already predict Omarosa vs. Brandi


James Maslow

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Love Marissa and Shannon and Ross so those three are plusses.


Chuck and Metta are potential hotheads. (I liked Chuck on DWTS. Metta had an attitude I think so he could bring the drama I suppose)


Mark and Keshia I'm not really sure what to expect from them, but I don't dislike them so that's always a bonus


Surprised no Lance Bass (another BB superfan), Kaitlyn Bristowe (also a BB superfan) or Tiffany Pollard. Or even Spencer or Heidi.


Kudos for attempting some diversity in an eleven member cast. 3 african americans, is that a first? (or it's very rare, but of course two, maybe all three, fall into the cliche stereotype casting this show is known for)

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They are stupid for not casting Tiffany and Speidi. I know Heidi just had a baby, so she won't do the show, but they could've snagged Spencer, who alone would've brought chaos. Also, Janice Dickinson...!!! This show should've cast a lot of US stars that have done BBUK as they would've been epic. Coolio, Verne, Jenna, Farrah, Gary...


Also, I feel like we should return the favor and open our BB doors to UK celebs. I would've loved to have seen Kim Woodburn on this show. Gemma Collins would've been a casting catch too if they cast her and Tiffany, thus reuniting them. 


And Brandi v. Omarosa is predictable. Brandi hates anyone that takes the spotlight from her. 


I see Shannon winning it all, and I'll be fine with it seeing as she's a BB purist and has long been part of the fandom. 

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I added a tiny bit more to my post.


I'd love to see Shannon win it. She needs to keep her BB superfandom on the down low but I imagine most may be aware of it. I'm rooting for her.


Lots of casting HUHS and lots of potential for future seasons of  Celebrity BB with maybe a few more cast members. Lots of people I'd like to see be on it that you listed.


Agreed on wanting to see some of the UK celebs on the show.


I never would have ever guessed Chuck Liddell or Metta World Peace doing Celeb BB.

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Brandi is ugly on the outside (she looks like a pale Gremlin) and on the inside, and always fishing to be a victim, as shown at her recent tacky hijacking of me too because Gerard Butler saw her as a pump and dump. I imagine her taking the check and counting down the hours, like she did on CBB. 


I can't watch anything of Omarosa after these last two years. I imagine CBS, especially given how Les Moonves was giddy over Trump running, is thrilled, and assumes this will be gangbusters for ratings. I think they're in for a surprise, especially since if she's on here it tells me that book isn't getting any takers. 

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I see James Maslow or Ross Matthews winning if Shannon does not win. I wouldn't mind Keisha or Metta winning. The rest ... meh. 


Omarosa has first boot written all over; however, AG is gonna pull out all stops to ensure she makes it to finale night b/c Moonves is banking on her spilling tea on Trump, which she won't do. 

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Yesssss! I knew I could count on you He was great on Dancing with the Stars. Seems like a really nice guy who's unbelievably hot In terms of eye candy I'm thrilled he's on BB. I never would have expected him.


It's interesting how old this cast is. We need more older casts on Big Brother. I'm sick of showmances and juvenile 20 year olds running the house. James and Ariadna are the only ones in their 20s (which is 27 I believe for both of them). Keshia and Metta are 38. The rest are 40+ I believe.


Not if she wins HOH first and Brandi's nasty ass gets the boot first. I need Omarosa to at least stick around for a few weeks. My mind could change on that but it's going to be a trainwreck. Say what you will about her but she makes good reality TV. I know many groan she's on but I say bring it.


I agree that it's going to be James or, IMO, Marissa, who probably win (if it's not Shannon). The nice likeable ones will probably quietly slip under the radar while the rest of the crazies take themselves out.


Or Marissa is an easy first out.


I'm not sure what to make of the cast but I'm really interested in how they mix together in the house.


I think the live feeders better be prepared for lots of cuts to fish and feed blackouts. JMO.


SOOOO much this. I actually didn't hate her on Celebrity Apprentice, and I didn't watch her on Celeb BBUK so I can't comment on her on that show (but I really really don't like her). I imagine she was irrelevant because she was trying not to get kicked out because it's the audience who votes. Here, she's against the other players. But yeah she'll probably disappoint.


I don't know that Les is expecting big ratings, even with Omarosa. But Omarosa brings buzz. I see why they cast her. I don't love it but I'm trying to convince myself it will be OK. The show won't get much different ratings, if not lower, than what the regular summer season gets.


A different more trashy cast maybe could have done that.


This is like Dancing with the Stars had a baby with Celebrity Apprentice. And I'm oddly intrigued by it.


Speaking of Big Brother (and having a slightly older cast), is it true that Kent from BB2 has died?

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Looks like Marissa is also a superfan. James seems aware of the game, not sure how big a fan he is. And Chuck at least is aware of the game and seems willing to play it.


Omarosa claims to be a BB fan. I guess Mark is too.


So at least many of them are fans or at least aware of the show.

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