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National Punctuation Day. 9.24


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    • That's just crazy though. If you go by a SORASING timeline that was re-jiggered backwards in time you completely leave out the fact that the twins weren't living viable creatures until they came back from being in Colorado at the Evanses. Of course they were born & were babies in Salem but not really personalities. Then, they came back from Colorado as full formed creatures, either 12 or 14 like that. And, it was at that age span when John & Marlena hit the conference table & Belle was conceived & Sami was traumatized & then kidnapped her into black market slavery. Those times need to be figured from a forward time look, not from a backward SORAS result. I just got off the phone about this with someone who was ranting as bad as me that it could not have happened when Sami was 7 years old. Sami wasn't cast then! I call upon the group mind to come up with a better solution than the one being used now! Did anyone get a screen capture of the moving tableau of people being left behind, as Lani & Eli & the twins were leaving & waving back at them & the people in the wall of friends. tableau style, shyly waved at Lani & Eli & twins? I want that picture!
    • Nah I don't feel bad for her at all, she was trying to blackmail Quinn and Carter about their affair and keeps waffling between Zende and Carter 
    • What the dickens are they doing in this picture?! I swear someone could have said, "There, just there, act goofy." Thanks!   Philece Sampler died July 2, 2021 (67) (heart attack) AW temporary Donna Love & DOOL Renee DuMonde and Renee DiMera. Today is the second anniversary of her "much too young" death that came out of nowhere.
    • I don't like Paris either although I don't really dislike her either but I felt badly for her. Carter could have let her leave before his PDA.
    • I like Amelia, was a fan since Loving but even after so many years she's not Victoria to me. And I don't consider Victoria a bada$$ because she imperiled the company in the first place. Her recent machinations don't change that but I'm sure it won't matter to Victoria. The scenes really fell short. If Ashland is sticking around, I want him to take her down. Her take down of him was about her ego. She was still a gullible fool for years. She didn't care how he assumed the identity of his best friend, that he had the wherewithall to do it at the time nor that he fleeced a woman. Victoria has said she isn't taken seriously and they try to coddle her but she didn't give a fig about what he did to his mentor, a woman who encountered a lot more sexism than Victoria can fathom.
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