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DAYS: September 2017 Discussion Thread

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3 minutes ago, UK LAW said:

Am I to assume that Ron Carlivati has finished writing/tweaking the rest of Dena Higley's material?

I believe so since


Chandler Massey returns on Friday and the Anjelica story is pretty much over.


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14 hours ago, Sindacco said:

Her last material aired in July.

When her name came off the credits, absolutely but a fair few of her stories (who killed Deimos, Anjelica, amongst others) were ongoing.


I read an interview with Ron Carlivati where he said he had made tweaks to a couple of stories.


But I believe this may be around the time all of Dena Higley's stories  have concluded. And the stories will be completely Ron's vision.

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With the exception of Nicole, really enjoyed yesterday's show.  Nothing huge happened, but it flowed well and the writing was good.  Bonnie and Sheila are forever!  Deidre was wonderful!  Too bad Theo's leaving!  Can someone please feed the actress who plays Claire?  He legs are thinner than toothpicks.  She has on an off the shoulder blouse, which should be sexy.  It wasn't because nothing but bones were showing.  Beautiful girl but she's way too skinny.  


Looking forward to more eppies.  But Nicole, Rope and soon Brady are not watchable AT ALL!  

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