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Carrie Fisher passes away


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I'm praying very hard for her and her family right now. I refuse to let 2016 take her from her family and the world. I've loved her brash and snarky self for a long time.


Reports seem iffy on the 'stable condition' part, she's in the ICU. I just worry how much damage was done by going 10-15 minutes not breathing. Imagine if that happened earlier in the flight, they were at least 10-15 minutes from landing when it occurred.


I keep refreshing Twitter for news

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I can't help feeling sorry for her brother, who had to essentially tell the media he knew nothing and there wasn't much point in asking. I don't get the feeling Debbie Reynolds is at all well, so that + this must be unbearable. This is one of those cases where thanks to social media some also got way too involved, including tweets that led many to believe she died on the plane. I hope she'll pull through but whatever happens I hope her family is left in peace. 

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The first time I saw Carrie Fisher in a movie wasn’t Star Wars (although she’s great in it and her impact can’t be understated), it was When Harry Met Sally. She played Meg Ryan’s best friend, who was in a long-term relationship with a married man who was always about to leave his wife. She finally broke the pattern when Sally (Meg) fixed her up with her other best friend Harry (Billy Crystal). Harry was trying to fix Sally up with his other best friend, Bruno Kirby (who also died far too young). Of course, as it often goes, Carrie and Harry had no chemistry at all, but she immediately had a connection with Bruno, and after some hemming and hawing, they ran for the nearest taxi to be alone. They get married and live happily ever after. She’s so wonderful in the movie - like one of the old wisecracking sidekicks from ‘30s comedies.

My favorite line in the movie, delivered so wryly and brilliantly by Carrie, comes when they’re moving in together, trying to figure out which furniture to take from each apartment. They argue over Bruno’s wagon wheel coffee table. Harry, who is in a crisis as always, rages over his past divorce, and warns Bruno that someday, Carrie will want to take his “[!@#$%^&*] Roy Rogers, garage sale, wagon wheel coffee table.” 

After he storms out, Carrie turns to Bruno and quietly, sweetly says, “I promise I will never want your wagon wheel coffee table.” 

I try to watch the movie around every New Year. 

I don’t think I will this time around.

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