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Recreating Original Casts

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Let's imagine that for whatever reasons (anniversary maybe) the soaps decided to recreate scenes from the early years using the current cast.GL did a similar thing for their 70th.

Let's start with Y&R.

Who would you have from the current cast portray these characters?

Stuart Brooks

Jennifer Brooks

Chris Brooks

Leslie Brooks

Lorie Brooks

Peggy Brooks

Liz Foster

Snapper Foster

Greg Foster

Jill Foster

Sally McGuire

Pierre Rouland

Brad Elliot

Phillip Chancellor

Katherine Chancellor

Brock Reynolds

We may have to fudge ages a bit to find a suitable match

I would go for

Peter Bergman as Stuart Brooks

Melody Thomas Scott as Jennifer

Jess Walton as Liz Foster

Judith Chapman as Katherine

Camryn Grimes as Chris

That's all i got for now. Over to you. . .

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