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7th heaven now on TVGN


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I don't know if there is a thread for the show so i started one. and i started it on CW because that's where it did it's final season.

It's only on Tuesdays but there is like five episodes on that day. I just record them all and then watch one a day for the next few days. I haven't seen this show on my cable television in a long time.

I know some people liked the older episodes where there were more characters but i personally loved the early episodes much better. The kids were young so of course the parents interfered in their lives. In the later season i thought it just got a little crazy when one person had a problem and the whole family spent so much time trying to find out what the problem was. The older kids were like in their 20's and the parents were still trying to butt in. and they also kept letting these people come and stay in the house with them. I thought that got a little much too. I know he was a preacher but it's not like they lived in a mansion.

I loved watching Simon and Ruthie grow up even though i thought Ruthie was just too much in the final seasons. My favorite episode was the documentary Simon did just after he had the accident. It was almost like a flashback episode except instead of scene, he just showed pictures explaining his family and how hard it was being a "PK: Preachers son."

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