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The Pre-1990's (and Little Mermaid) Disney Movies Thread


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The other day I was watching a lot of clips of Disney back when it was on FIRE!!


This is my All-Time favorite Disney Movie!!

Anyway, I love old disney. Back when Villains were Villains!! When they scared the Hell out of you like Maleficent!! Or the days when they took risks like Bambi's mom getting shot as seen above. Or even the Jackass Transformation Scene on Pinocchio.
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Later Disney movies have, in my opinion, tried too hard to be hip and have put to much emphasis on comedy. Yes, there were lighter moments in old Disney as well, but compare Aladdin, Hercules or even The Lion King to Bambi, Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp or Pinocchio..... There's a big difference.

The old movies had heart, something most of the newer ones lack.

And the quality of animation was better back then as well.

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