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DAYS: Major storyline spoilers for mid-August

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Shayla Quinn, who plays Paula the nanny/babysitter of Johnny/Sydney, appears in some photos on Instagram. The episodes featured were taped on April 15 and will air on August 19 (Sami & Rafe scenes) and a mention of a Marlena voiceover for August 21.

12151 MON 8/19/13 Same Day
12152 TUE 8/20/13 Same Day
12153 WED 8/21/13 Same Day, Now Night
12158 WED 8/28/13 Same Day

Marlena has a VOICEOVER for 12153 (8/21/13) in the last act (Act 7-Scene F)

Sami is in jail for 12151 (8/19/13) for the Sami's Jail Cell scenes, which also feature EJ, and Caroline showing up for the last three scenes.
The Sami's Jail Cell scene begins the August 19 episode and features Sami and EJ.
Sami is featured in all 8 acts of 8/19 in Act T-Scene A, Act 1-Scene A, Act 2-Scene C, Act 3-Scene C, Act 4-Scene A, Act 5-Scene B, Act 6-Scene A, and Act 7-Scene.

Rafe's Hospital Room (with Rafe & Kate) is also featured in this episode, with his scenes airing right before or after the Sami's Jail Cell scenes in each act.
Those scenes will be Act T-Scene B, Act 1-Scene B, Act 2-Scene B, Act 3-Scene D, Act 4-Scene B and Act 5-Scene C...before the photo cuts off.

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