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From Chris Schemering's Soap Encyclopedia

Moment Of Truth

January 4, 1965 - November 5, 1965

Before winning two Emmys for Outstanding Actor as Mac Cory on Another World, Douglass Watson starred in this NBC serial taped in Toronto. Watson played Dr. Robert Wallace, a professor and pyshologist who found himself in the midst of social and romantic conflicts in a small Canadian twon. Moment of Truth aired for a half hour at 2:00 P.M., E.S.T, opposite anothe loser, Flame in the Wind. It was replaced by the smash hit Days of Our Lives.

Dr. Robert Wallace - Douglass Watson

Nancy Wallace - Louise King

Johnny Wallace - Michael Dodds

Shelia Wallace - Barbara Pierce

Jack Williams - Stephen Levy

Vince conway - Peter Donat

Dr. Russell Wingate - Ivor Barry

Monique Wingate - Fernande Giroux

Dr. Gil bennett - John Bethune

Barbara Harris - Mira Pawluk

Linda Harris - Anna Hagan

Dexter - Chris Wiggins

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I've only heard of it because Douglass Watson was part of its cast. As Carl mentioned, it was filmed in Toronto. I am speculating that this was the only American soap to ever be filmed in another country (although I believe that this series also aired in Canada as well).

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What an interesting article. This is one of the few soaps for which I have never seen a single episode. It has always intrigued, for Doug Watson's participation if nothing else.

I was completely unfamiliar with Louise King. Her real-life story sound like the backstory for a beginning soap opera. I hope she had a happy life afterward. I must research now and find out more. Perhaps an episode of Moment of Truth will one day turn up.

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Variety September 2nd 1964

William Traylor and Diane Rousseau are being imported from the U. S. to star in a new soap opera, "Moment of Truth," which will begin running on CBC-TV in the fall. James Gatward, who recently came from Britain, will direct.

It seems Traylor and Rousseau were the original choices for the roles played by Wattson and King.

Traylor was later on DOOL and Rousseau spent 10 years on Love of Life.

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The first week's storylines - Claire Kennedy was headwriter.


Mon Jan 4 1965

Dr Robert Wallace (Douglass Watson), an associate professor of clinical psychology at Carlyle University, differs with his wife Nancy (Louise King)  on his prospects of filling the opening of a full professorship.

Dr Wallace has an outside, private practice and one of his patients is Mrs Leeds (Lynn Gorman), wife of a millionaire who is a member of Carlyle's board of trustees. She has marital and age problems.


Tues Jan 5

Dr Wallace receives a call from Mr Leeds (Robert Goodier) that Mrs Leeds didn't return home after the session. Soon after, she arrives at the Wallaces intoxicated.


Wed Jan 6

Dr Wingate (Ivor Barry) informs Dr Wallace that Mr Leeds has charged that he is having an affair with Mrs Leeds and has been suspended from the university without a hearing.


Thurs Jan 7

Regardless of the charges Dr Wallace tells Mrs Leeds she can continue as his patient. Meanwhile Wallace learns his son Jimmy (Michael Dodds) has been hospitalized with tetanus.


Fri Jan 8

Johnny's chances of recovery are about 50/50. The Wallaces' daughter Sheila (Barbara Pierce) blames her father for Johnny's illness because he didn't give him a tetanus shot after removing a fish hook.



Edited by Paul Raven
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