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Y&R: Major Y&R casting news

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Some have paid close attention to the recent hiring of talented Hollywood Heights actors such as Robert Adamson, Haley King, and Melissa Ordway. Although Ordway has yet to make an impact, Adamson and King have been well-received.

We can now reveal that plans are underway for a full-scale Hollywood Heights revolution. The rumored and increasingly likely changes include:

Grayson McCouch (Don Masters) as the new Det. Ronan

Jama Williamson (Nora Tate) replacing Amelia Heinle as Victoria Newman

Cody Longo (Eddie Duran) as Scotty Grainger

Brittany Underwood (Loren Tate) as the oft-recast Baldwin sister, Eden

Brandon P Bell (Jake Madsen) as Neil's long-lost son, Tyrese

Carlos Ponce (Max Duran) as Diego, Raul's brother and Sharon's old love

Josie Davis (Daphne Miller) reprising her role as Sharon's old friend/enemy, and Nick's bed partner, Grace

James Franco (Osbourne Silver) as a hot music and movie star, named Franco

In the most surprising twist of all, Ashley Holliday (Melissa Sanders) is rumored to be playing a not really dead Cassie Newman.

Sources say that Y&R's always-controversial EP, Jill Farren Phelps, "was really trying not to just hire her friends. When someone told her the Hollywood Heights cast were her friends, she was stunned. She can't pick these people out of a lineup. Kale is her friend. A is her friend. Robert frickin' Adamson isn't her friend. So Jill said, '!@#$%^&*] 'em! Bring it on!!!!"

If the makeover goes well, expect even more Hollywood Heights casting news, with some sprinkles of GH.

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Nice attempt Carl but overkill will all the people listed at once.

That was half the fun :P

I used to do these for the MAB era, but didn't think I would for JFP. All the FOJ Hollywood Heights hysteria of the last months inspired me. I was going to do one for GH but Ron and Frank already do that enough themselves...

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The biggest joke had to be casting 45-year old McCouch as Ronantongue.png

Too bad Sony didn't instill Lisa de Cazotte as EP, imagine the amount of heart attacks people might have had over an April Fool's post. happy.png

Not sure anyone would notice a difference...

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