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Best and worst deathbed weddings

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Deathbed weddings have been a part of soaps for a long, long time - I don't know the first (probably radio days), but the first I remember reading about was Russ Matthews and Cindy Clark on AW in 1971 or 1972.

I'm not a big fan of these, but they are/were a staple, and some are better than others.

My favorite was Victor and Nikki on Y&R, in 1998. I'm sure most people knew Nikki wasn't going to die, but this still had very high stakes, as they had been dancing around each other for a decade, and finally were pushed into a situation where she was close to the end. The scene was pure soap bliss, everything soaps deliver, and created over a year of storyline.

The worst for me was Laura's wedding on AMC. She had zero chemistry with Leo, everyone knew she wouldn't die, the story sucked, and Gillian's shooting just made it even more disgusting. I remember how many fans all but begged for Laura's death. Only when they wrote her as a bitch did she gain some following.

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I loved the deathbed wedding of Jennifer and Dusty on ATWT. What made it great was that Jennifer's family was all there and got to say goodbye to her one-on-one before the big checkout. The acting was phenomenal all the way around, especially Colleen Pinter and Ben Hendrickson (who would kill himself in real life a month later.)

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