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September 17-21, 2012: Y&R Hits New Lows in Women 18-49


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In its second week at 2 o’clock, “General Hospital” tied “The View” as the #1 program in Daytime in Women 18-34 (0.6 rating/200,000), delivering its 2nd-most-watched week of the just concluded 2011/12 season in the key demo– since week of 9/26/11.

GH got around 610,000 in W18-49 if my math is correct.

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Days sucks right now, but I still want the show to do well in the ratings. Hopefully, things will pick up for Days soon. It's hard to watch when all the stories are so awful.

I'm glad GH isn't losing viewers.. I barely watch GH, but I don't want to see ABC cancel their last soap standing.

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Thought B&B would go down considering Ronn Moss left the week before. He's got many fans who are tuning out now.


Most viewers probably don't know that he left. And B&B has a different audience now than in past years, much more female ad-dollar-skewing and they apparantly watch for the youger set and couldn't care a rats ass for Wiidge ...

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    • Y&R has been toying with the 'film in public spaces in the studio and pretend it's on location' since at least JFP. A lot of drab institutional-looking stairwells, like when Phyllis took her tumble down some stairs when Stafford left the show for GH. In fairness, I'm sure soaps have always played with filming in the facilities and making it pretend to be location over the decades. But the lighting and production value in the earlier years was much more adept at disguising it vs. the ugly GL/ATWT and even recent GH and Y&R method of 'just film anywhere backstage and pretend it's a set'. You can tell the difference between some grimy back staircase on Studio X and a stairwell in Newman Enterprises or whatever.
    • I haven't watched yet, but that sounds promising. Perhaps not having a personal history with her as he does with the P&G soaps actually helped in that he prepared better.
    • I was just listening to Marquee Moon randomly the other day. What an incredible song and artist. R.I.P.    
    • I was probably the only one in the target age range at the time who was impressed by that lol.  ATWT seemed to me like GL's older (I know, I know, GL was first by a long shot, but you wouldn't have known it going by the cast members who were on the show by then), stable, more popular sibling, even if that popularity was waning.  As other soaps disappointed me, that sense of consistency started to appeal to me.  Even though I never found ATWT compelling long-term whenever I tuned in in those years, and of course it had as much turmoil behind the scenes as the other network/sponsor-owned shows by then.
    • Lol didn’t they kinda do that when GT’s Phyllis dyed her hair blonde?
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