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Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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Kris looks so frumpy in that screenshot. The dress is not flattering to her figure at all

They all look awkward and porky in that screenshoot. Even the skinny Jenner ones. However, for the most part, they look good in the promo. Khloe looks phenomenal, though in the screenshoot she looks stumpy in that awful onesie.


I also love the music.

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I've just become addicted again to this show. It's so perfectly crafted and scripted. I just can't bring myself to hate those Kardashians (well, maybe Kris gets on my nerves a lot) but still. The show has taken the place soap operas used to have in my life. Guilty pleasure, as Cat put it. It bothers me Rob is not around, and they act like he doesn't even exist. I loved Rob. And he was so easy on the eyes.

What about Kris and her new beau? Talk about zero chemistry.

Who's the new guy hanging out with Kim a lot? Is he from E! ? He's like the least attractive person on the show. (sorry, I'm shallow, but this is the KUWTK thread after all)

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