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NBC Fall 2012 Schedule


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NBC Fall 2012 Schedule - Will be announced on May 14, 2012


7pm: Football Night in America

8:15pm: Sunday Night Football


8pm: The Voice (September 10)

10pm: Revolution (September 17)


8pm: The Voice

9pm: Go On (Wednesday August 8; September 11)

9:30pm: The New Normal (September 11)

10pm: Parenthood (September 11)


8pm: Animal Practice (Sunday August 12; September 26)

8:30pm: Guys With Kids (September 12 at 10pm; September 26)

9pm: Law & Order: SVU September 26

10pm: Chicago Fire (October 10)


8pm: 30 Rock (October 4)

8:30pm: Up All Night (September 20)

9pm: The Office (September 20)

9:30pm: Parks and Recreation (September 20)

10pm: Rock Center with Brian Williams


8pm: Whitney (October 19)

8:30pm: Community (October 19)

9pm: Grimm (Monday August 13; originals also air the following three Mondays)

10pm: Dateline NBC

Sunday (Winter 2013)

7pm: Dateline NBC

8pm: Fashion Star

9pm: The Celebrity Apprentice

10pm: Do No Harm

Picked up shows so far:

1600 Penn (Comedy)

Animal Practice (Comedy)

Go On (Comedy)

Guys With Kids (Comedy)

Next Caller (Comedy)

Save Me (Comedy)

The New Normal (Comedy)

Chicago Fire (Drama)

Do No Harm (Drama)

Infamous (Drama)

Revolution (Drama)

Renewed shows so far:



Law & Order: SVU


30 Rock (13 episodes - final season)


Parks & Recreation

Community (13 episodes)

Up All Night (13 episodes)

Cancelled shows so far:

Prime Suspect

Best Friends Forever


The Firm

The Playboy Club

Harry's Law

Are You There, Chelsea?




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Happy for Parenthood too. :)

Harry's Law canceled. :( And it was one of NBC's highest viewed shows. But it was very low demos, even for NBC's standards.

Whitney, Parks & Recreation, Community, Up All Night renewed.

Are You There, Chelsea, BFF, Bent, Awake canceled.

Next Caller picked up.

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Sigh. Why the hell the did NBC renew nearly all of it's sitcoms? Only The Office is pulling above a 2 and even them barely do that. There's nothing to save or build off of on this night anymore. It's time to do what ABC did when they first launched Modern Family, slash & burn. Should have canceled them all and started completely over. I suppose as a multi-cam sitcom fan I should be happy that a multi-cam outside of CBS has finally gotten a renewed, but sad it's the awful and unwatchable Whitney.

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I think NBC is going to do a schedule with less repeats and that's why they renewed/picked up so many shows. Plus, they're probably going to be launching some shows in August after the Olympics.

And I actually stayed with Whitney for the full season - it got better as the season continued.

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Yeah, I know what they are going to try to do, but it's not going to work. Launching some shows after the Olympics is probably a good idea, but NBC is never going to make money or climb out of 4th if you constantly renew shows that only pull a 1.5 in the demo. If CBS expands it's Thursday comedy block next season, The Office will be pulling under a 2 by Christmas. Launch your comedy block after the Olympics but with 4 brand new sitcoms with your most promising one at 9. If it fails, try again, but your never never going climb out of the hole if you consider the 1.4 and 1.5s these shows have been getting good enough for a renewal. ABC's Wednesday comedy block is a success because of Modern Family and the fact when they launched it they started completely fresh. NBC needs to do the same. Thank god they are at least putting 30 Rock out to pasture next year.

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30 Rock was the ultimate underdog out of the gate (Studio 60 had all the buzz) and it lasted about 113 more episodes than anyone expect (nobody expected it to get a back 9 order....then 2nd season renewal...and so on) and it won a ton of awards. It will go down as one of the best comedies in the history of TV. Thank God NBC sucked/still sucks or else this show wouldn't have made it as long as it did.

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