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OLTL: Two additional returns

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As 2003 was nearing its end, Llanview was being terrorized by the “Music Box Killer.” When a decoded message was located at Troy’s former apartment, the authorities began to wonder if he was the culprit, despite his being in incarcerated. After a visit from Nora, Troy escaped prison. Dismayed that people were assuming that he was the killer, he later cornered Nora in an attempt to convince her that he wasn't the slayer. Before the authorities could close in on him, he bolted the scene. He next came face to face with Lindsay at her gallery. With rumors swirling that he was the MBK, Lindsay was so unnerved by his presence that she pulled a gun on him. Troy, though, managed to get weapon from her, and in turn held she, Jessica and Natalie Buchanan hostage at the gallery. Natalie, however, managed to send a message to Detective John McBain—who arrived in time to rescue them, and arrest Troy. Losing all hope, as the authorities badgered him, Troy confessed to being the killer, despite the fact that he wasn't.

As Troy was being carted back to prison, also along for the ride was Todd Manning, who too headed for Statesville. As the van carried them to Statesville, Starr and Matthew (in an ploy to help Todd escape) staged a S.O.S. scene on the side of the road where the vehicle was rounding. The kids succeeded in getting the van to stop, and thwarting the police's attention as Matthew played sick. With Troy being a doctor, the officers summoned him for help. In the meantime, Starr attempted to free Todd. Things, however, went awry when the police discovered that Matthew was faking his sickness. In the next moment, Troy grabbed the officers gun in one hand and Matthew in the other, and proceeded to escape.

Troy took Matthew to an abandoned fishing cabin in the woods. Not wanting to scare the child any more, Troy attempted to explain to Matthew why he had to do what he did and allowed him to contact a frantic Nora to reassure her that he was alright. During the conversation, Nora and Bo tried to negotiate with Troy for their sons safe return, to no avail. That evening, though, Matthew managed to escape after convincing Troy to get some sleep. Ron Walsh found Matthew walking along the road and took him to the police station, much to Bo and Nora's relief. Matthew recalled to the authorities Troy's whereabouts, while telling them that he didn't believe that Troy was the killer. As he sat in prison, it is eventually determined that he was innocent and that the real assailant had been merely setting him up to look guilty. The guards, meanwhile, arrived in time to stop Troy from committing suicide. Subsequently, Troy was sentenced to time at St. Ann's.


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I don't mind Troy returning I suppose, perhaps we'll get some Troy/Lindsay scenes? But I just LOVE Hannah. I never realized or thought about the fact that both Hannah and Cole were in the jail together...

At this point the returns seem to make sense, as they are all tied to each other and people currently left on the show who may have unfinished business.

HOWEVER- I think Troy, Allison, and Hannah should all be in St. Anne's. It's conceivable that they concoct a plan to escape and "rescue" their "loved ones" from Statesville - Allison going after Mitch, Hannah going after Cole, and Troy going after Lindsay(although that's a stretch). That just leaves Greg as a return who is in jail - perhaps Destiny will be visiting him at that point and he's just caught up in it all?

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