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  1. Okay so just started watching this - watched the PBS version this weekend (all 7 episodes) and I just love it. I was completely surprised because I honestly don't like "period dramas" or really anything "period themed". But I just loved it - the acting, the humor, the storylines (for everyone!) - very balanced. No one really dominated the show (like US soaps tend to have "major" characters)... and it was just amazingly riveting. I started Season 2 today but haven't caught up to real time yet. I really wish there were more episodes in a "season" and that it comes back soon! Also: S
  2. JUST SAW THIS ON YAHOO! Bravo has chosen NOT to bring back Jill, Alex, Cindy, or Kelly for RH of New York next season. Only Ramona, LuAnn, and Sonja will be sticking around! That's a huge change... can't say I'm too upset but..
  3. Has everyone seen the Season 2 preview???? So excited... it's been too long!
  4. Haven't piped in here yet but... I only watch Atlanta, NY, & NJ- sometimes the OC but moreso the others. NJ: HATE Teresa. She is quite literally everything I despise in people! Ugh. I could see either Chris or Albie being gay, but if not - I commend them for living with another gay man. Refreshing to see young open minded people!
  5. Nene's distaste for Phaedra is quite amusing... "Shut up stop telling people that!" haha love it. Kim really can't sing, at all... not even a little bit. I don't know how Kandi deals with it but it seems like she's getting annoyed! I just read they have already filmed what will now be the Real Housewives of Miami... featuring a drag queen! That might be interesting.
  6. Phaedra is incredibly annoying and comes off very fake. And what's up with her mysterious pregnancy? It's probably just that she got pregnant before being married- which coming from a family of pastors can be understandable to try and hide. Otherwise she's pulling a trick out of the soap opera handbook and trying to pass off her kid as her husbands when its really someone else's... I really like Cynthia... Sheree can be annoying but I guess she's funny. But really- who forces someone to eat off of their hands? If she's not done with him after that she's crazy because she clearly doesn'
  7. I'm baaaaaaaccccck!

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      Ah, okay! For a minute there, I thought "Heed" was one of the more notorious troublemakers. (Sorry, Heed!)

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      I hope you're the real one, lol. Welcome back. Always nice to see our original posters still around.

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      Yep- it's the real me =) I tried to log in with my old name but it was probably deleted.

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