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Amanda Knox Freed!

Mr. Vixen

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I was a student in Perugia for a year. I left around the same time Amanda and Meredith must've moved there . I frequented all the same bars, I frequented all the same people like many of the foreign girls who has been in Perugia to study and learn Italian.

I saw firsthand the utter hate that a lot of the "peruginos" has for foreign students, especially the girls and they especially hate how dependent they are on these people economy wise.

I followed the trial closely because I still lived in Italy as it all went down. I saw how they painted Amanda into being a modern day witch and femme fatale and at some point I believed it even though all they really had to show for it was that Amanda was a party girl who was enjoying her time abroad like most girls in that situation (including myself)

The italian media's persecution of Amanda was absolutely disgusting, the english was no better and I kept waiting for someone to actually present some actual proof to why this girl was a killer...I'm still waiting.

Who knows what happened, what we do know is that there is absolutely no proof that Amanda or Rafaele killed Meredith and they shouldn't have been convicted in the first place however better late than never I suppose.

Justice was served.

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