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All: Soap Stars That Need To Come Back To Daytime

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What soap stars do you guys think should come back to daytime as soon as possible? Actors who you think made their shows, who had a magnetic presence and amazing chemistry with those that they interacted with?

The ones that I can think of off the top of my head are mostly NBC, because that's my main network for watching.

Carmen Duncan (Iris, AW)

Patsy Pease (Kimberly, Days)

Anna Holbrook (Sharlene, AW)

Leann Hunley (Anna, Days)

Charlotte Ross (Eve, Days)

Michael Park (Jack, ATWT)

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Considering he mentioned stars from Soaps that are no longer on the air, I think he meant soaps in general

Yeah, definitely. I mean stars that are not currently on daytime that you guys think should join another soap (or in some cases, re-join a soap) as soon as possible because of the great tenures that they had in their previous roles. It doesn't matter if the soaps are cancelled or still on the air.

Tanya Boyd (Celeste, DAYS)

I do miss me some Celeste. :(

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Lisa Peluso

Elizabeth Hubbard

Anne Heche (I think soaps suited her in a way no other genre has)

The woman who played Cassandra on The City/Loving

Christine Tudor

Good choices, especially LP. Has she been acting in anything recently?

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