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AMC: Wednesday, July 20th

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JR tells everyone he see's Marissa is a lesbian.

Why can't Frankie have a sl?

Asher is good away from Colby!

David is INSANE in the brain!

MN should have been Dimitri!

Opal is Amanda's only friend!

Nobody ever orders anything at KWAK's , they just cry and hug it out!

Does Maria work for the Miami PD?

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JY does a sexy-assed drunk like no other! He was RIGHT ON today. Slightly slurring, but not obviously so, husky voice, jerky body movements, even watery (but not teary) eyes. The man's got 'drunk' down! Loved his "I'm a rock! I'm a rock! Rocks don't get hurt" lines and the delivery was spot on. He out-did mountain man in those scenes without even batting an eyelash. Trent (Asher) looked slightly bewildered. I can't even tell Asher's supposedly high on meds? If he didn't keep clutching those empty pill bottles, I'd have no clue.

Cap of Jacob's butt? Anyone?

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Yeah, wasn't he involved with Opal and the first Del?

Anyway, loved Tad reading Dixie's diary -- Will references! :wub:

Loved seeing Maria. Her voice was a bit raspy though, huh? Is she sick, or has her voiced just turned that way? I don't watch CSI: Miami. She looks great though!

Amanda's hair looked great today.

Also loving how Frankie is involved with Asher's little storyline.

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I felt bad for VI and even JV.

He's so funny. :lol:

I always thought acting drunk would be a piece of cake for an actor but after having seen so many of them utterly fail at it (I'm looking at you Farah Fath) I now appreciate an actor who can play a good drunk. Someone twitter wrote that Melody Thomas Scott and jacob Young are the best in the business at playing drunk and I agree.


yet another storylines for the second string characters/newbies that was rushed. Not that I mind it but Trent Garrett could at least try to look somewhat high or like he's jonesing for pills.

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