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On 10/17/2020 at 7:22 AM, charholden5 said:

There really wasn't a good reason to get rid of Kristen and Tony. Kristen was a Forrester, the main family.

They were alright but was one of Thudley’s poor attempts to do a socially relevant and diverse storyline that he overdid and gave up on it. Also around the same time he gave us Amber having yet another miscarriage along with a painkiller addiction Story that lasted for all about May Sweeps that year if I recall right lol.

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1 hour ago, Vizion said:

Nikki N sent an email this morning saying she added 15 more 1993 episodes. I think they're in a folder for December (I haven't looked).


That's amazing news! Send her a huge thanks for the contribution! I love the whole James/Taylor/Damon story from those December episodes. Just out of curiosity, does Nikki still have some 1992 episodes? I remember some of them were blocked when she uploaded them on YouTube.

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 just to let you know i uploaded an Excel fail in the begining of the Vault called BB by year.  It is not complete, but just to let us know what we have uploaded in the Vault and what is still missing. Those who have episodes that are still not on the Vault can edit and let us know. If anyone things it is of no use it can be removed.

Edit: I have from 2010 till 2019 all complete in English so let me know if any of you wants me to share a whole year or only some episodes.

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A HUGE THANK YOU! to whoever is uploading 2001 episodes. The show was literally a blast then. ALL characters were involved. I was curious if you have more episodes from September 2001. I was looking for all the early episodes of Massimo. I know it's on Marek's channel, but that was in Polish.

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Ooh I've just noticed the December 1993 episodes put up this week! Thank you so much to whoever did that.


Has anyone been able to place them date-wise, as they are definitely not 100% consecutive? I am stuck on placing the 16th one in particular, where Ridge, Eric and Stephanie see the photo of Ridge and Brooke kissing in the newspaper.


These are the ones I think I can date correctly:


December 1993-1 is #1682, 2 Dec

December 1993-2 is #1683, 3 Dec

December 1993-3 is #1684, 6 Dec

December 1993-4 is #1685, 7 Dec

December 1993-5 is #1686, 8 Dec

December 1993-6 is #1687, 9 Dec

December 1993-7 is #1688, 10 Dec

December 1993-8 is #1689, 13 Dec

December 1993-9 is #1690, 14 Dec

December 1993-10 is #1691, 15 Dec

December 1993-11 is #1692, 16 Dec

December 1993-12 is #1693, 17 Dec


Then missing 1694, 1695, 1696


December 1993-13 is #1697, 23 Dec

December 1993-14 is #1698, 24 Dec

December 1993-15 is #1699, 27 Dec


December 1993-16 I can't place, but it doesn't seem to be IMMEDIATELY after 1699. Can anyone else assist with dating/numbering?


Many thanks 


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Missed a word
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15 minutes ago, Marquise said:

thank you so much for uploading 2001

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 @BoldKara do you know which are the episodes in October, and November 1993?


No I haven't looked at those yet as Im watching 1988 at the moment. I loved the James in Scotland story and so spent a few hours trying to work out which December 1993 ones there were on the vault.

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