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  1. Yes, exactly. I wonder now if celebrating #9000 episode will mean #9001 or #9002 in other countries. But since we had the number on the original script with LSV as a writer, and it was confirmed by Casey Kasprzyk, there's no doubt about episode numbers form now on. Still, though I can understand why 8318A could be skipped in the international broadcast, but why Christmas episode was marked as 8426A, it would continue to baffle me
  2. You can read it from the page source code. The episodes are always labelled CBS_BOLD_episode.number and that episode was marked as CBS_BOLD_8511. Interestingly, those Pt.1, Pt.2 episodes were marked as 8426 and 8426A.
  3. Yes, it's #1928. Probably the 2nd of December. In Switzerland, they just skipped 8318A (the recap) and went on with #8319, but they did not recognize #8426 Pt2 and marked it as #8427. It's getting interesting I wonder about other countries. It baffles me completely! #7000 was kind of behind-the-scene-episode, but it still counts, whereas 8318A had a new content (hinting Carter&Zoe's storyline) and it does not count. We will have to wait probably for 9000 to get the right counting, although last Friday episode is marked as #8511 by CBS and not #8513.
  4. As far as I know there are 2 episodes per day now Yes, I noticed that as well! Also, the official B&B site states that Paris's first episode is #8391, which confirms that 8318A was not #8319. I wonder what that means for the international broadcast.
  5. I've done some research and based on the old newspapers and recaps I found out the correct number episodes for the episodes form january 1994 batch with some of the dates. And so #1704 (James and Damon reunion, 3 Jan) #1711 (12 Jan) #1715 and #1716 are missing (Taylor/Brooke confrontation in the first one and Ridge arriving in the cabin in the second one). The sopas were pre-empted on 17 Jan due to the earthquake news coverage. #1717 (21 Jan) #1723 (31 Jan)
  6. I'm almost certain it's #1706. #1705 is missing, because in #1706 we have the middle of James & Damon confrontation, and it had to started at least one episode earlier.
  7. I think @rsclassicfanforevercan help us with filling the gaps. Is it possible for you to share those episodes from 1301+?
  8. It actually works, I've tried that once. B&B uses quite simple dialogues and sometimes very repetitive (it's good for language learning) and the dubbing translations are made in the similar way. So once you've uploaded the videos on YouTube, you can use English auto subtitles and the meaning of each scene will be clear
  9. Back in the day Hunter had no competition, simply stunning. Thanks! I would love to see more of the 90s stills
  10. YES! Thank you so much! On account of the missing episodes some of his episodes around 800-1100 are also numbered incorrectly, the German episodes verified those mistakes and those English will verify that once again
  11. I have a different view. I watched Tracy first and kind of grew on her. Plus, imo they gave her better storylines. Teri's Kristen was very naive and I didn't like Clarke or Mick, so I automatically didn't enjoy her scenes.
  12. I think Taylor was finally accepted at her wedding to Ridge. Stephanie always talked about a marriage sacredness, one of many reasons she fought for Eric with Beth and Brooke. She tried to get rid of Taylor until she and Ridge got back engaged from St. Thomas. At their reception Stephanie found out about Brooke's pregnancy, but threw her out and let unaware Taylor and Ridge go on their honeymoon. Plus, I don't think Stephanie still considered Brooke a threat at that time. Eric wanted Brooke, but she craved only for Ridge. And later Taylor received Stephanie's necklace during Christmas, which kind of marked the beginning of their friendship.
  13. Although I'm a Tridge fan, I must admit it was way too fast. But then again, the whole aftermath of Caroline's death was disappointing. I would expect Ridge or Bill to mourn her a bit longer, but everyone just got back to their regular storylines. Bill vs. Sally, Stephanie already plotting to match Ridge and Brooke... The first central character (excluding the Logans) to leave the show and what we get is they all took to hearts her "don't mourn me, be happy".
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