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  1. Wyatt is sure first to pass judgement and seems to forget he lied many times to Hope and Steffy about Quinn's misdeeds, so they wouldn't have left him or the time he went along with Bill's lies about him and Steffy. Sally's reaction from the last episode was genuinely moving! And she's right, Wyatt proposed to her because she wouldn't sleep with him and tossed her for Flo twice. I don't read any spoilers, but I guess it's time for some brain tumour? Just like what they did to Pam.
  2. Because Flo is a Logan and Logan women are obviously the heroines of the show and they need to be forgiven... I know about the restrictions and I'm very happy to have B&B back, but I agree that the Flo/Wyatt scene was way over the top. Their reunion lasted for like 2 minutes, way too long for Flo missing just one day. 16:9 ratio is not at all conducive to the classic scene cuts. The kissing seemed very awkward and unnaturally displayed though Bell assured that the differences wouldn't be visible. And why didn't Flo just think about taking her shoe off in the first place?
  3. The first episode of the Catalina story is missing for sure (#1661). Then we've got the one aired by CBS recently and again #1663, #1664 missing and then #1666 and #1667. Not sure about the dates. Thanks for the 1990 episodes! I loved to see them on Marek's channel, but there were many missing episodes or sometimes the video missed the first few minutes. Now we've got every second, amazing!
  4. Hope you upload them to the Vault or somewhere else when you get the chance!
  5. It seems that episode #1670 was disrupted by the Michael Jackson's case coverage. I wonder if the episode was therefore re-aired somewhat later? I wonder if the person had only two weeks trial period But hope to see the next episodes somehow.
  6. Nikki, you're my hero! Thanks a lot! Yes, it was April 1994. Taylor's funeral is shown in #1781 episode.
  7. Can't believe it's been almost 10 years since the introduction of Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle. It was definitely a new era for B&B.
  8. Maybe she's tired of acting out the crap Bell has been writing for her recently. I thought she'd be back on contract when her photo appeared in the opening, but she disappeared once again...
  9. At least it's a free promotion for B&B to be one of the first production to resume the shooting. Tuesday and Wednesday are said to be the episodes that were still shot pre-shutdown. I'm glad that new fans had a chance to see what a gripping show it used to be.
  10. So, they decided to recast Zende after all.. https://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/bb-casts-two-roles/ If they are able to get some popular actors on board - they'll do that. That's what happened to Thorne. Winsor would have played perfectly the storyline with Katie (especially that the two of them shared some scenes in 2007) and he was always ready to come back full time again, but Ingo was much more popular, so they recast Thorne. I wouldn't be surprised if they decided to have Winsor again the next time Thorne will appear.
  11. Both are also singing in the shows, but I think their surnames differ.
  12. I'm very grateful for the episodes AND the original closings! It's very helpful with the guest roles
  13. Oh it was definitely because of Ridge, her first lover She crossed the first line when she slept with still married Eric, who was her mother's first love after all. Then she betrayed Eric with Ridge multiple times, and in the following years she would very comfortably use her body to seduce Ridge and Thorne and point out to Taylor or Stephanie that they are too reserved. I loved how the writers made Hope declared virgin in contrast to her mother and how she would call Brooke out sometimes for the sex scandals. And funny thing, at least three characters told Stephanie that her love for Ridge is rather disturbing - Brooke, Taylor and Jackie - she slapped all three of them for saying that.
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