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  1. Can someone please give me a link to the new vault?Thank you.
  2. Does anyone have episode after Sheila shot Taylor & Brooke (2002 10 17) in English?In the vault there's a French version.
  3. Can someone please give me a link to the Vault? I posted some rare stuff there before but I have a new computer and can't find the address.Thank you.
  4. What are you talking about?1987-1993 is all we need?We need at least 1991-98 complete years and they are not available.Some episodes are availabe in Polish but not many.
  5. I just uploaded episode 2722 from 1998 in German.
  6. What are you talking about?Amy's episodes have original closings.
  7. I just uploaded episode 200.It took more than onne hour.
  8. 100 % right.The people in the vault donate the episodes for free and don't want money for it.Not to mention that Vidoland costs only $5 per month !!! (and you can record all episodes available there in this time). You don't need to pay videoland every month.Don't lie.You can pay one month - $5 only and record all the episodes available there.
  9. Yes, everyone $30. So people please don't pay $30 to this person. We have the vault where we can share the episodes for free.
  10. Can someone please download them and put into vault for free?
  11. Can someone please add this week's Sheila episode to the vault?
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