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  1. About Dinkle… I started watching here in Finland late 1998 and she was called Einstein. But I was also viewing German episodes where the credits stated she was Dinkle so I was confused. I had no internet or did not know show history… I always wondered will the mr. Einstein show up who I believe was Darla‘s husband…
  2. Well, in my opinion it`s pretty hard to keep something long as soap opera interesting all the time, it`s just not humanly possible. It`s basically with everything that goes too long.
  3. This is what is bothering me in B&B that Bradley decides everything, he`s like God or something. Here in Finland we have daily soap where there is team who decides what will happen…
  4. Jennifer Gareis took Donna totally different direction…
  5. I am not so sure is the american audience aware of the german releases or even B&B himself…
  6. Yes, it`s Sarah Buxton Btw, Schae Harrison also played some minor role before Darla, does anyone know which episode it was?
  7. Thank you! I actually loved 2006 I know, most people don`t lol…
  8. December 17 1998 uploaded. More to come when I have the time
  9. Are the U.S. air dates absolutely necessary? As long as there`s episode numbers that will do….
  10. I quess now some ”genious” sally has figured out how to make money with the vault… My bet is on where those episodes came from. https://www.ebay.com/itm/133838134728?hash=item1f295fddc8:g:TEIAAOSwdt9gxSD4
  11. So I quess btw the very first scene ever shot was where Brooke runs home...
  12. Omg this is great news if they really post all the seasons!!!!!!!
  13. I am just so happy to see her again, no matter what is coming up, it is like seeing an old friend after long time
  14. Certainly hope she has some good stuff this time! Maybe the election thing made things a but complicated for her last time but I hope this time she will hang around
  15. Was it 1992 when the show turned into landscape credits?
  16. Was KB pregnant back then or something?
  17. Speaking of Italian, what the heck is that country thinking showing 9 minute episodes!!! https://www.mediasetplay.mediaset.it/fiction/beautiful_SE000000000091
  18. I wonder what is the leagal matter of doing that? Are the actors entitled into compensation?
  19. I always wondered what happened to Gladys Jimenez (Carmen) back in 2000`s. She was hired on contract and even had very nice opening credit pictures. My memory might false me but I remember reading she was hired on one year contract but was let go only after two months lol. Was the mrs. Troublemaker on the set or did they just want to spice things up by suddenly killing Carmen.
  20. Thank you so much for May 1 2000 I have been looking it for my collection since 2006 but now my dream has come true!
  21. January 16, August 31 and October 27 1998 uploaded. More to come during weekend.
  22. Thank you for all the episodes. I will I think upload episodes 1998 that I have but I just hate the fact some „sally“ steals them and upload to youtube, takes the credit without giving us anything.
  23. Thank you so much! 3303 and 3304 are in Finnish and it is actually from my originals that I shared here earlier past year as are the others from May. I actually thought I already shared them in the vault but thanks anyway
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