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  1. I think it was the same time the episodes 1-25 were released on official DVD in States. That was I think November 2012.
  2. Thanks a million for the 1999 episodes! Does anyone know the date the opening changed in 1999? With new pictures of Amber and Macy added and the order revamped etc. I always thought it was July but seems it was earlier...
  3. Thank you soooo much Ben !! I love 1999... it`s my favourite year as have I wrote earlier
  4. Yes, definitely some 2006-2007 can go, bye bye!
  5. Thank you soooo much angel 1990 uploader, gracias!!!! Such a day off treat. I am sooooo gonna order a pizza and enjoy these B&B gems!!
  6. Most of those are on official yt channel but glad to see there's some 2004 as well
  7. yes i also love sally voice in italian.. happy halloween everyone xx
  8. Speaking of German episodes I've always found german opening very interesting. First of, it was always at the very beginning without the first seqment. Second, there was some sound effects that were not on the original opening. I found it very odd actually that they didn't use the German logo on the original background (when the fabrics roll). Then again at the second section they obviously had logo free model shots from the production that able the German company add german title on it. Very interesting variaton after all.
  9. The only episode Finland ever cencored was one with Ridge and Thorne fighting. This was announced and explained the original scene would not be seen since it's too graphic. Don't really remember which exact scene it was though but it was sometime in the 90's.
  10. Just curious MinnaH, your name Minna is common ladies name here in Finland, are you from Finland by any chance?
  11. I prefer cropped versions thank you since the aspect ratio on originals is pretty bizard so thank you
  12. Great find indeed and the quality is so fine. Must be straight from tivo, not vhs
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