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  1. This still insert was shown before each episode in our country between the year 1994-1996. Does anyone know which episode the picture have been taken? Thanks for any help guys! 26063231_1571376962910071_2374266563875057272_o.mp4
  2. O didn't realize they had also English xD
  3. I think eps 1-25 are in the vault. I have 26-75. I'll upload them when I have time!
  4. Well, that's it then. New episodes resume next week so no more classics from CBS.
  5. It was. It hit our country at the right time since previous successes Dynasty and Dallas had just ended and our country was suffered by a huge financial crisis. So everyone was intrigued of this daily dose of rich and beautiful. We also had Guiding Light in 1993 but that didn't go very long. Days of our Lives was on 2003-2011 as well Y&R in 1998-2014 (USA episodes 1993-2007). They both went pretty ok but at the moment B&B is still one and only american soap opera we have.
  6. Lol i remember Anki's!:D And there was also a site called Tresure of memories full lots of screencaps etc ❀️ Our schedule here in Finland was 1992 (1987-1988) 1993 (1989) 1994 (1990-1991) 1995 (1992-1993) 1996 (1994-1995) 1997 (1996) 1998 (1997) 1999 (1998) and so on... We had our own monthly Soap Opera magazine in 1997-2004 which had spoilers but after internet took over the magazine was cancelled. There was literally NO spoilers at all in 1992-1997 which made it exciting. Also many of the stars visited our country in the 90's.
  7. This is great news! Looking forward for 779 and onwards. There's a lot of good stuff coming up πŸ™‚ (Btw, uploaded two episodes from December 2002.)
  8. Btw Sally and Clarke's wedding is in the vault at the 1991 section and the wedding aired in June 1990 so it's in the wrong section. Can we btw please have the 2002 episode to the vault where Stephanie finds out Brooke is carrying Deacon's baby?
  9. Is it possible we can have GH Monday reair episode to the vault? It had many B&B cast members in it I read from another board
  10. noticed from fb that there is some sort of sheila week this week in australia. wondering what episodes they air and will they appear to tenplay... btw, is the sheila vs lauren from tenplay in the vault in hq?
  11. Added to the vault March 4 1998 March 6 1998 December 10, 1999, Ep. #3192 December 13, 1999, Ep. #3193 December 14, 1999, Ep. #3194 December 15, 1999, Ep. #3195 June 7 - 12 2000 (C.J and Becky wedding)
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