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  1. Thank you so much for May 1 2000 I have been looking it for my collection since 2006 but now my dream has come true!
  2. January 16, August 31 and October 27 1998 uploaded. More to come during weekend.
  3. Thank you for all the episodes. I will I think upload episodes 1998 that I have but I just hate the fact some „sally“ steals them and upload to youtube, takes the credit without giving us anything.
  4. Thank you so much! 3303 and 3304 are in Finnish and it is actually from my originals that I shared here earlier past year as are the others from May. I actually thought I already shared them in the vault but thanks anyway
  5. Thank you so much who ever uploaded 2003 episodes! Just noticed them
  6. i am really amazed by Finnish aie dates since obviously they skipped episodes here omg
  7. I love 1991 episodes! Darlene Conley is on fire!
  8. Wish they would upload all seasons lol
  9. I have only Finnish air dates for Brooke and Ridge wedding August 15, 1996 Brooke and Ridge boat accident August 26, 1996 Taylor and Omar wedding September 3, 1996 We had two episodes per day so I think if Brooke and Ridge wedding originally aired in October 1994 those Cala Classics episodes must be from October not November. Hope this helped because the Finnish air dates are for fact honestly.
  10. September 14 and 22 1998 uploaded to the vault. More to come.
  11. What exactly is this Gala Classics the HQ episode from 1994 is from! Wonder if they have more...
  12. In 2013 Ronn Moss appeared on Finnish soap opera parody.
  13. I found pretty interesting video. KKL visited our country in 1994 and joined a horse race. Unfortunately it has Finnish voice over so you can`t really hear KKL comments and the quality is also pretty bad. Anyway, just for curiosity
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