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  1. I`m looking for French ones from January 2014!
  2. Classics are still on in the Netherland what I've seen on Youtube. There's clips from Macy and Thorne's wedding and so on.
  3. Does anyone have the original version of the episode 5145 that aired on September 14th 2007? Official channel has some damn cut out version that has no Katherine Kelly Lang´s outstanding performance at the end! I am in shock and they call this a official version, my ass!
  4. Speaking of Lauren and Ridge I bumped into interesting rumor on Finnish celebrity magazine from 1999. It says Tracey E. Bregman got fired from B&B since she fell into the pool with Ronn Moss
  5. I don`t have any emotional bond to 1995-1996 since I started watching in 1998. 1995-1996 is ok but no super exciting or give me any chills. There`s is though good stuff with Sheila but that`s mostly it. Jessica, Jasmin, Dylan, blaaaaaaah.....
  6. There is one or two uploaders on Youtube who take material from the vault and make videos. It is pretty damn annoying that they do not credit the original vault uploaders. They even lie actually as I commented one video that was uploaded to the vault by me. "This is my original tape." Yeah right and the pigs fly.
  7. Thank you so much for 1999 German episodes! Love them!
  8. Holiday ”classics” are always a disappointment... Happy Holidays errrrbody anyways!
  9. I have two complete episodes on VHS with Lane Davies. Right this one with him on the plane and other with Ridge and Taylor homecoming party. It takes over christmas for now to convert them but I will unless someone else has them
  10. Yes, Rantabaari is a spin off actually of our one and only daytime soap, Secret Lives including same characters as Secret Lives.
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