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AMC - Friday - June 10, 2011

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Wow Janerica!

SO not Erica!!!!!

Her make-up is lighter, her boobs are smooshed and she's so so so GOLD. (In color, not as Jane).

The only things that happened at the free clinic is

1. Stocking supplies;

2. Arguing/discussions;

3. Kissing.

No helping people.


Kendall isn't wearing her wedding ring from Zach.

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LOL...this isnt about a grudge. Its about Marissa and him feeling that Scott's gonna get in the way of that reunion. So now he's sabotaging his project to keep Scott away from her while he tries to win her over


Kwak is back!

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    • Love Carnes, but he’s made it clear he is not coming back.    Who do you want to see step into the Lucas role? It needs to be an actor with some daytime chops. This is not a role worth recasting if not. I can see JP Lavoisier doing a good job, and he is a FV favourite. 
    • Elizabeth Hendrickson in the new opening titles - a clearer view than the twitter video had..

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    • Yeah, I just finished playing catch up and EH was rocking that dress.   Such a throwback to her beginnings and I loved it. 
    • @Darn has said Terry cannot react to a page convincingly and bless her, it is true lol. I am glad the character is there but she does not need major story. Britt should not have been left in charge of a Chia Pet after the shít she and her mother pulled.
    • 3-29   NINA!!!! Walked right back in and it was like she NEVER left. Loved seeing her with Tracy and then when I realized that it was two WRITERS talking...my writer heart did a little giggle. And yes on her lighting into Abby. Not as good as Amanda, but I could live for just watching TC act. And Abby is lucky Nina didn't slap her. I loved how the camera angle was, too...as close to an old school Y&R angle as we have gotten lately.    I am also loving that when scenes are going on that there are extras AND cast members sitting in the background.   Diane vs Phyllis continues to entertain. And the writing for 3-28...who did that because Diane and Phyllis read each other down. And YAAASSSS DIANE!!! SLAP THAT HEFFA!!! Bring it? Diane BROUGHTH it!!! Meanwhile, Phyllis continued to spin that web and I liked that Summer did not immediately fall for it. I loved that Jack and Kyle wanted to doubt, but Kyle's phone was found. I am feeling beats. And I know above I said I still am smarting from the lack of a Audra/Noah/Allie triangle, but AL's 'if looks could kill' stare at Audra when Audra gave Kyle his phone has now sold me on throwing Audra in Kyle/Summer direction.   Hmmmmm as I watched that Victor/Jill scene. If Devon/Lily have resolved their differences, where is this story going? It seems like Devon might take up McCall Unlimited. But it seems like JC is still leaving it open to keep Devon vs Lily alive.   I found that Nina/Christine talk interesting. Are the writers trying to show cracks in that marriage with Paul finally? Or just working toward another Danny/Christine moment?   Speaking of...GINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love seeing her and Danny. I just wished that they had given them more of an entrance which I've felt all the returning characters so far have gotten.    That Billy/Chelesa kiss was

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      Didn't want it. Didn't need it.    Leeanna though (not to mention Chloe's dress and her remembering her fashionista roots)...LOVE. Leeanna has really been a breath of fresh air throughout these anniversary episodes and she has chemistry with EVERYONE. Can we keep her??? She's the kinda of busybody that has been missing on this show. And the lady is a vamp.    The episodes were so good in fact, I went ahead and spoiled myself on tomorrow. Yeah, THAT'S a doozy. But I'll wait to see it in its entirety.   
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