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AMC - Friday - June 10, 2011

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Wow Janerica!

SO not Erica!!!!!

Her make-up is lighter, her boobs are smooshed and she's so so so GOLD. (In color, not as Jane).

The only things that happened at the free clinic is

1. Stocking supplies;

2. Arguing/discussions;

3. Kissing.

No helping people.


Kendall isn't wearing her wedding ring from Zach.

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I didn't catch the beginning of the last Bianca/Kendall scene. What was Kendall going on about when she said "You had it with Lena, Maggie, and Zarf?"

Bianca was mentioning that she's falling for some straight women and Kendall said she had excellent gaydar.

Now JR is paying someone to sabotage Scott's renovation project :rolleyes:

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Well Snott did bankrupt Chandler Ent. they aren't even but it'll get there.-_-

it has nothing to do with Chandler. JR's jealous and worried that Scott could potentially come between he and Marissa

Scott ate the last of JR's chocolate mint ice cream last month, so now they're even.

LOL :lol:

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JR holds grudges. Don't do wrong to him and he won't screw you over.

LOL...this isnt about a grudge. Its about Marissa and him feeling that Scott's gonna get in the way of that reunion. So now he's sabotaging his project to keep Scott away from her while he tries to win her over


Kwak is back!

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