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OLTL: Character not dead

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This makes NO sense. Why would they bring him back from the dead, as the back of his head, and then have Marty become a complete psychotic who goes around killing people? What kind of logic is that? His son is in prison, his wife is unhinged, and are we actually going to see any of his reaction to this? Why not just actually recast him? There are plenty of good actors out there who could play the role. Otherwise what is the point? Will we see the back of his head and hear audio of Thorsten Kaye reciting Brown Penny as he watches Marty get put into a straitjacket?

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Bring in a competent actor to play Patrick. Just don't address the recast, or say he had plastic surgery.

Say that Marty didn't kill Dr. Buhari.

Say lead chips or brainwashing or whatever made her do the other stuff.

Have Patrick beat the crap out of TSJ Todd and also land a few on John.

Bring back Brandon Buddy for a few days to tie up Starr/Cole and have Patrick, Marty, and Cole start over, with Cole having visitation rights for Hope.


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